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Ravenclaw Graduate
Ravenclaw Graduate
Lysander Scamander
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Scamander, Lysander

on Sun Aug 21, 2016 1:12 am



NICKNAMES/ALIAS:  Lys. Fred gets really pissy if he hears someone else using it though, so proceed with caution.

AGE: 27


HOGWARTS HOUSE: Ravenclaw Graduate

WAND: Beech, ten inches, phoenix feather

Almost everybody has a cute wand story. Someone imploded all of Ollivander’s desk drawers, someone sent all the window panes ringing, someone went off into a trance and had to be splashed in the face by Aguamenti to jerk out of it. And then of course, we have the fabled Chosen One tale- how Harry Potter went through almost every wand in the shop before he was united with his famous holly, eleven inches. It’s the story that officially heralds the acceptance of a child into the Wizarding world, one of frustration and fear and panic, and ultimately joy and acceptance.

Lysander’s story…..well, length-wise, it isn’t much of a story. Because you see, wee little Lys traipsed through the doors of Ollivander’s workshop, and was bonded to the first wand that was handed to him.

(Well, he says bonded. Wand lore says ‘accepted by’ may be a more accurate phrase.)
And that was coincidence, right? Merry, merry coincidence- even though it almost never happened. And that’s the end of the story kids, even though Lysander sometimes suspects that he can bon- be accepted by any wand handed to him, even though he’s never tested his theory on any wand except his and Fred’s. Doesn’t intend to.

It’s alright- he and Fred are best friends. Of course he can use Fred’s wand, its natural.

Isn’t it?

PLAY BY: Alex Pettyfer



Lysander is not as tall as most men, nor is his the most commanding presence in the room. While eyes inevitably flit first to the more striking James Potter or Fred Weasley, Lysander’s appearance is one that grows on you the longer you gaze at him- the artlessly messy blonde locks, sometimes slicked back unpretentiously, sometimes set free, small-set eyes with a hue as indistinguishable as that of the ocean: grey as the morning mist that hovers over the colourless foam, or some fine amalgam of the palest pastel greens and blues. A figure that isn’t quite tall but conveys the delusion of being so by virtue of the narrow waist and shoulders, arms that are leanly muscled rather than bulky. A silhouette that is further accentuated by the sharp, straight lines of formal wear- Lysander loves his formal wear, loves their simplicity and understated appeal, even the t-shirts and hoodies he owns are mostly in solid colours, absent of complicated images, prints or any kind of razzle-dazzle. He’ll only wear warm colours if they’re the palest versions of them (though sometimes he thinks he’s almost compelled to, compelled to be the best counterpoint to Fred’s brown leather jackets, deep maroon shirts). Indeed, a counterpoint is probably the best way to describe him- the general air of unassumingness contrasted with Fred’s flair and flash, uncomplicated and warmly approachable as opposed to Fred’s disconcerting boldness. For all that though, that bright, guileless grin dazzles just as much as it’s roguish Weasley counterpart, conveying a far younger impression than his twenty-seven years of age- even as the glint of maturity and astuteness behind those confusing irises hints as to how far he’s surpassed his peers in these ways.  



+almost inhumanly reasonable
+saintly patience (Fred is both the evidence and the exception here)
+nurturing tendencies
+genuinely polite
+never gets carried away
+lack of fear of vulnerability
+keeps promises
+respect for others
+doesn’t get hurt easily

-gets tetchy if he feels his independence is being compromised/infringed upon
-lacks financial acumen, goes through money quite fast (though mostly because he doesn’t care for it very much)
-often guilt-stricken
-lack of passion/drive
-sometimes almost offensively objective
-a slob in his personal space
-never gets carried away
-doesn’t eat, sleep or hydrate regularly
-too zen for this world


+dairy products
+anything with sugar in it
+extreme sports
+watching art of any form
+Muggle places of worship

-the colour purple
-Roxanne Weasley
-The really crude swear words
-Misogynists, racists and the like
-mind games
-animals in captivity
-disliking things
-the concept of truth


To want. To need. To love.



Rolf Scamander


Luna Lovegood (of course she kept her last name)


Lorcan Scamander, twin


……..Fred Weasley. In case, you know, it wasn’t obvious enough already. Best friend, mutual irritant and the one person who can make him feel the most extreme range of emotions he’s ever felt. His totem.

Lily Potter, may as well be family. Friend, for some inadequate definition of the word. Sometimes they take some time off from real life to really, truly breathe and gather up the energy to start doing it all over again.

SPECIES/BLOODTYPE: Human so far, though angel comes close Wink Half blood, because wizards haven’t come up with proper subtypes for quarters and three fifths.

SOCIAL STATUS: Upper middle class


While rambunctious little boys that were Lysander’s age ran around with Flobberworms in jars, crashing into doors on their toy brooms, exploding things with accidental magic; Lysander used to sit on the bottom bunk of his bed, legs folded with his ankles curled under his knees, tossing a ball up into the air above him and catching it again. Toss, catch. Toss, catch. When he’d miss one and the ball would tumble off the bed, he’d call out to his mum in plaintive tones and wait patiently as she eventually winded her way through the rooms of the house, ball lying five metres away on the floor all this while. She’d enter his room, pluck the ball off the floorboards, ruffle his hair and drop the ball back into his cupped palms, and close the door behind her quietly. Then the cycle would start again.

Lysander doesn’t know why this, of all things stands out so vividly in his memory. But it does, and it’s important, so he’s satisfied with that.

Lysander and Lorcan were rather close in those sun-tinted memories of childhood- it didn’t take much to be close at that age, just colluding over where to dump their cups of Gurdyroot infusion next, reading from the same book of magical creatures. The entire family would often jet away to……well, vacations don’t suit quite right, they don’t last as long- to locations on the planet that some might call exotic but were mostly just odd, except they were Lysander’s normal.

Of course, as the kids grew older, Luna and Rolf recognised the need for having some sort of stability in their lives, maybe even some form of routine- and that’s when Lysander spent more and more time in England, and really started associating with the other kids of his parents’ acquaintance, the next generation of Potters, Weasleys and Longbottoms.  He was nine at the time, and by then, to be perfectly honest……Lysander and Lorcan stopped trying so hard. Sure, the norm was that twins got on spectacularly and couldn’t bear to be separated, or at the very least hated each other’s face terribly……but hey. This family couldn’t comprehend the ‘norm’, forget actually follow it. And by then, Lysander had Fred Weasley.


Of course, it was in Hogwarts that the true, manic insanity of Fred really began to shine through, and if there ever was a time for Lys to cut his losses and run, it was this. Instead, they spent their years hiding Dungbombs in desks, reversing gravity in the Great Hall during dinner, arguing the results of every Quidditch match ever played, and plaguing the Slytherins (Fred), or stopping the plague from being bubonic (Lys). Mild dragonpox served as a suitable compromise.

Fred made things…..simple. Easy. He pulled Lys out of watching a fly's wing bat repeatedly against the windowpane for hours on end, or watching the water lap gently against the shores of the Black Lake- usually by a well-aimed object to the head. He had enough ideas about what to do that day, that Lysander was never compelled to come up with anything worthy and not seemingly futile in the scheme of things. Heck, Fred’s conviction that there was a scheme of things quietened things in Lysander’s head, stopped him from pondering on the chaos and randomness that was human existence. Fred felt very strongly about things, and seceding to whatever craziness they had lined up that day in its pursuit let Lys enjoy in the reflected sense of feeling strongly about things too.

(Plus, once he’d caught Fred apparently ‘looking for Lys’ in the Ravenclaw common room, except every time he’d solve the riddle he’d just go back out and do it all over again…..and how could you let go of a dork like that?)

And classes at Hogwarts were wonderful. Moons in Astronomy and fatal brews in Potions, deceptively stationary plants in Herbology that probably hid pincers and the cure to the common flu under those pretty flower petals, the quirky way Muggle Studies actually showcased the nature and perspectives of wizardkind, especially in the way they regarded those different from them; the solidity and facts of History of Magic. He adored all of them, and research would probably seem like the obvious option for a career choice- except he was like an expanding container that drank and drank without wanting to worry about the responsibility of generation, or giving back. There was enough of that in his relationships.

Which brings us to his relationships. Fred Weasley and Lysander were prolific young men during their time at Hogwarts, and Lys had been in almost as many relationships as his best mate- which casts undeserved aspersions on his character XP The thing is, Fred’s relationships were more……entanglements, while Lys had simply never refused a date in his life. And that was the pure, simple truth. He hadn’t ever been in love, had Lys, and the closest to an unreasonable burst of emotion he’d ever felt was his unconscious crush on Teddy Lupin when he was seven (except it wasn’t really unreasonable, because Ted was a sensible, mature guy, even though nowadays Lys mostly just feels a strange sort of sympathy for him). Lysander was, and continues to be good in his relationships- he does care for people and always leaves them in a better state than when he’d found them- but Fred calls him a ‘people’s plumber’, and he wants more than that. He wants to be swayed by emotion and loyalty to an extent that reason and logic and sensibility ceases to matter, and maybe he’ll have to date every person on the planet to find that, but he will. Besides, regardless of the kind of person his significant other eventually turned out to be- he has never regretted a single relationship. Not one.


Fred fled to America for Unspeakable training almost the instant he graduated- which coincided rather well with all the Dark wizard shit going down in Britain, but Lys never said a word. He truly believes in few things, does Lys- he used to in magical creatures, in Crumple-Horned Snorcacks and Heliopaths and all the rest; except he then escaped that environment and realised he just simply believed his parents, and those creatures faded from existence in his life (he’s more agnostic and Lorcan’s atheist in this context). But one thing he does put stock in is agency- personal agency, the choice of every human to do whatever they wanted with their lives. It’s the same reason he watched Lily pull away, Albus spiral into whatever corner he chose to nurse his real and imagined slights, James repeatedly, forcibly propelling himself into the air and centrestage without giving a care for his wellbeing or the integrity of the ground he’d be landing on. Any member of this tribe of children, children of war heroes- Lys has stood off to the side and watched, and sometimes provided a steadying shoulder, a helping hand, but never staged an intervention. Sometimes he almost thinks he cares enough to think that personal agency is all an excuse and he’s just as terrified as Fred is…..but hey. He isn’t. And the true answer is much scarier. The sacrifice of people to an ideal.

Lysander never really stuck it out in any one particular career field- he’s worked as an assistant in a florist shop, did a stint in Muggle journalism, one and a half of Mediwizard training, before eventually finding his way back to Fred as an assistant designer in an American broom-making company (and he knows every inch of how jealous that makes said best mate). In strange ways, he feels almost the same he felt at seventeen, eleven or nine years of age- like he’s changed in no obvious ways, and that’s a ridiculous way to feel but that is the way it is, and now hanging somewhere in his late twenties…….he really, really wouldn’t mind feeling differently.


RP EXPERIENCE: More years than I’m proud of XP

HOW YOU FOUND US: Ancient history, dearies. Through an ad on another site, possibly?

MAIN CHARACTER: Albus goddamned Potter
Slytherin Graduate
Slytherin Graduate
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Re: Scamander, Lysander

on Sun Aug 21, 2016 1:28 am
Please and thank you. Sorting.
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