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Frank Longbottom
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on Sat Aug 20, 2016 7:51 am



NICKNAMES/ALIAS:  Frankie. Algie.

AGE: 23.

ALLEGIANCE: The Order [though he isn't necessarily loyal to Oliver Connolly]


WAND: Vine Wood, Dragon Heartstring, 9 5/6th, Quite Springy

PLAY BY: Arthur Darvill


GENERAL APPEARANCE: My word, he looks like a Longbottom, doesn't he? His nose may be a bit crooked, his hair rather messy, and his general look a bit sleep-deprived, but he has his own charm. His mother thinks so, anyway, and his best friend has certainly said so a fair number of times. Frank tends to wear multiple layers even when he doesn't need to - whether that's an undershirt beneath a button up or a jacket over everything. He has a bit of a thing about long coats and those that both zip and button. In the winter, they're bloody helpful, alright?

He usually has scruff that makes it look like he was too lazy to shave, but that's not really the case. Because of his job [explained below], he doesn't think much about how he looks unless it's for the sake of being prepared - which explains how he dresses, of course.


Frank is very, very good at games, at pranks, at being someone he isn't. That definitely makes his job easier. [Persuasive, Adaptable, Observant, Picky] He has a great sense of humor, though he hides it from those he is closest to. [Stubborn, Comedic, Reserved] The problem, perhaps, is that he is afraid of getting someone into trouble, but wants badly to be the hero to his future children. [Courageous, Slightly Reckless, Athletic though he doesn't necessarily look it]

1. His job. He loves his job.
2. He also loves Alice and his parents.
3. Going out to things like matches or pubs has always been a fair bit of fun, even if he has to pretend he thinks it's dull.
4. The Leaky Cauldron remains his favorite place, though he thinks that the owner is rather simple and pathetic compared to his mother, a former landlady and positively brilliant woman.
5. It's possible that he has a few vices - drinking, maybe a bit of drugs 'just to see what they're like.' But not the really, really bad stuff. [He's great at convincing other people of things that aren't true. But he's also good at telling himself lies, too]

1. He doesn't really fit in in most places. Not as himself. Sometimes, he isn't sure that he knows who "himself" even is.
2. Being bored. To be fair, he's great at finding something to do, but he doesn't like when he reaches that point. Unfortunately it happens a lot, leading to him heading round to bother his friends. He's pretty sure they're starting to mind.
3. People who break real laws. What he does isn't technically illegal, so he counts himself as a good guy, thanks.
4. Having to lie to those he cares about. It's great practice, perhaps, but it does feel rather mean sometimes.
5. People with too much patience. How do they do it? Pretending to be boring and unintelligent and a failure is so difficult. He doesn't consider himself to actually be those things, but he does get so bogged down in the game that sometimes he feels that way, and it makes him lose his temper.

GOAL:  He's already made money than he needs, but he wants to be the driving force behind something important, like his parents were. Maybe not *the* driving force, but certainly a part of it. So far, Frank has no idea what important thing he means, but who knows? Maybe it'll sneak up on him and announce itself.


FATHER: Neville Longbottom
Lover of magical plants and the one who spoils the kids rotten.

MOTHER: Hannah Abbott Longbottom
Former Prefect and all-around disciplinarian for her kids.

SIBLING/S: Alice "Ace" Augusta Longbottom

Mai S. Tierney, best friend.
Jack Dyllan, former classmate/friend.


SOCIAL STATUS: Wealthier than he looks, by far.


Frank, as the eldest, was treated like a child long after he should have been. It wasn't Neville's fault, necessarily, as he was so careful about his children and took such pains to make sure they were going to be and turn out alright. Having Hermione around made growing up both easier and more difficult. With a sister like Alice, who so wanted to be like Auntie Hermione and to excel, it was hard for Frank to keep up despite being older. He isn't - and wasn't - unintelligent, mind you. No, he just didn't have the patience for such things. He much preferred games and learning tricks, rather than learning the dates that the goblins did this or that. What did that matter to him, now?

Of course, that rationale was cut off quickly by his mother and father, if not also by Hermione. They reminded him that he was lucky to be alive, because it was entirely possible that neither of them would have made it if very minimal decisions had been made. As much as his friends hate hearing about it, Frank believes in The Butterfly Effect above everything else. He isn't sure if he believes in fate or not, but he began taking all of his decisions very seriously from the first time the idea came up. Perhaps that was from Luna. He is sure he remembers her talking about butterflies. Close enough.

He loved and still loves Alice the best out of everyone, chased very closely by his parents. It isn't that he doesn't respect them or appreciate what they did for him. But they're heroes. It's hard to be the child of a hero and think of them as just the fantastic parents they so obviously are and have been. It has always been hard for him to go to them for help, fearing that one of his problems will be pathetic in their eyes, even if he's their first baby and only son.

As a Gryffindor, Frank felt right at home. Some didn't care about class, some were into Quidditch, some wanted to be heroes. It was perfect. As much as he loved Quidditch, he was more interested in traditional conditioning, and though it never really changed the way his body looked, he quickly started gaining hidden muscle underneath there. His best friend at school was Lucas Avery, though they've grown apart after what Luke has done as a graduate. More on that later.

Luke always found it hilarious that Frank was so great at impersonations. If he walked Jack Dyllan in class, he could be her double apart from his appearance, and he never found out if it made her mad, but it probably did. At least at first. They weren't very close at school, and despite becoming better friends later on, he's not asked her.

Before Ace came to Hogwarts, his grades were actually quite high. But she arrived and received better marks, and it was like their homeschooling years all over again. It reminded him that it was easier to act like he didn't care, and to not sweat the small stuff. Or the big stuff, really. Not visibly, anyway. If someone insulted him or tried to get to him, he had an uncanny ability to confound them by just blinking in return, or by giving them a sarcastic thumbs up. Merlin, but it was fun when they got annoyed. Particularly if they stomped off, as the bullies so seemed to enjoy doing.

At any rate, he was known by many in his house as The Actor, and many suggested he just drop right out of school and go take that up instead. Perhaps he would've won something by now. But Frank wasn't necessarily interested in that sort of thing.

During the summer of his third year, he learned what polyjuice potion tasted like. Luke knew some particularly influential people. As many purebloods were destined to, Frank supposed. Either way, something had come up, and they needed his help. Who would think that this boy who was only barely a teen could pull off something like this? Regardless, they asked him to keep an eye on the Rowle family's son. Something wasn't quite right about the patriarch of that family, and the boy was young enough, at just eleven years old, that his habits were easy to pick up on. Frank didn't know that he was actually helping them look into a drug scandal. He didn't know that talking to Erik's father would lead them to what they wanted.

He felt disgusting afterwards. But then he realized that he had done something good, and although he felt like a sneak and a cheat, it was actually for the best. He was helping like his parents had, like Aunt Hermione had. Just in his own way. And it had actually been so much fun.

From there on out, his bored demeanor was his own personal cover. He could observe people while looking like he was zoning out or just staring at them because he... felt like it, perhaps? Nobody really seemed to get it. It took him less time to notice a person's twitches and habits than it did for him to brew a potion for class, by the time he graduated. Summers were spent doing odd jobs for those he trusted, and denying fervently that he could do any such thing when around those he didn't. The rumors died down, luckily, the better he became at hiding it.

He considered dropping out of school because he knew he wasn't going to pursue a career based upon any of it, but he also didn't want to draw attention to himself. So he got average grades, played Quidditch on weekends with his friends if there wasn't a real match going on, and looked out for his sister. As her radical ideas became more and more obvious, he had to hide the fact that he knew more about the darker parts of the world than she could even imagine. And he was only seventeen.

Frank is far less expressive now than he was as a student at Hogwarts. When around his family or the people he cares about the most, he acts like everything is 'whatever' and like he isn't quite capable about worrying over anything. Most of them probably still think he's unemployed. Technically, according to law, he is. To be fair. But they have no idea that, when he's around his friends - Jack, Fred, Gabby, Kip, Keiran, etc. - he is possibly the snarkiest one there. And that's saying something, knowing Fred Weasley II. And the most reckless, despite having met Henry Tross and being given a run for his money. He isn't half as smooth as most of them, or half as clever. But he has the determination that perhaps some of the others lack. The ability to do what they can't or won't, or aren't sure about.

They have no idea that a week after he graduated, he did a job that made him more money than he'd ever seen before, or that he's been up to such things ever since.

After graduation, he reconnected with another former Gryffindor, Mai, who had been a couple years below him though in the same house of course. As a lawyer for the Ministry, she's been kept very, very far away from the real Frank and his real job. But sometimes she catches glimpses of it when he loses his temper and can't hold his tongue anymore, and that sort of makes him her favorite.

When he isn't doing odd jobs, now, he's spending time with friends, keeping a steady eye on Ace, or pretending to apply and interview for whatever positions open up at the Ministry. He's very good at getting rejected, in case anyone was wondering. He's definitely something of a showman.





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Slytherin Graduate
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