Forbidden Hades: A Sailor Moon RPG

Forbidden Hades: A Sailor Moon RPG

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Forbidden Hades: A Sailor Moon RPG

Post by Space-Time Door on Fri Sep 09, 2016 9:17 am

Three years ago, Prince Demando led his soldiers on a campaign to conquer the Earth after moving their operations permanently into the past. With their futuristic technologies and superpowers, their victory was assured. They began their Black Moon Society and continued Operation Replay in efforts to rewrite history in favor of the Black Moon Clan.

Three years later, Earthlings are struggling to adjust to this new way of life, oblivious that their conquerors are from the future. Their once favored heroes the Sailor Senshi have become fugitives and forced to live underground. But as a rebellion rises with the recent sightings of the Sailor Senshi, is hope for mankind restored?

Forbidden Hades
Sailor Moon | No Knowledge Required | No Word Count
Space-Time Door

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