Potions Class 1 : Seventh Years

Potions Class 1 : Seventh Years

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Potions Class 1 : Seventh Years

Post by Lily Luna Potter on Wed Oct 12, 2016 8:34 pm

Lily had found a way to enjoy this class.

She expected the seventh year class to be less of a class and more of a workshop. A class where even she could roll up her sleeves and find some points on confusion. She knew the subject well enough to know that it attracted a few personalities that deeply attached to it, and she wanted to give those students the chance to really be challenged. She expected the class to be relatively small. And she liked it that way.

The class shuffled in and she didn't waste any time. They would need it.

"Hello, I am Professor Potter, and this is your final year of Potions. If you are in this class, it is because you are among the top potioneers in the school. I hope, in this class, to move beyond simply making potions and into actual innovation and investigation. Mistakes will be made, by all of us, and that is fine. I want problem-solvers, not obedient little sous chefs."

She waved her wand and the words "Felix Felicis" scrawled across the board. "I assume most of you know this potion, a highly-sought after luck potion. Making it does require some diligence and skill, but for O-students, I imagine it is easily within he scope of possibility. I would like you to make this potion... with at least two substitutes or deviations from the recipe found in the book. This will require a keen understanding of the ingredients' properties, as well as how they react to each other, and how our potionmaking techniques affect them. You may work together as a group, in pairs, or as individuals. The most successful potion will earn a vial of it for their own use, but it will be evenly distributed between those who made the potion. So, the class as a whole may succeed in acquiring two hours of luck, or one individual might enjoy a lucky day all to themselves. It is up to you."

She looked around at them, certain they were either filled with uncertainty or excitement. Better not delay either. "You may begin."

[[Lily has only accepted seventh year students with an O. This could be overturn if your student requests a meeting with Lily to plead their case. This class will be more free forum, with a smaller group of students. The intention is to provide in depth plotting for the students who want to make potions a big part of their future. Lily will, in later classes, come up with problems that they all work together to solve. The smaller class should also provide more personal plotting]]
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