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Barnaby Fontaine
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on Thu Oct 20, 2016 4:37 am
They were the last people you'd expect to be involved in anything strange or mysterious, because they just didn't hold with such nonsense

   Character's Legal Name: Barnabé Étienne Fontaine (though he's changed the spelling to "Barnaby" for the ease of those in the UK.)

   Age: Twenty-five (b. August 17, 2004)

   Hogwarts House: N/A. Went through early education in Paris, but the family moved to London and he continued his education there. He went to University College London for Art History after deciding he didn't want to work on Theatre, musical or otherwise. He then completed a Masters at Harvard for Museology/Museum Studies where he focused in Conservation.

   Blood Type:  Muggle

   Species: Human.

   Face claim: Freddie Stroma

...Aunt Petunia often said that Dudley looked like a baby angel - Harry often said that Dudley looked like a pig in a wig

It's strange. Barnaby has never been particularly athletic. He kept up with things like running and a bit of football after growing up with those habits after moving to London with his family. But somehow, despite his preference of the indoors and studying his work rather than playing any real amount of sport, he looks like he has been anyway. He's sort of pale, though, so most people would probably think themselves clever to assume he's the sort to exercise in a gym rather than on a pitch. Really, he just eats healthy for the most part, and has a rather high metabolism.

He isn't necessarily the most attractive of blokes, but he's got a nice smile, and hair that seems to change color with the seasons, darkening in the fall when there's even less sun than usual to keep it light.

It cannot be said that he doesn't care about his appearance, though his hair might make it seem that way. He dresses impeccably, every single day. Part of it comes from his history among his peers at university and during his Masters in particular, but it also has to do with his position at work. He's a curator now, meaning that he must dress far more appropriately than the volunteers or other employees. People come to him with questions, with ideas, with students looking for a tour who sometimes - sometimes - have that glint in their eyes like he once did: the spark of a new discovery. A new goal, a new dream, a new way of looking at something. Barnaby likes to believe that he has that look on a daily basis, and lives for it really.

......If only the hat had mentioned a house for people who felt a bit queasy, that would have been the one for him

Fears: He's not ready for his father to pass, and although it seems like a far-off thing, he's already stressing about it. If his father dies, he has very little chance of finding his mother. Equally, if his father passes, regardless of Camille (whose last name he hasn't been given), he's afraid he won't be brave enough to go find her. At that point, the rejection would feel much too stark.

+ Original copies he has to be obscenely delicate with (especially that of old books).
+ Rum. One of his few non-work related passions. He also finds it hilarious, considering the nature of the museum he runs.
+ Football, both American and the regular sort. The former he experienced while at Harvard, during his less-busy weekends, and the latter he played as part of a youth league after moving to London. He is now an adamant Chelsea fan despite having only visited the area a few times - mostly for matches he managed to get tickets to. He'll also go to Brighton and Hove games, given he lives in Brighton and drives the short distance to Rottingdean for work.
+ Fiction- and fantasy-based literature, but only when he's ahead of schedule and has found something captivating enough. Not that he believes in anything based in fantasy, of course. That would be mad.
+ Sweater weather. Luckily, England is rather known for such things.

- People who use filler words, like, all the time. (yes, that was sarcasm)
- Pop music. Most of it has no real meaning, so he leans towards older tunes or ones that might be classified as "indie."
- He doesn't like feeling like he doesn't know what's going on. Perhaps that's why he's bad at relationships. Regardless of how much he cares for someone, he doesn't know how to show it appropriately. Romantic or not, the woman in question might not feel he's up to snuff.
- He has the usual disapproval for the media, not half because it makes everything extremely accessible online and ruins the fun of trips to a museum.
- Loud, crowded spaces. He's so used to quiet ones that the noisier, cramped ones make him feel massively anxious. He feels anxious other times, like during meetings or when his schedule is too tight and he's behind. But it's nothing like the panic he experiences in those places.

Idiosyncrasies: If Barnaby could live in a museum, he would. He probably will rattle off random facts to every single person he gets to know on any level beyond a first meeting, and he doesn't mean it to be irksome but rather wants someone to understand what he's passionate about. In truth, if he could meet someone who is as passionate about something as he is about his work, he'd probably fall head over heels for them. That sort of affinity for something, that excitement when they talk about it, would be absurdly attractive to him.

He is unfailingly awkward, in that he thinks he is funny sometimes, but knows better than to think that he's clever enough to tell stories or jokes with the sheer intention to make someone laugh. He does much better when he's being genuine and the jokes happen on accident. That's probably why he's quite serious most of the time.

Goals: Barnaby would like to find another project like the one he has now, but as much as he appreciates Rottingdean and its charms, he would like to live somewhere with more action, more to do. But he won't move elsewhere unless a bigger, better job opportunity arises.

Personality: Barnaby is quite agreeable around most people. He has little reason not to be, really. He's a good-natured guy, although he's a little quirky and perhaps has some issues bonding with people after his strange history but also because he isn't particularly up-to-date with culture trends. He's so busy with work and his many obsessions that he just doesn't have the time. He can be quite captivating and charming, though, when he really gets into something. So even though his personality doesn't really match his almost athletic look, Barnaby's unusual name and inner nerdiness may not scare everyone away.

He's quite articulate, really, but around his friends or when among coworkers while in casual situations, he doesn't have a problem being much more casual. One might argue that he's a cultured sod, when he really gets going about something, but he is observant enough to notice when someone is annoyed with him.

Barnaby could never really come off as intimidating unless one is speaking of his resume or academic nature. He's persistently humble, though, in a charming sort of way. He's painstakingly serious about his work, though. To the point of obsession, if he's being realistic. He has many obsessions, almost all of which fall in the realm of history and art.

He'll never be the most popular bloke, and he isn't necessarily the most resourceful or street smart. But he's extreme in the areas he does understand. They may be painfully specific, but he loves what he does, and is unfailingly loyal to those he cares about, just as he would be about his exhibit or an artifact.

..................Hey! My eyes aren't 'glistening with the ghosts of my past'!

Nationality: French

Languages: French, English. He knows words here and there in dead languages, as are helpful for his career.

Religious views: Catholic

Favourite food: Shepard's pie, or anything fried. The Americans, he found whilst abroad, are brilliant at "chicken frying" things, even if he doesn't get where the name comes from.

Least favourite food: Beets. Forever and ever, he will despise them. And bell peppers. Regardless of how his grandmother used them, he couldn't manage it.

Is there anything they can't or don't eat? Barnaby is allergic to shellfish.

   Adélard Fontaine was born in 1940 to a very traditional, rural family in France. He was born in Aurec-sur-Loire but they moved when his father procured a better job in a factory. He was a victim of an air raid in Saint-Étienne (which would later affect the naming of his grandson) in 1944, leaving him deaf at only four years old. His knowledge of the language was sparse audibly, so he never learned to lip-read, but his family assisted him. Adélard's primary love was of quiet places like memorials, libraries and museums. Places where he could read and experience things on his own, where he could draw his own conclusions and study the written language.

David was born in 1974, to Adélard and Michele, a woman from Lyon. Adélard had moved there to work at the newly founded Pantheon-Sorbonne University in Paris, and he focused in the Art History department's attempts to procure artifacts for preservation. Michele was in Paris to theatre, so as a duo, they were happier with knowledge and memories than with money. David tried to love the things they loved, but he was surrounded by the awe-inspiring beauty of Paris and couldn't help but want access to the finer things in life.

That desire led him into a dreadful relationship in his late twenties with Camille Pherivong, a high-society woman who decided that she had no real desire to have children. Of course, this was after she had fallen pregnant with their son. She told her family that she was moving away to experience some of the finer things and to return as a more cultured woman, but really she had their son and left him with David. The shame was too much for her, even before it became a problem, so David named the boy himself, offering her access to the child, which she never took. Thus, Barnabé Étienne Fontaine was born in 2004.

In 2011, Adélard, Michele and their son moved to England, taking Barnabé with them. They had long given up on his mother Camille being part of his life. David was busy at work almost all day, working as a translator for the British government after he had been deemed genuine and loyal to his new home. Michele died a year later, presumably due to the startling chill of Manchester, and the boys were all devastated. Adélard was stubborn, and being deaf made it difficult for him to learn English. Thus, Barnabé (whose name was offered as Barnaby for the ease of those they met) became his own personal translator.

Adélard would take Barnaby to local museums, telling him to draw what he saw and write about it in English to practice but also in French so he could start to put together the words in writing. Adélard never tried to learn English, meaning that until Barnaby was seventeen and his grandfather passed away, he continued to do what he could for his grandfather. David also assisted there as necessary, though less so once Adélard was moved into a home that could properly care for him at all hours of the day.

Barnaby first went to university for a degree in theatre, thinking that he would honor his grandmother in some way until he determined the path he truly wanted. In the end, he switched to Art History at UCL, followed by a Master's in Conservation as part of Museum Studies at Harvard. He became an archivist at age twenty-two, working at a small museum between Brighton and Rottingdean, focusing on the piracy that the area was known to be involved in. After two years, he suggested his own exhibit idea, regarding the re-building of a ship they had found wrecked along the coast, and while that project is being excavated, he is living in London to look through the archives, to be close to his father, and to talk to other museum curators (as he has since been promoted). Now, he's twenty-five, living in London, and has recently come across the path of two dear friends: Frank Longbottom and Mai Tierney.

Frank and Mai, of course, are wizards. He hasn't been made aware of this yet, but Frank's upcoming escapades into a bank robbery on behalf of Phaedra Rosier will certainly be shuttled onto his radar. After all, they'll need someone who knows a thing or two about avoiding fingerprints, working through which coins are real, and ensuring that any muggle security equipment - if it's even there - is handled without concern. It's a strange line of work to get involved with, but Barnaby has had his fair share of experience with getting away with things.

During his high school years, he was something of a rebel. He and his friends would joke that no book could hold a candle to the adventures they'd had. He had a tendency to skip school and instead spend his days in his favorite museum in the south of London, landing him his first internship. He, of course, knew their exhibits upside-down and backwards, and although they of course didn't condone the skipping of classes, he was a miracle-worker in that he could organize anything correctly the first time due to his knowledge of the museum's layout and their projects.

Museums, for Barnaby, are a home just like any other, and he doesn't understand how people can't find sheer amazement within themselves upon visiting one.

Is there anything about their past your character would change if they could? If he could get his mother to care, that would be nice. But there's not a lot of chance that he'll get what he wants, there.

Other People

Significant Other/s: Barnaby has never been serious about dating anyone, though he's had his interests here and there.

Biological Mother: David (Dah-veed) Fontaine (1974-)

Biological Father: Camille Pherivong (1979-)

Other Family Members: Adélard Fontaine (1940-2021) and Michele Fontaine (1943-2012)

Important Friends: Frank Longbottom, Mai Tierney

Out of Character
I'm Harry's half-sister, Dumbledore's daughter, Voldemort's niece, Sirius' cousin, Snape's daughter and Lupin's great grandmother...

   What should we call you: Addie

   RP Experience: Not sure anymore.

   How you found us: The google.

   Main Character (we'll PM you on this account): Kegs.

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Re: FONTAINE, Barnaby

on Fri Oct 21, 2016 2:25 am
I like him. he sounds like he'll be fun. I hope he and Michael run into each other at some point. if they had to do some plotting together, they could cause a bit of mischief, I'm sure.

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