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Replying to a brainstorming thread Empty Replying to a brainstorming thread

on Fri Aug 12, 2016 10:28 am
Replying to brainstorming threads

So, you want to get involved in someone else's plot.  That's awesome, have a cookie Replying to a brainstorming thread Zul7bp  

To get an idea of what this forum's all about read the other intro thread first.

# 1

This is called the Thread and Plot Brainstorming forum for a reason.  When you reply to a thread here, we want you to not only consider how to help the OP achieve their aim, but also how else you can make their plot totally awesome.

So when you reply, do share any ideas that the original post inspires (no matter how weird), do be positive and do build on the ideas that other people suggest.

about brainstorming

# 2

But also keep limits in mind.  We don't want to see threads or plots starting that break setting or the laws of magic.

So if you have a brainwave you think isn't viable, what do you do?  Share it!  If you think your idea is really cool, and you'd love to RP it if only you could, chances are someone else can help you think of a way to make that work while still keeping it within the limits of magic and the setting.  This is why we say not to hold anything back when you're brainstorming.

# 3

Don't plot too far ahead.  I'd even recommend keeping it to one thread at a time, because you don't know what's going to happen in each thread.

And stay on topic. If Suzie's player wants someone to pick on her and you volunteer your character Gary, but then John's player says he'd beat Gary up for that, don't then change the topic to John and Gary's new enmity.  It's okay to mention those things, but don't get carried away.

# 4

Be generous.  When you're helping with someone's plotting, it's far more helpful to think about what your characters could do, or might do instead of what they would or wouldn't do.

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