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Ravenclaw Graduate
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Eva Bright

on Sun Jul 31, 2016 4:16 am

Evangeline Corrine Bright



AGE: 40 your character's school year will be determined by their age

ALLEGIANCE: Order of the Phoenix

HOGWARTS HOUSE: Ravenclaw Alumni

WAND: Hazel wood, Unicorn hair, 14 ½ and hard flexibility

PLAY BY: Sarah Rafferty


GENERAL APPEARANCE:Eva has always been curvy for her 5’7” height. She is physically fit yet her figure is very feminine. She wears her hair many different ways sometimes loosely in a straight style or curly, she wears it in a tight bun on her head when she is around her students, when jogging around the Black Lake she wears it in a pony tail to keep it out of her face. She does not have any scars or tattoos. She loves her red hair and hates her knees. She walks with her back straight and her head held high not in a holier than though way but with confidence. She has a thick British accent.


TRAITS: Sociable, Practical, and Organized
Cynical, Finicky, and impulsive

LIKES & DISLIKES: Potion books, swimming, tea and coffee
Illogical people, Witch weekly, confrontations and Politics



FATHER:  Gregory Bright

MOTHER: Alexandria Bright

SIBLING/S: Colin Bright

OTHER:  None




EARLY YEARS:Eva was born July 30 to Gregory and Alexandria Bright. She grew up with two loving parents and a brother named Colin. She lived as a happy baby raised on the pure blood traditions of her parents.The Brights are a muggle family from Dublin, Ireland. Since the late 1700’s the family has been a part of the Ministry of Magic in London working endlessly to better the Wizarding world. Gregory Bright has been an Auror since the day he turned 21. After 30 years of serving he became a member of Auror. He is the typical workaholic. Alexandria was a potioneer and a work at home mother. Eva was a well cared for and loved baby. Her first experience with magic was flying on her dad’s broom with him as he taught her how to fly.

HOGWARTS YEARS: Eva was sorted into Ravenclaw where she thrived as a student. She was very intelligent because she applied herself.  She studied hard but she gained Acceptables in Transfiguration, Potions, Herbology and D.A.D.A. Potions quickly became her favorite subject.

Going into her second year Eve was much more confident. She has thrown herself into her studies and has worked hard. She realized she loved Quidditch and they put her on the reserves for her second year. Her mother had sat her down during the summer and had the “birds and the bees” talk with Eve because over the summer puberty hit. Alexandria also had taken Eve on a vacation to Paris as Alex believes in knowing and experiencing different cultures. Alex took her to the Eiffel Tower and to the Louvre Museum. She learned many things during that summer about herself and her mom as well. While in Paris they shopped for Eve’s third year at Hogwarts. Alex also bought her muggle journals and pens so she could write in them on her own time during the school year.

Going into her third year she choose her elective classes which were Arithmancy, Muggle Studies and Creative Writing. As exams approached she studied extra hard and received Outstanding and Exceeds Expectations in all of her classes. That year the boys in her class became aware of how pretty she was although she herself did not see it. They were promptly ignored and refused as she believed herself to be too young to date.

During the summer, Alex decided to give her music lesson as they both loved music it was something they could do together. They bonded over guitar lessons and tea. She knew that she was free to be who she wanted to be and not what her parents expected of her. Her parents also said they were expecting to have another baby. She was overjoyed to have a little brother or sister. During the school year she met a Ravenclaw named Holly in the same year as she was and they became friends.

The two were inseparable, they went to Hogsmeade together and studied for end of the year exams. This year though they were preparing for their fifth year Owl’s examinations in class so Sabine reviewed all her notes during the summer and began to make out a study session chart. She was determined to receive top marks in her last three years as she wanted to become a professor after Hogwarts graduation. Eve begins the course work for her O.W.Ls. As the examinations near, she begins to study notes from her classes and begins practicing every night before bed wand movements. She sits the exams for her core classes as well as Arithmancy and Muggle Studies.She also was finally able to play Quidditch for Hufflepuff as a Seeker.

During the summer the results are sent to her she receives an E for Potions and Herbology while Transfiguration, Charms and D.A.D.A receive Outstandings. Happy with Eve’s marks  Alex buys her a new broomstick. She kept up her marks and applied to a Wizarding University. In her sixth year she decided she wanted to become a Potions Master so she could become a teacher. Eve was put on reserves for Qudditch during her sixth year. After sending letters back and forth to home she also decided that she wanted to be able to take care of herself and not have to rely on others for anything so after graduation she would look for a part-time job while she was attending University. Alex also wanted her to be able to function on her own and was teaching her how to cook and do her own laundry as well.

The summer of her sixth year Eve received an acceptance letter to the wizarding university and would be attending after graduation. She prepared to take her N.E.W.Ts and continued to do her best. She was able to play Quidditch as a seeker in her seventh and final year. She was confident and nervous as she sat her examinations as this exam would tell her if she would indeed be able to become a Professor. Graduating with the rest of her class she was happy to explore the world and knew no matter what would happen she was able to get through it. She received her NEWTs results and was given 5 NEWTS in the subjects she needed as well Arithmancy and Muggle Studies. She found a part-time job in muggle London working as a barista in a coffee shop and was all set for going to university in September.

ADULTHOOD: After Hogwarts Eva went to a university to become a potions master. She is not married nor does she have any children as of yet. She applied to become the Potions Professor at Hogwarts. She lives in Scotland near by Hogwarts but if she gets the job at Hogwarts she would live at the castle. She lives in a two bedroom cottage-style house where the nearest neighbor is five miles away. Her mother is still alive and so is Colin but Gregory died of old age.


ALSO KNOWN AS: Tallya-Lynn

RP EXPERIENCE: Only been rping under a year



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Ravenclaw Graduate
Ravenclaw Graduate
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Re: Eva Bright

on Sun Jul 31, 2016 4:46 am
App is completed. I will amend anything she is a new character of mine.
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Slytherin Graduate
Selwyn Thorfinn
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Re: Eva Bright

on Sun Jul 31, 2016 5:14 am
Eva seems pretty good. Just remember to break your paragraphs, it's hard to read big blocks of text like that.

Since she's going to be a staff member at Hogwarts, you might also want to make sure you've read the site history.

Otherwise, I'll just sort her and you can get roleplaying.

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Re: Eva Bright

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