Six months in a leaky boat

Six months in a leaky boat

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Six months in a leaky boat

Post by Monroe Ashcroft on Sat Sep 17, 2016 9:11 am

Monroe Ashcroft

@Shylock Ashcroft
He might not want to believe it, but I am actually concerned for him.

@Destrey Ashcroft
People are always saying children need to learn resilience.

@Selwyn Thorfinn
It must be serious because Shylock hasn't told us.

@Jack Dyllan
We could have done so much if only her morals were a little more flexible.

@Edward R. Lupin
Personality like a wet dish rag.

@Robert Lupin
A complete incompetent.

@Elijah Krum
The man in my way.  Unfortunately, one of the few intelligent people at the Ministry.

@Oliver Connolly
He burnt down my Inn.

@Bentley Pierson
Most amusing.

@"Audriana Swan"
Far more trouble than she's worth.

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Monroe Ashcroft
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Ravenclaw Graduate

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