Potions Class 1 : Third, Fourth, and Fifth Years

Potions Class 1 : Third, Fourth, and Fifth Years

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open Potions Class 1 : Third, Fourth, and Fifth Years

Post by Lily Luna Potter on Wed Oct 12, 2016 8:05 pm

The word Antidotes had been scrawled across the board.

Lily knew she was not going to be a traditional professor. In a lot of ways, she was probably going to be a bad one. Her opinion of education had become that the students who wanted to learn would find a way, and the ones who didn't would find a way out of it. So her job was to provide resources for the former, and provide obstacles for the latter. But she wasn't necessarily going to throw herself into either task: to each their own was her philosophy. She was going to watch for bullying, for danger, that was it. Kids could handle some autonomy.

They shuffled in and she instructed them that it would probably be best to pair up with someone from their own year, but it certainly wasn't necessary. Year hardly determined skill level. They would all fall into a dominant or submissive places anyway.

Once they settled, she began speaking, talking only a bit above the general rumble of voices until they quieted enough to hear her. "Hello everyone. I am Professor Potter, this is Potions. My rules are fairly simple. Complete the potion without harming someone or cheating off of someone. This a class in which you can succeed if you can follow basic instructions, and a class you can succeed in if you are willing to do some investigating and free thinking. I ask that you speak to me before any investigations become experiments so we can all avoid creating toxic gas."

She gestured towards the board. "The board says antidotes. That is what we are working on. I would like you and your partner to look through Book of Potions and choose an antidote. I will judge based on how well the potion works. If you attempt a difficult antidote and fail, that's not much use to anyone. If you choose too easy of a potion, I will expect some deviant from the book's recipes to strengthen the potion. So choose according to your skill level, please. The storeroom is well stocked and well labeled, please do not unorganize it, and please pay attention. I will come through and check in on you, please ask questions you might have. If anyone hands me a bezoar, I will enlarge it and ask you to demonstrate how to properly ingest one. It won't be pretty, and they aren't exactly delicious."

They were still just... looking at her. "Well. Get to it."

[[Feel free to interact and talk as you please. Lily doesn't care. Socialize, let the potionmaking be a backdrop for whatever your character is going through]]
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