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Starting a Brainstorming Thread Empty Starting a Brainstorming Thread

on Fri Aug 12, 2016 7:11 am
How to start brainstorming your thread / plot

# 1

The first thing you need is a plot idea.  A plot idea is about what's going to be happening in the plot or thread.  So for example:

I want my character to be caught smuggling potions is a solid plot idea.  It's simple, but it tells us what the main conflict is going to be.  And because it's so simple, it doesn't prevent other players being creative as well.

I want my character to get involved in illegal potions isn't a plot idea. It's too passive.  Try telling us how your character is going to get involved and what's exciting about that.  Are you going to create a thread where they brew something toxic?  Are they going to almost die from drinking a potion?  If you can tell people what will happen in the thread, they'll be more excited for their characters to join the fun.

I have a character who is good at potions and I'm looking for anything is most definitely NOT a plot idea.  Those kind of requests go in the single characters or character lists forums.

HINT: You can write a good plot idea every time in the form "CHARACTER is going to do WHATEVER and then CONSEQUENCE will happen."

# 2

You have your idea.  Maybe it's totally simple, maybe it's a bit more complex.  The next thing you need is an open mind.

RP is always a collaborative experience.  If you already have a plan for how your thread or plot *should* go, that's fine, but don't ruin other people's fun by starting a plot and then getting grumpy when the plan doesn't go to plan.  Go write some fanfic instead.  We have a forum for that.

Once you've posted what your idea is, expect people to come into your thread and reply with ways their characters could help or hinder yours. Be prepared for people to bounce ideas off eachother, for them to come up with things you never even thought of, or even point out if something won't work.

# 3

Don't expect specific players to see or reply to your thread.  If you're trying to get a plot started and need other characters for it to work, the more generic those characters can be, the better.

It's much easier to organise a random attack on miscellaneous Diagon Alley shoppers than it is to attack the highest powers in the Ministry of Magic.

If you do want to organise something with specific players, you should PM them or ask in their character threads.

# 4

Be willing to answer questions about your idea and / or clarify your intentions.  Sometimes messages can get lost in translation.  If someone's asking questions, it's probably because they're interested, but they want to make sure they understand.

... that's all for now.  This thread will be updated as needed.
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