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Safiya Jordan
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JORDAN, Safiya Penelope

on Sat Sep 10, 2016 8:09 pm



NICKNAMES/ALIAS:  Firstly, her name is pronounced "Suh-fee-uh." Just to set the record straight. Nobody gets it right the first time, but she's used to that now. As for nicknames, Saf ("Sahf") is probably the one.

AGE: 26.

ALLEGIANCE: Neutral, unless you count James's pack. For now anyway.


WAND: Aspen wood, Dragon Heartstring, 11 inches, Reasonably Supple

PLAY BY: Kerry Washington


A person's opinion of Safiya really depends on what mood she's in when they first see her, probably. For example:

If she's in a buoyant, happy mood, she'll be all smiles and harmless flirty comments while she teasingly puts her hands on her hips and her hair bounces lots. But if she's doing something she doesn't want to do or if she's just in a sour mood, she can be quite intimidating. People who come in to mess with Robert, undoubtedly, are used to her glares and no-nonsense attitude, as Lupin calls it. No one interferes with her doing her job, after all.

She has brown skin, dark hair and eyes to match. She isn't very expressive, some might say, aside from her mouth. Her lips are quite full, but a neutral expression is typically impossible because she smiles so much. When she's mad, though, the first thing that changes is that smile. Her eyebrows don't move much, but when he lips turn upwards her eyes light up as well. The only exception to that is when she's faking a smile. It's probably pretty obvious unless the other person is oblivious or just doesn't care to know the truth.

She probably could be a personal stylist or make-up artist if she wanted to, and she knows she's great at matching colors to people and people to looks. She may just interrupt a person midway through an argument to inform them that they really ought to try out blues or something more winter-toned. But probably only if she's been thinking it for a while. Makeovers are, genuinely, welcome. They might be enforced if someone is in a terrible mood and need a lift. To her, looking ones best means they feel their best and thus can do their best. (Don't even get her started on how pretty the wood of her wand is. It's white so it goes with everything.)


Shockingly Crass (Mainly around people she trusts, but sometimes just because.)
Falsely Overconfident (She's known to tell people they have to earn her affection, but really it's because she doesn't trust them. Not just that she thinks she could do better.)
Fairly Ditsy (uses her looks and charm to get ahead.)
Hot-Tempered (This only applies to people whose opinion she takes seriously. Otherwise she doesn't care, really.)

+ Control.
+ Fashion, pretty things.
+ Secretly, she quite likes the Lupins and her coworkers at the Ministry.
+ The pygmy puffs that inhabit the secretary desks. She's training them to do tricks.
+ Sports. For very, very superficial reasons.

- Fred Weasley II. She blames him for far more than he deserves.
- Idleness.
- People taking credit for her ideas.
- Not getting her way.
- People judging her for what she takes seriously.

HERS: To find some semblance of power through cheating her way to the top.
MINE: She's part of James's pack but she's going to betray them and seek asylum through the Ministry in the future, when the werewolves become particularly relevant again.


FATHER: Lee "River" Jordan
British. Half-blood.

MOTHER: Isabelle "Izzy" Jordan neé Stanton
Canadian. Half-blood.

SIBLING/S: Two younger siblings, unnamed on the canon list.

OTHER: Robert Lupin and other Ministry types!


SOCIAL STATUS: Lower-but-happy class Wink


Safiya's father has always been a little bit of a trickster, a little bit excitable. Her love of sports comes from him, and her love for fashion from her mother. To be fair, Saf never truly understood the former, but she really liked rooting for a team, really liked how it brought the family together. She probably got her blunt, unembarrassed ways from Lee, who was known to comment on looks and make it clear how he felt about Quidditch players while commentating. He loved it so much that he continued to do so after graduation, after finishing Potterwatch. Unfortunately, that came back when Harry went missing, and during that time she and her father weren't particularly close. He kept it up for two years, when Saf was six until she was eight. Safiya is of the opinion that he still has occasional airing when things go bad at the Ministry. He's probably changed the name, though she isn't completely sure.

He's been working in the Magical Games and Sports department, but switched over to the DWN radio station now that it's been founded.

Safiya has always loved her younger siblings, and they were close enough though they argued a lot. Usually over how inappropriately Saf might joke, or with how often she was over at the houses of her friends. The Jordans are still quite close to the Weasleys since Lee was best friends with Fred and George back in school. That probably made her fifth year quite awkward for Lee once he found out. See below.

Saf's school years consisted of the following: Attending every single Quidditch game (and probably hanging around the lockers with her equally flirtatious and enamored friends), attending class but not really caring, deciding that she really understood the benefits of time spent in bed with someone else. It didn't happen too often, and not until her later years, but she's absolutely not a prude.

Most of her Hogwarts years have been fairly well forgotten in her memory. The all kind of blur together. But one year stands out as being the worst ever, ever, ever.

During her fifth year, all she actually cared about was
A. Passing her classes enough to not be yelled at by anyone
and B. Getting Fred Weasley II's attention.
No, seriously. She was smitten with him, but not in the genuine way. In the, "My word - look who just got hot," kind of way. And it wasn't that he hadn't been before, of course, but now she noticed it. And he was nothing if not popular around the school. That much was obvious - especially when it pissed other students off.

The point, of course, is that she wanted his attention. She wanted him to walk up and proclaim interest. It didn't work out like that. And who's really surprised about that one? Instead it went more like this:

Saf, being as straightforward about her feelings as she was at the time, was too blunt for him to miss it. But while she was perhaps pretty enough to be interesting for a little while, she wasn't actually bright enough. She wasn't clever or witty or interesting because she didn't care about very much. School was an avenue for moving on to better things. Being with Fred was a way to rise to the top and to have more fun. It was a simple case of narrow-mindedness, wasn't it?

So that didn't quite work out. She became clingy and he started avoiding her when he didn't want that certain thing, so to speak. After a while, though, she drove him up the wall without actually meaning to, and the whole thing fell apart in a particularly embarrassing row in front of her friends. Unimpressed with the reaction she had gotten and unaware of why it had happened, Safiya jumped headfirst into a relationship with someone she didn't know very well.

She knew, on the one hand, that he was a werewolf. But didn't, on the other, that he was pretty violent. Gryffindor or not, he was pretty dreadful. She had picked him, at first, hoping that it would bother Fred. It didn't, as far as she was aware. But she did think she liked him at first. But he would get drunk at Quidditch parties or holiday events and be quite callous. It would just spoil the whole thing. It wasn't until right before graduation, though, that she got to a breaking point when he actually hurt her. At that point, she broke it off with him and enlisted her braver, bigger friends to protect her from him until school ended and they could go their separate ways. Bizarrely, that year she got her best grades, and her NEWTs looked better than she actually had earned.

After graduation, Safiya was feeling lost. She had no idea what she wanted to do, and even with her grades improving in the last year, they weren't good enough to get her anywhere. Her dad always said she could work with him, or at least apprentice there, but it didn't feel right. She didn't know what she was talking about, and it would just be so embarrassing. She didn't turn down the chance to go to matches with him, though, and to meet the players. Her habit of waiting outside the lockers didn't actually go away, apparently. He didn't super love that his eldest girl was doing it, but he's never been the type to be judgmental.

After a few months, she sent an owl to her ex, saying she needed to see him. The night ended as one might expect when it comes to Saf. But then she told him that it had meant nothing, and he snapped. She really should've known better after what he had done in the past.

Three days later, the full moon was due and Safiya accidentally killed one of her neighbors. She moved away, immediately, and ended up in Leeds. Her parents were called, and Izzy came to stay with her for a few months, Lee visiting sometimes. Safiya is fully aware that her younger siblings began to dislike her even more when their parents were paying her more attention, even though it was the summer. They would come to spend time when Lee did, but they seemed to resent her. But her parents had been friends with people like Remus, who ran Potterwatch with Lee and Kinglsey Shacklebolt. So they understood, to some extent, what she was going through and helped her gain some semblance of control over herself.

For years, she worked to hide what she was, tried to just use her charms to get somewhere good, job wise. After a while, she transferred to a fashion company as a buyer, and was living in Edinburgh. As much as she loved and understood fashion, she didn't like how unpredictable sales could be. What if she bought it for the company and then nobody wanted it because styles changed and it was no longer any good and she got fired? Her own closet changed so often that it hardly mattered. (That is, she sold her old things and bought new ones all in one day to keep up with the newest things. She hasn't the money for a huge closet, unfortunately.)

Finally, the stress became too much after she had switched jobs for the fourth time. The full moon came, she wasn't ready, and she made a mistake. One of the members of James's pack found her, and she started to think that maybe she had somebody who wanted her to fit in outside of her family. And she does love her parents completely, and trusts them with everything. Except the pack. They don't need to know about that until she's sure it's a good plan.

Recently she spoke to James about getting information out of the Ministry in case they needed. So she applied to work as the Secretary for the Minister for Magic, explaining that although she hadn't found her calling yet, she was very hopeful and organized and tired of things not working out. Over time, he restored her confidence in her ability to not only hold a job, but also to do it well. His wife has taken to calling her his "work wife" and she doesn't actually mind. Still, she's starting to have trouble.

She's supposed to hate them but pretend she doesn't. She's a good enough actress, apparently, because she kept it hidden even after things like magical creatures getting expelled from Hogwarts for that school year a little while back. Saf is pretty sure that Robert doesn't know she's a werewolf, because she definitely hasn't told anyone at work. It wouldn't be helpful for her purposes. Now that she's used to being there, though, and she's become known around the Ministry for her amusing attitude, it's hard to avoid wanting to be friends with some of them. And that's dangerous.



RP EXPERIENCE: Like, none, wouldn't you say?

HOW YOU FOUND US: It showed up in my bookmarks so I gave it a go Wink

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