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Post by Clair Sauvage on Sun Sep 25, 2016 6:36 am

At the end of Diagon Alley, up past Gringotts, there was a little park.  At least, Clair thought of it as a park, though park was a generous term for what was essentially a grassy corner with a swingset and a bench seat.  Sometimes, parents would let their children play on the swings while they sat with their coffee and caught up on gossip.  At other times, usually late in the afternoon, the park was owned by teenagers and the kind of unsavoury wizards (they were mostly wizards) who sold illicit substances to teenagers.

Right now, though, it was the middle of the day and the park was deserted save for Clair, scuffing his feet in the dirt as he rocked back and forth on the swing.  

Diagon Alley itself had been bustling.  People were always so keen to get their new school supplies, and even Clair could understand that.  He might not have the best marks, but he still liked the fresh feeling that came along with a new cauldron or unused roll of parchment.

But there was only so much of Diagon Alley he could take, especially during the holidays.  Everyone there was so damn happy.  It was all cheerful greetings and waving and meeting up with your buddies.  It had taken two seconds before Mathieu, who'd been charged with ensuring Clair didn't get up to anything even worse, had disappeared somewhere with his friends.  Not that it mattered; after the fallout last week, Clair had no intention of stepping out of line again before school went back.
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