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(D'EATH) AUGUSTINE, Eleanor Gabriella

on Tue Sep 06, 2016 10:48 pm



Formerly used as her nickname before Ekko was a thing.
Originally supposed to be "Echo", still sounds the same. Given to her due to her echoing what others say to her but she spelled it as "Ekko" once and it has stuck since.
Nickname used only by her mother

AGE: Ten | b. 2019

Has no idea what it means to be good or bad.

HOGWARTS HOUSE: Not old enough for Hogwarts, yet.

WAND: Doesn't have one, yet.

PLAY BY: Ryan Newman




001. Innocent
002. Naïve
003. Curious
004. Shy
005. Stubborn
006. Energetic

001. Magical Creatures
002. Shiny Objects
003. Moira - she keeps bad wolves from her
004. Music
005. Books
006. Nature

001. James - He scares her
002. Most werewolves(has more of a fear of them now)
003. Bugs
004. Really sunny days
005. Having too much attention on her
006. Large crowds

001. Find out who her father is
002. Find out where her mother went  


FATHER: Lorcan D'Eath | Fifty-six | Half-Vampire | Leader of the Death Eaters
Unknown to Ekko

MOTHER: Elizabeth Augustine | Half-Vampire | Would be Forty-five | Deceased

SIBLING/S: Multiple half-siblings from Lorcan's side

OTHER: James Blood | "Captor" | Werewolf
Moira Crawford | Werewolf | Only other maternal figure though she is harsh toward her
Dylan Davies | Werewolf | Almost like a distant older brother

SPECIES/BLOODTYPE: Half-Vampire | Tainted

SOCIAL STATUS: Lower Class(?)


EARLY YEARS: Typically, when someone is asked about their father a response is expected. Whether it's a good or a bad one. But that isn't the case when it comes to Eleanor Augustine, Ekko. When this question was asked, she'd never respond, there was nothing for her to say after all. She does not know who her father is, and now she barely remembers who her mother was.

Ekko was born to Elizabeth Augustine in March of 2019. She was given the name Eleanor as a tribute to her late grandmother although the decision was later regretted as both Eleanor and Ekko did not really like the name for her. Because of that, her mother began to call her Gabby as her middle name was Gabriella and the name had begun to stick though Ekko did not like anyone else calling her Gabby aside from her mother. Everyone else knew her as Elle.

At ten years old, no one would expect Ekko to have the history she does. Not having a father is one thing, but being part vampire and being in a pack of werewolves aren't things to sneeze at. Ekko is unaware of her being a part vampire as she has never been exposed to the side of the family that are vampires and her mother had never told her anything as she does not show many signs of vampirism. Some things are there, of course, but Ekko does not really know what to see them as.

Almost year before her tenth birthday, at the age of nine, something happened that she still cannot figure out. It would be hard for a ten year old to be able to figure out why her home had changed and why her mother was not around her anymore. Ekko was told by her new family that her mother had disappeared, that she had run off somewhere without her. But in reality, her mother is not around because she is dead.

She was killed in an attack by James Blood and his pack of werewolves. Those are also the people that Ekko was taken in by after her mother "disappeared." She was found half-awake in her room after Elizabeth was killed by Moira Crawford who made the decision to take her along with them so she wouldn't say anything about James killing her mother - though the little girl did not see anything. But that was a risk Moira, and James, were not going to take.

After arriving at the pack's den, Ekko was introduced to Dylan Davies, who was supposed to take care of her in place of Moira when she was too busy. Dylan didn't seem to like her at all at first but grew used to her as time went by. In fact, it was this boy that gave her the nickname "Echo" because she was always echoing the things he said to her as if she hadn't understood the first time and she'd been giddy about the name. When she tried to spell it one time, she accidentally misspelled it as "Ekko" and thinking it was cute, Dylan decided that since it sounded the same, that it would be her nickname's spelling.

A few months after being there, she overheard a conversation between Dylan and Moira where he was told that Ekko would be used for breeding purposes and Dylan expressed his concerns about it. Apparently, Ekko had a strange smell to her. She thought he'd meant it as an insult at first, but then a test was conducted on her- something that would show if she was capable of breeding for the pack, and Ekko along with the rest of the pack members that were there at the time found out that she was half-vampire.

Dylan knew that there had been a reason he was so uneasy around her and he was glad that he had expressed his discomfort to Moira. Ekko had no idea what to make of the revelation. She knew her mother wasn't a vampire, so could it be her father that was? But she didn't know her father, and to make things worse she was not a half-vampire in a pack of werewolves, alone. Nothing happened to her though, no one was trying to kill her though everyone was apprehensive when around her, and though she couldn't figure out why that was she knew there must have been a reason for it.

That reason being the thought of her maybe being the daughter of Lorcan D'Eath.





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Re: (D'EATH) AUGUSTINE, Eleanor Gabriella

on Tue Sep 06, 2016 10:58 pm
She's fine, Hit. This will be a definite challenge for Lorcan. Its definitely going to be interesting to see how their relationship develops and how he deals with the werewolves.

Accepted and sorted into Other!

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