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GREYBACK, Nicole Anne

on Fri Jul 15, 2016 7:21 pm



FULL NAME: Nicole Anne Greyback

Nicole - derived from 'Nicholas,' meaning "victory" or "victory of the people." Greek origins. St. Nicholas is the patron saint of children, sailors and merchants, as well as Greece and Russia.

Anne- taken from 'Anna,' which comes from 'Hannah,' which means "favor" or "grace."

Greyback- possibly taken from 'Gerbic', meaning "hunchback."

NICKNAMES: Nicci. Annie.

AGE: 12.

ALLEGIANCE: Potter's Army

The Ministry of Magic (United Kingdom)
The Daily Prophet

Werewolf kind
The Connolly Family (attachment uncertain)
The Greyback children (attachment uncertain)

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
Hufflepuff Quidditch Team
Hogwarts Art Club
Hogwarts Charms Club


CLASSES: Best at Charms and CoMC

WAND: Cherry wood, dragon heartstring, 9 ¼ inches, brittle

“This very rare wand wood creates a wand of strange power, most highly prized by the wizarding students of the school of Mahoutokoro in Japan, where those who own cherry wands have special prestige. The Western wand-purchaser should dispel from their minds any notion that the pink blossom of the living tree makes for a frivolous or merely ornamental wand, for cherry wood often makes a wand that possesses truly lethal power, whatever the core, but if teamed with dragon heartstring, the wand ought never to be teamed with a wizard without exceptional self-control and strength of mind.” – Pottermore Wikia

PLAY BY: Sophie Nélisse



EYE COLOUR: Blue/hazel



Nicole is most self-conscious about her ears. She thinks they're oddly large, so if she can cover one or both with her hair, she will do so. Aside from that one thing she considers a genuine flaw, Nicole accepts the fact that she's rather pretty. Not necessarily in the conventional ways, but she isn't one of those who tries too hard, and she does her best to simply accept compliments instead of shying away from them. Particularly since she is not used to them from her mother. However, as she is only eleven, she isn't so concerned about looks as the older students probably would be.

She is short, even for an eleven-year-old, and likely won't grow to be very tall. She has a slender frame, so shirts even a size too large dwarf her rather hilariously. She has a tendency to dress in almost tomboy clothing when not attending classes. She does enjoy dressing up for events, which is likely when she looks her best, but otherwise she thinks it's just a bit too much effort.

She's shockingly pale most of the time, even for someone living in the UK. Compared to her cousins, who are more tan from their time in southern France, she sort of looks ill. It suits her, somehow, though. With her blonde hair and striking blue eyes, in certain lighting she can look almost ethereal.

Future appearance::


Dry wit
Impulsive [occasionally]
Loyal [to a fault]
Tolerant [yes, this is fairly hypocritical. But she believes it is true.]

Up-beat music. Especially Muggle music.
Powerful thunderstorms. The lightning is fascinating.
Reading, but mainly for fun.
Companionable silence.
Cheese. It's just good, okay?
Traveling to new places or places she has read about.
Getting little, even meaningless things from people when she isn't expecting them.
Equally, giving little gifts to show she is thinking of someone.
Mixing up paints, or just painting period. She isn't that great, but it's calming.
Animals. And Faeries. Just because.

Theoretical books. They're too hard to understand.
Cooking. Seriously, don't even let her try.
Prejudiced people. [Yes, this is fairly hypocritical, once again]
Loud, crazy groups of people.
Spicy foods. They make her eyes water.
Heights. She's clumsy.
Getting dirty.
Poetry. She can't wrap her head around it.
Confining spaces.

01. Graduate with grades good enough to impress her mother.
02. In the meantime, she wants to either learn more about herself, or about her family. And some true, bosom friends wouldn't hurt, either. Kindred spirits, if you will.
03. She would really like to work with magical creatures, or just with animals in general. But that's just her thought as she's going into Hogwarts. (SubjectToChange)

01. Nicole’s personal space is one of the most important things to her. She doesn’t like anyone so much as getting in her face without knowing them or without her permission.
02. Her hair is fairly short, but she often clips it out of her face so it won't get in the way.
03. She’ll watch sports, but playing them is completely out of the question.
04. Nearsighted.
05. Left-handed.
06. If she watches or reads something frightening at night, she has an active imagination that can sometimes play tricks on her when she is trying to get some sleep.

BOGGART: She is torn, really, when it comes to this. She is afraid of her mother dying, because it might mean she has nobody left. Nicole has no idea that the rest of her mother's relatives might accept her, though they truly would if she decided to ignore her mother's wishes. But she is also almost looking forward to the day when she no longer has to think about if her mother would approve of her choices, or if she'll be in any trouble when she gets home. Some days, there's no telling what her mother's mood will be like. So her greatest fear is also her greatest desire, and Nicole holds that truth to be the most important and darkest secret she has.

PATRONUS: Riding up to the castle that first night of school was probably the moment when Nicole realized how freeing her time at Hogwarts would be. She had classes to attend, yes, but she also had the freedom of knowing that, for several months (until holiday break), and then several more, she was allowed to do what she wanted provided her grades weren't poor enough to upset her mum. She had the freedom she hadn't expected, and it was glorious, even from that first boat ride.

DEMENTOR: There isn't one exact moment that could fit here, because there have been many times when she wanted to attend a family gathering, be it for holidays or weddings or anything of the sort. But she was never allowed to, and asking questions was strictly forbidden. It's entirely possible that she would file her family and things about them under this category.

As suggested by the cherry wood that makes up Nicole’s wand, she has great potential for darkness, if only because she tends to hold grudges. To be fair, they are her mother’s grudges, but she has that intense need for distance from those she doesn’t trust, so she would not consider talking through her issues with someone. However, she does try to be friendly in case she can build up a little number of people to turn to if she needs them. It’s almost like she is building up a family outside of her mother, and she has a rebellious streak now and again, particularly within her future romantic relationships. It's entirely probable that she will end up getting into some bad relationships just because she finds them interesting, or because she knows people will be surprised by it. She is quietly hoping for the chance to shock those around her by becoming something besides what her mother expects of her.

To say her personality is ever changing would probably be accurate. It very much depends on who she is around. If she feels threatened, or if someone talks down to her mother or speaks poorly about her family, she’s highly reactionary. Otherwise, though, she seems open and interested in what’s happening around her. She has a great many surface-level friends, but hardly anyone knows her well enough to see her true nature. If helped along, she could be perfectly charming and continue to be friendly and do her best at her classes/her work.

But there is a good chance that, if led in the wrong direction, she might change allegiances all together.

Type: ISFJ or INFJ

As most ISFJs are, Nicole is so unerringly loyal that people - especially her mother - take her for granted. She doesn't really notice it, and perhaps won't for some time, but others might realize that she never actually gets the appreciation she deserves. She prefers to do things herself, often leading to late nights and sleepy mornings. She wouldn't ever step up and demand that others state their appreciation for her, but she does secretly hope that someone wants to, someday. That does create a sense of guilt, though, because she isn't sure that wanting a reward for helping someone is actually a good thing.

Nicole is very organized, and has an easy time remembering her list of things she needs to do. She prefers small group chats or sitting and talking with just one person, but that's mainly because she feels she can't keep up with complicated conversations. Inside jokes are possibly the scariest thing for her in casual conversations, because she isn't sure what she's allowed to join in on or not. After all, she grew up with basically one person and one person only, and that was her mother. Her mum was always too bitter and grouchy to have any sort of jokes, so while Nicole herself does have a good handle on sarcasm, she's only really funny on accident.

She prefers to attach herself to a few people but sort of float among the others. It isn't that she doesn't think they're lovely, but it's again a problem of keeping things straight. What is she allowed to say to that person but not to another?, for example. The rules of social interaction are only just becoming obvious to her, as she's finishing her first year at Hogwarts. On that note, leadership is something she fears, so she hopes to never be selected as a Prefect or anything else. Not that she's sporty enough to play Quidditch, though.

Family is more important to her than anything else. Most of her memories are founded around them, and her mother - though admittedly a bit of a problem - is the center of her world. She craves Tracy's approval above all others, though she probably would care a great deal about her father's as well. She is terrified of ever meeting the rest of her mother's side, expecting them to hate her innately. If given the chance, she would probably refuse.

When it comes to that social interaction thing mentioned above, Nicole tends to rely on the conventions that she has learned from watching others. She puts in painstaking effort when it comes to doing anything for someone else - food, gifts, parties, anything. Sometimes she gets it wrong, though, thinking about what the person in question should expect rather than what the's really like. She refuses to jump into fights, preferring to let the anger fade away, or the interactions stop altogether. This isn't true of her closest friends, really, but if she has to fight with someone she doesn't actually try, for fear of upsetting them or being torn to bits in return. She may seem moody, but really she just wants to keep from offending others.


FATHER: Frenrir Greyback

MOTHER: Tracy Connolly, aged 41.
Witch, British

SIBLING/S: She understands that her father has had other children, but she doesn't know them personally.

OTHER: The Connolly family is quite extensive, but Nicole knows very few of them by name, and almost none of them by face.
Includes Greg Connolly, aged 49, and Rosie Connolly, aged 47.
Includes Oliver Connolly, aged 21.
Included Thalia Connolly, who would have been 18.


SPECIES: Half-Werewolf



Tracy Connolly was never very close to her brother Gregory, though he is exceptionally caring, like his son, Oliver. Hufflepuff that he was, Greg did try to help his youngest sister when the middle sibling, Rosie, became outraged at what she believed was Tracy's "betrayal." The fact that Tracy not only had Nicole out of wedlock, as well as with a werewolf, infuriated Rosie and made Greg nervous. He is not at all the sort to put himself into the path of someone who has an issue with someone else. This, of course, depends on the situation. Oliver's near-fiancée can certainly attest to that. But in this case, he was already rather distant from Tracy, who is nearly eight years younger than him, and who did not want to be associated with her older siblings and chose to attend Beauxbatons instead of Hogwarts.

However, when her brother moved to France with his then-girlfriend, and Rosie used his connections to get a job in Paris, Tracy determined that she did not want to stay near her family, and she moved to Wales. Perhaps she thought she would find herself a Welsh Gentleman. While Gregory focused on proposing to Deborah, Tracy found herself alone in a country she didn't know. Instinctively, she began getting involved in work life, as she is involved with sports journalism. That's probably where Nicole's love for watching sport comes from.

After a few years, she stopped noticing the difference, stopped wondering what they were doing. That changed once Gregory had his second child. Thalia, who would have been 18 this year, was seven years older than Nicole, almost to the day. Tracy thought about sending something to her brother, but never got around to it. She was twenty at the time.

Her family did eventually start taking a more active interest in her. Particularly when she found out she was pregnant. The instant Rosie heard, she made it quite clear that Tracy was suddenly the black sheep of the family. She was the villain. In truth, Greg was so focused on making sure that Oliver made it off to Hogwarts that he hardly paid it any attention. The rest of the family caught on to what had happened, and sided with Rosie. Greg, deciding it was easier not to fight with the sibling he was closer to, refused to give an opinion but kept his distance as well.

Unfortunately for Tracy, Greg's wife agreed that it was not something that was acceptable. She didn't mind the werewolf thing so much as the fact that Nicole's background was far from conservative or conventional. Tracy felt that she was the one who was being betrayed and left out in the cold, so she kept Nicole from them, and convinced her daughter throughout her childhood that the rest of her family were the bad guys. That they didn't like her because her father couldn't stay.

In all fairness, Tracy did tell Nicole who her father is, and that he undoubtedly has other children. Tracy has even heard of some of them, though she keeps the names to herself. Nicole has never heard, though, that her mother's family would likely accept her without any real question if she chose to meet them or needed their help. Really, Nicole spent her time going with her mum to sporting matches, both wizarding and Muggle, and found that she really quite likes Muggle ways and conventions just as much as she is fascinated by magic.

As she goes into Hogwarts, she is likely to be a little standoffish towards those who find out about her family, but she does intend to do well, and hopes to find people she can be loyal to. Ones who will treat her well in return, of course.

HOGWARTS YEARS: Nicole's first year was fairly uneventful, if only because she was too nervous about sticking her neck out there. She didn't go looking for adventures, and while she made friends with those in her house and a few of her classmates, that was basically the extent of it. She didn't do poorly in her classes, but there wasn't anything to say that she could ever make the top of her class. Perhaps because she is so easily distracted and so painfully loyal to those she cares about. If someone came to her needing help, her school work would no longer be her focus, for example.

She's about to go into her second year, but has absolutely no idea about what's to come.










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Re: GREYBACK, Nicole Anne

on Sun Jul 17, 2016 4:56 am
Oui, mon amie

Accepted into Hufflepuff! Of course.
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