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on Mon Sep 26, 2016 7:16 pm
There were plenty of other people who could've been assigned to watch the then year old when she had arrived at the den. No matter how much time passed, Dylan Davies always tried to mention how displeased he was with having to take care of the girl. It was true that Dylan wasn't the best with children, but he was also one of the youngest members of the pack and would therefore help the girl feel more at ease with them.

Except, how exactly would a ten year old orphan feel at ease with a group of menacing werewolves?

Dylan always laughed at the thought of a little girl actually befriending the wolves and becoming something like a part of the pack. There was just no way, she was human and therefore she wouldn't be anymore useful than what she had been brought for, to help reproduce. That made Dylan wonder though, was she stuck with him because she was meant to be his when the time came? The nineteen year old looked down at the girl who was next to him and shook his head. There was absolutely no way. She was pretty cute but she was ten and he wasn't sure how she would turn out later on, and even then he probably wouldn't want her because he only wanted one person, though he didn't know where she was.

Then again, there was still Moira.

That was the only reason he had agreed to watch the girl. Because Moira had asked it of him, and she still managed to keep an odd grasp on him that he couldn't do anything about. Though he didn't complain about that. He was glad to follow her orders, it just made him slightly jealous when he saw her with James, but could anyone really blame him?

Ekko had noticed that Dylan looked down at her and once his head had been lifted again, she looked up at him, her gray eyes searching the facial features she could see before she looked down again. The little girl dug her foot into the dirt below her, getting her already worn shoes even dirtier than they were. "Hey! Ekko, don't do that. You'll ruin your shoes." Dylan chimed in, causing the girl to look at him though she was surprised by how close he was to her. The boy had knelt down to wipe off her shoes, and Ekko had been caught off guard by the surprising soft tone he'd used with her.

She might be young, but Ekko wasn't stupid. Dylan tried really hard to get her to think he hated her, just like everyone else seemed to, but he sometimes showed her a softer side that she had begun to believe was his real side toward her and it made her cling to him more than usual. She didn't like being left alone with anyone, and she especially hated being anywhere without Dylan. But there was something within her that told her he wasn't a good person and she should stay far away from him, but she didn't understand why.

Inside of Dylan's head, the same thing was occurring. It had started out as a whisper that something was off about the girl, but lately it was a louder warning. He wasn't sure if anyone else had noticed it because they weren't around her enough, but Dylan wanted to bring it up to Moira. He just hadn't had the chance to and he wasn't sure if he should bring it up to James or Fenrir directly.

"D-Dylan..?" His head jerked to the side when he heard his name in a timid tone, the only person it could belong to was Ekko.

"What is it?" he asked her, his tone sounding irritated though it had nothing to do with her, for once. Well, it kind of did, but it was more his thoughts on her than anything she could have actually done.

"Will I ever get to go outside?" she asked softly, her eyes resting on the entrance to the den as someone entered and Dylan's eyes lit up once he saw who it was that had entered.

Moira. This was his chance to tell her about the strange feeling he was getting from Ekko. In turn, it would mean that James and whoever else would find out as well, and that made things easier for him, he thought. "Wait here a sec." Dylan told her. Ekko had learned by now that when she was told to stay somewhere she had to obey, otherwise a very scary side of Dylan showed up. The girl nodded and held her arms to her chest as she watched Dylan walk over to Moira.

"Moira, do you have a second? There's something I need to talk to you about." he said as he approached the older woman. Moira tilted her head toward him, a lazy look in her eyes as she looked him over.

"Does it have to be now? I'm going to see James." she said lazily, trying to brush Dylan off.

"Yes. And I can go with you, this is something he'd probably like to know too." Dylan was determined to not be brushed off this time. Moira had done enough of that already.

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