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Phaedra Rosier
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Phaedra Rosier
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on Sat Sep 03, 2016 11:45 pm
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Name: Phaedra Isabella Fiammetta Arsenia Malvolia Rosier
Age: 23
Birthday: 21st December 2005
Blood Status: Pureblood
Allegiance: Neutral
Education: Hogwarts
House: Slytherin
Occupation: Unemployed
Ethnicity: Italian, English, French, Welsh
Nationality: British
Language(s): English, Italian, French
Accent: Received Pronunciation
Hometown: Buckinghamshire, England
Family Seat: Savoie, France // Buckinghamshire, England
Current Residence: Leaky Cauldron, London
Pet(s): -
Social Status: Upper class
Marital Status: Unattached
Family Tree


Height: 5"6
Weight: 115 lbs
Eye Colour: Blue-Green
Hair Colour: Very dark blonde-brown, sun-bleached/dyed lighter
Birthmark(s): Small mole on left clavicle and left thigh
1. Burn on side of ring finger, right hand. Concealed with glamour charm.
2. Faded white scar around upper right thigh from devil's snare accident as a child. Concealed with glamour charm.
3. Faded nicks and stains on hands from potion brewing. No longer applicable.
Body Modification(s): Ears pierced


Strengths: Confident, Perceptive, Dedicated, Intelligent, Resilient
Weaknesses: Haughty, Repressive, Prejudiced, Implacable, Thoughtless
1. always sits legs crossed (at the knees or ankles)
2. always impeccably dressed & groomed
3. excellent posture
4. raises eyebrows when impressed
5. raises eyebrows when unimpressed
6. very sensitive to cold
7. excellent sense of smell
8. always keeps a private supply of a wide variety of potions at any one time
9. pushes hair over one shoulder when writing, always up when working

1. Morning dew
2. Her grandmother's rose garden
3. White musk
4. Potions lab (hot metal & fumes)
Patronus: Arctic Fox
Summer picnic with her parents and brother on the grounds of the Rosier Estate, all happiness and laughter with her grandmother due to visit that afternoon.
Erised: Herself, standing infront of her grandmother's manor, restored to its former glory. Shadowy figures of a new family sit on the grass behind her.
Dementor: The day they fled England, the morning she woke up and her brother was dead, her mother sick, and her uncle had taken everything. The end of life as she knew it.
Boggart: Herself, hands dripping with blood (See veritaserum) // Herself, alone and miserable, surrounded by ghosts. Shifts often.
1. Believes she may have killed her brother.
2. Dislikes most of her social circle.
3. Would only ever marry for money/status, never love.

Vice: Pride/Wrath
Virtue: Diligence
Alignment: True Neutral
Enneagram: The Challenger
Temperament: Choleric
Archetype: The Creator


2005- Born December 21st to Bevan Rosier and Elisavetta Di Medici
2010- Caspian born 30th June
2016- Hogwarts letter arrives
         -Begins first year at Hogwarts, sorted into Slytherin
2017- Moved up a year in Potions
2020- Potions OWL taken early, achieved O grade
2021-Potions NEWT taken early, achieved O grade.
        -OWLs achieved in Ancient Runes (O), Astronomy (O), Care of Magical Creatures (A), Charms (O), Defence                  Against the Dark Arts (O), Herbology (EE), History of Magic (O), Transfiguration (EE)
2022- Entered and won Wizarding Schools Potions Championship as Hogwarts representative
2023- NEWTs achieved in Alchemy (O), Charms (O), Defence Against the Dark Arts (EE), Herbology (EE),              Transfiguration (A)
         -Begins apprenticeship with Aiden Hayes
2025-April- Father catches Welsh Green Itch
         May- Father dies, grandmother and great-grandfather catch the disease. Both die.
         June- Caspian catches the disease, mother displays first symptoms. Caspian dies. Uncle Eirion seizes estate.              Phaedra and Elizavetta flee to Medici Estate in Italy.
2026- Remains in Italy to avoid Marriage Law
2027- Mother makes full recovery
2029- Returns to England, unable to access properties or vaults. Starts temporary stay at the Leaky Cauldron.

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Profile: Phaedra Rosier Tumblr_n9faxfug8K1ryq120o6_250Profile: Phaedra Rosier Tumblr_na3yhyntIT1tir4i1o8_250Profile: Phaedra Rosier Tumblr_nbt0o2TPkc1tsn4xdo4_250Profile: Phaedra Rosier Tumblr_n1lob3ks571ryfjs3o1_250Profile: Phaedra Rosier Tumblr_n9faxfug8K1ryq120o5_250Profile: Phaedra Rosier Tumblr_na232sbfaN1sm2ho9o3_250Profile: Phaedra Rosier Tumblr_ngrkvmMdyC1u1eluwo4_r1_250Profile: Phaedra Rosier Tumblr_nefufhuVev1tllxg5o2_250Profile: Phaedra Rosier Tumblr_inline_nj3q1qp5Fd1s61recProfile: Phaedra Rosier Tumblr_n959bvHWPh1tdhwz5o9_250Profile: Phaedra Rosier Tumblr_n1mga8oGGM1qd7fc3o3_250Profile: Phaedra Rosier Tumblr_n959bvHWPh1tdhwz5o5_250
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