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SCURO, Vincenza

on Wed Aug 17, 2016 6:01 pm



NICKNAMES/ALIAS:  Vi, Scuro (scuro, n. means dark)

AGE: 31, b. 1997



WAND: Rosewood, dragon heartstring, 12 '', flexible

PLAY BY: Jessica Chastain



Her mother always told her that she inherited the best traits from both sides of her family - natural red locks and a pair of green eyes from her Greek mother, great tan (and fierce attitude) from her Italian father. Vincenza wouldn't mind if she was a bit taller than hers 163 centimeters but 163 centimeters is all she got. Her body is slender, a bit on the musclier side which came from years spent in a gym. She'd like if she was curvy as her Nana, but Mother Nature left her with barely any curves which deeply bothered her while she was growing up, her body was strong, fit, but still kind of boyish, however, she slowly learned to accept (or that's what she's telling to herself) her body through the years. She has dimples when she smiles and she loves them.


Strong willed
Open minded

“Honestly – it's awful but it keeps me awake so I'm its biggest fan.“

“Silence is the loudest. When you're surrounded by silence you start noticing quiet, imperceptible sounds you wouldn't notice otherwise. And they're beautiful.“

*Blue color
“I don't know when I started liking this color specifically, I just did.“

*Cloudy weather
“It's  the best. Sun can be too hot, and rain is often too wet, cloudy weather has the best of both sides.“

*Books about genetics and the impact of foreign substances on the human body
"I'm a scientist - I do what I love, and I love what I do. Sue me."


“Women can do everything. Got that?“

“They're noisy, messy and intrusive.“

“See why do I dislike people and multiply that with a hundred, at least.“

“It's … dirtily?“

“I don't have anything specifically against the mirrors, I just hate to see my reflection in them.“

GOAL: Find her family.


FATHER: Nuncio Scuro, b. 1961.

MOTHER: Pietra Manolesso, b.1969.

Domenica Howell (nee Scuro), b. 1993.
Alessandro Scuro, b. 1995.
Federica Scuro, b. 1999.

Benedetta Rosier (nee Scuro), b. 1989.

OTHER: Vittoria Oriell Macnair, daughter, b. 2020 missing
Eamon Macnair, husband, b. 1994 missing

Rhys Howell, b. 1993. - brother in law
Sian Howell, b. 2012. - niece
Deryn Howell, b. 2010. - niece

Emiliane Scuro (nee Jones), b. 1997. - sister in law & best friend
Gabriel Scuro, b. 2014. - nephew

Christopher Rosier, b. 1989. - brother in law
Ezra Rosier  b. 2010  - nephew
Caiden 'Kai' Rosier b. 2010 - nephew
Tamaris Rosier b. 2013 - niece
Corissa  Rosier b. 2014 - niece


SOCIAL STATUS: Upper Class -formally. Lower Class - really.


The marriage between Pietra Manolesso and Nuncio Scuro was nothing more than concluding business deal between two old friends. Scuro got tons of money and the possibility of doing business on the Greek black market, while Manolesso got what she always wanted - a bit of glow that surrounds all pureblood families. It was a win-win, everyone was happy with the outcome. Nuncio soon spread his business selling legal and something less legal potions ingredients all over Greece, the same way he already did with Italy, the UK and a couple of other smaller countries.

Vincenza Scuro was born in late December in Haverfordwest, Wales. Although the second youngest, she was the first child born outside of Italy - that happened because the family moved to Wales one year prior to her birth because Nuncio and Pietra agreed it would be safer to raise a family in a country where Nuncio has never done business - one attempt of kidnapping Nuncio's daughter (he learned his lesson about trying to steal from goblins) from his first marriage, Benedetta, was the driving force that moved this family of six on the soil of Great Britain.

Although the youngest until Federica was born, her parents and her siblings never spoiled her. Ever since she can remember, they almost always acted like she was an adult, they let her do everything she wanted (if they found it harmless for a child) as long as she cleans after herself when she's done - although it was easy to take out all toothpaste from the tube, she soon realised it's way more tricky, quite impossible if she was being honest, to pull it back in. It served her as a great lesson and taught her to consider all the consequences some act may cause before doing anything.

Today, she's wondering if they let her do many things because that was the lesson they wanted her to learn.

Regardless of the answer, she's grateful.

"HUFFLEPUFF!"- the hat yelled.

It was no surprise that Vincenza was sorted into Hufflepuff. Although a first Hufflepuff in the family, everyone admitted that Hufflepuff's house fits her personality.

While many students had problems with learning Herbology - every plant looked exactly the same for them, green and leafy, from her first Herbology lesson Vincenza decided it's her favorite subject. She enjoyed learning about different plants and their properties and their impact on human's body.

She was never the best student, the smartest one, but she spent lots of time learning to stay somewhere near the top during her seven years in Hogwarts. That amount of studying didn't leave a lot of time for social life, but since Vi was only slightly interested in Quidditch while the rest of students groups didn't fit her liking at all, she didn't find that a problem.

Vi knew a lot of people while she was at Hogwarts, but she was the closest with Emiliane Jones, a fellow classmate from Gryffindor house that became her best friend, and many years later - her sister in law, Vi likes to joke she was happier than Alessandro when he married Emiliane.

After leaving the castle, Vincenza enrolled in St. Mungo's Apprentices Programme wanting to know more about healing. She finished the program in time and become a healer, and although she works at the second floor, dealing with potions and plant poisoning patients, she's spending more time in a lab trying to find causes and cures for diseases for which the cure has not been found. Around that time, she started attending muggle med school part time, and after years of learning, mastering in Clinical Microbiology and Virology because she thought it will help her understand human's body even more.

She met Eamon Macnair on muggle university she attended, while she was on her fourth year and the only reason they started talking was because they were the only wizards there, or so they thought. She soon realised they had lots of stuff in common and started spending more time together. They married each other after finding out Vi was pregnant with their child.

Gambling. It was Eamon's weakness she knew nothing about until their daughter turned six and was left without a gift because Eamon spent all the money they saved for her present as well as quite some more. The final digit had too many zeros, it was more money than Vi ever saw in her life, even considering she grew up surrounded with wealth. Vincenza emptied all their bank accounts but that wasn't enough, and since she couldn't touch her trust fund until she turned thirty she made a quick decision and sent Eamon and her daughter in Greece to stay with her mother's family to keep them safe until she turns thirty and becomes able to repay the debt in full using her funds.

When her thirtieth birthday came, the debt was repaid, however, there was no word from Eamon. He and their daughter simply disappeared. Missing. Although she went to Greece to search for them and stayed there for more than six months trying to find them, she came back to the UK empty handed, believing that they returned to the UK but are still hiding because Eamon didn't think it was safe to return just yet.

She didn't want to think that there might be several different scenarios.






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Gryffindor Graduate
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Re: SCURO, Vincenza

on Fri Sep 02, 2016 2:18 pm
Rina, we give 2 weeks for any app. You've gone past that 2 weeks, and she still looks unfinished. I can give you a couple more days, but please finish her. If you need help, give a shout. If you don't get a chance to finish her, I will need to move her to storage until you get time to finish her.


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Re: SCURO, Vincenza

on Sat Sep 03, 2016 7:35 am
Sorry for not finishing her in time :/ I can't finish her without finishing Kai first because the characters are connected and I've just got Kai's app here so I can edit it (I'm in close to finishing it (only history left)) and I should finish it today/tomorrow, after that I'll be able to finish Vincenza's app so I'd be really grateful if I can get few more days, please. Smile

Re: SCURO, Vincenza

on Wed Sep 07, 2016 7:55 am
done, i think
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Re: SCURO, Vincenza

on Thu Sep 08, 2016 11:14 am
I like her--lots. she's a well developed character and well balanced. she certainly can interact, if you like, with khaat or robert either one. i'm up for that.

accepted and sorted to grads!

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Re: SCURO, Vincenza

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