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Terry Boot-Corner
Ravenclaw Graduate
Ravenclaw Graduate
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Boot-Corner, Terry Empty Boot-Corner, Terry

on Mon Aug 01, 2016 5:59 am

   Terrence Silvius Boot-Corner



   AGE: 49 (b.1979)

   ALLEGIANCE: Neutral

   HOGWARTS HOUSE: Ravenclaw

   WAND: Walnut, phoenix feather, firm, 12 3/4 inches

   PLAY BY: Darren Hayes


Eyes dark blue, almost indigo. He wears wireframe glasses
Hair dark blond
Body Art  L'amour vient de la connaissance tattooed across his left shoulder
Height 5'10"

Style  dark denim jeans + tee / button down shirt + knit jumper  

How would we pick your character out in a crowded room? Terry isn't in the crowded room, he's in the kitchen.


+ kind
+ imaginative
+ brilliant
- stubborn
- self loathing
- secretive


+ reading
+ pasta
+ languages
- Heights
- Sleeping alone
- Divination - it's not that he doesn't believe in it, but the concept freaks him out

   GOAL:  this will probably be decided when I get some RPing done


   FATHER: Paul Joseph Boot

   MOTHER: Margaret Sarah Boot (nee Ledford)


     Michael Corner - husband
     Jenna Boot-Corner - daughter / ward
     Lisa Turpin - ex wife
     3 x kids

   SPECIES/BLOODTYPE: Human / Muggleborn

   SOCIAL STATUS: Middle Class



Terry was born two days before Christmas in 1979.  This wasn't a problem for his parents, since they were the kind of people for whom the "holiday season" was an inconvenient interruption to their regular working week.  And indeed, for whom a pregnancy was an inconvenient interruption to their regular working lives.

It wasn't that Terry was an accident; quite the opposite.  It was more that under different circumstances his parents would most likely have remained happily childless.  As it was, with his father the remaining magical bearer of the Boot name (tracing back to a squib offshoot of the family), Terry's parents felt obliged to pass that heritage on.

Nevertheless, Terry's early life was even more disinteresting than most children's. At home he was largely ignored, unless he was causing "trouble".  At school he was clearly bright, but the other children took no interest in him, not even to bully him.


Hogwarts was for Terry, both terror and respite.  The chaos of the castle could be surprisingly relaxing.  It was a definite break from the order of his own home.  But by the same token, that lack of structure was what scared him most.  There was nobody to tell him to keep studying, or to check his homework was finished.  If he didn't have the very best marks, there would be nobody to blame but himself.

Perhaps it is not surprising then, that he was not exactly destined for Ravenclaw.  He wanted to be in the house since his parents had both been there and he had no desire to let them down.  And there is no doubt he had the intelligence for it.  That didn't stop the Sorting Hat suggesting Hufflepuff, a suggestion rejected out of hand.

If it weren't for Michael, Terry could easily have slipped into being the quiet, brainy kid with no friends.  In fact, people still thought he was the quiet, brainy kid with no friends.  The nicer rumours were that Mike let him tag along out of sympathy, while the nastier ones suggested he enjoyed Terry's hero-worship.

Fifth year was the first time Terry started using calming draughts; at the time they were commonly prescribed to OWL students as a cure for stress.  During seventh year, he began using them again. He intended it to only be occasional, but before he knew it, it had become a regular part of his day.


For Terry, the first stop after school was... rehab.  In a manner of speaking.  It would have been terribly embarrassing for Terry's parents if their son had ended up in actual rehab, so it was convenient that so many students from Hogwarts were being treated at St Mungos at that time.  

It was during his stay at St Mungos that he really began to get to know Lisa Turpin.  Of course, he'd always known her, they were in the same house at school, but without Michael's charisma to deflect her, Lisa was free to latch on.

At first, Terry thought she was being kind, much as Mike had when they'd first met.  He knew he had the aura of either an intellectual snob or a lost puppy, so he assumed she'd decided it was her duty to take care of him. Girls did that; they mothered people.  But although he could be awkward, Terry was not naive.  When she was taking him out to show off to her friends, when she introduced him to her parents, he knew that they had somehow morphed into a couple, before he'd even realised.

Terry and Lisa soon married but there was nothing passionate about it.  Lisa married Terry to get ahead, and Terry married Lisa because that was what you did, wasn't it?  A house, a floo and 2.3 kids.  It was every wizard's dream.

From Mike's App (because I wrote that too):
He bumped into Terry at a supermarket, which was either the most or least likely place Michael could think of for Terry Boot to be.  His parents weren't pureblood, didn't even try to pass themselves off that way, but they certainly thought magic was better than muggle.  They got talking, made plans to go for a beer one day when Michael could get a babysitter for Jenna, and he was soon learning all about Terry's rapidly deteriorating relationship.  When the other man turned up on his doorstep out of the blue several weeks later, Michael let him in without a word.

They dated for three years before having a small marriage ceremony at a registry office in Muggle London, however for Michael at least, it felt like more a matter of paperwork than anything else.  He'd loved Terry since they were in school.  He celebrated the occasion by getting his hip tattooed.

They've settled into a quiet family life, being sure to raise the kind of child who doesn't race headlong into magical battles or sign her name to contracts she doesn't understand (everyone remembers what happened to Marietta, after all).  Although there have been a few terrifying moments, Jenna remained at Hogwarts because at least with Voldemort gone, the Death Eaters in the UK could be relied upon to consistently mess themselves up.


   ALSO KNOWN AS: Selwyn

   RP EXPERIENCE: lots & lots

   HOW YOU FOUND US: Jemma showed me


Personal Information

Date of Birth: 23 / 12 / 1979

Gender: Male

Sexuality:  Gay

Current Address:  TBD

Social Status: Middle class

Economic Status:  Comfortable

Magical Information

Patronus: Butterfly

Amormentia: cocoa, coffee, salt, antiseptic

Favourite kind of magic: Charms

Least favourite kind of magic: Potions

Classes taken:
Defence Against the Dark Arts
Muggle Studies
Ancient Runes
History of Magic

Terry Boot-Corner
Ravenclaw Graduate
Ravenclaw Graduate
51 : Alumnus
Order of the PhoenixCharms Professor

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Boot-Corner, Terry Empty Re: Boot-Corner, Terry

on Thu Aug 11, 2016 12:09 am
Finished. Sorry bout the end of the history, but I'm so tired guys!
Alexandria Gibbon
Slytherin Graduate
Slytherin Graduate
Alexandria Gibbon
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Boot-Corner, Terry Empty Re: Boot-Corner, Terry

on Thu Aug 11, 2016 12:01 pm
No worries on the history. I've done something similar lol. I'll go head and sort out those pips for you.
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Boot-Corner, Terry Empty Re: Boot-Corner, Terry

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