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Post by Scarlett Fyre on Fri Sep 16, 2016 5:40 pm

Scarlett walked along the streets of Hogsmeade. She had just finished a photoshoot so her hair and makeup was still all done up and perfect. She got a few glances as she was one of the few people there done up like a model. But then again, thats what she was. She was a model. She pushed a loose strand of hair out of her face and stepped into a pub to get a bite to eat. She hadnt eaten before the shoot and she was starving.

She sat down in a booth and ordered a fish and chips and a butter beer. If her Dietician saw her eating this, she would be killed, but she was so hungry, she didnt really care. She looked around the pub and saw few people staring at her and a few boys smiling so she smiled back and waved politely. She took her hair down out of the pins so it just flowed freely around her shoulders which made her a bit less obvious and helped her to blend in a tiny bit more.

When her food arrived, she smiled at the waiter and began eating. Everything tasted so amazing and delicious. She hadnt had fish and chips in months because of her strict diet, but she decided to make today her cheat day. She would probably go to Honeydukes after this for some sweets. She loved sugary treats but never got to enjoy them anymore. Her career didnt allow the extra fat and calories. As she finished eating, she paid for the food and left quite a good tip before making her way to the candy shop
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