bored boys gone bad

bored boys gone bad

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Post by Caleb Flint on Sun Aug 21, 2016 9:20 am

Caleb was bored again.

Yes, Reader, if you're just tuning in, you may ask again? However, any of our veteran readers might have picked up a pattern to the poor Clint boy. Boy? Surely, you mean man? Sure, Caleb Flint is a man in word, deed, money, and action. But when the question of boredom arises, have no doubt - Caleb is a petulant boy.

He could not remember the last time the Death Eaters had a meeting. Certainly, it had been awhile, and his own meeting with Lorcan had been disappointing. Sure, Lorcan had given him some tasks, given him responsibility and the recognition that was tacked onto it, and even offered resources... but no confirmation of a meeting, no plan, no way of twisting this into their favor. It was disheartening, when he considered what they used to be, and the seeds of hope that had sprouted up in the seven years he had been a member.

Ah, well. He could make his own fun.

Word had it that someone had stolen a scrap of paper with the address of D'Eath Manor. No. But it was certainly a problem to have that floating around, to know it could be handed off to anyone and then they could also share the location and suddenly that information was out. Yes, it was ridiculous that some fool had written the address down, rather than pass it along verbally. But word had it that it was in some safe in Knockturn, so that's where they had to go.

Okay. So what if that word had been passed on by Caleb Flint himself. The point was he needed to stretch his legs and he had a feeling Raiden Prince might be a valuable comrade. He needed to feel him out though.

A call here, a favor there. Some scumbag who was an associate of an associate had ordered a room in Satan's and sealed the paper in a safe. The pair had not yet donned their masks, as they were perfectly free to wander the streets of Knockturn, but they were ready...

In the meantime, Caleb thought it best to get acquainted. "Okay. So. You're in a holding cell, right. They've caught you. Khaat Lupin comes in and is discussing her options. On a scale of 1 to 10, how willing do you think she would be to be seduced out of pressing charges?"

Oh, Reader, Caleb was much more sophisticated than that. But he had a feeling that Prince was even more proper than all of the Flints combined. So he couldn't help but mouth off and enjoy the fruits of his labor.
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