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It is 2030 in the Wizarding World

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Maddie McKillon
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Maddie McKillon

on Tue Jul 12, 2016 9:18 pm
Maddie bits & bobs:

taps her quills/pencils against surfaces
mutters under her breath when concentrating
compulsively tucks hair behind her ear (left side only)
when anxious/nervous, rubs the base of ring finger
tilts her head to the side when listening to someone
dislikes coffee but makes it in tense or worrying situations, otherwise it's generally tea

remarkably steady hands
has a calming effect on most people and animals, even in times of heightened inner conflict
has an almost encyclopaedic knowledge of magical creatures, and, to a lesser extent, plants
smiles almost compulsively when in company
when not in company, has a tendency to get lost in thought/ melancholy

BOGGART: It would most accurately be an amalgamation of all her weaknesses and shortcomings but as it is, since in her eyes these would be too many to count, the boggart might very well resort to symbolism and more simply depict an empty glass bottle.

PATRONUS: Lying in a quiet hospital ward with the weight of a warm, feather-light bundle in her arms for the first time and a wide, gentle grin on her face, feeling like nothing had been important or meaningful until then. (though she honestly maintains that she loves her children equally, this particular memory is of the moments following Casper's birth- nothing really compares to the joy of your firstborn)

DEMENTOR: Contrary to what one might think, her worst memory is neither of her divorce nor of the death of her ex-husband, but of a spring afternoon 1 year after the former and 5 weeks prior to the latter, when she walked into her eldest son's room to find the curtains drawn, wardrobe and shelves upturned, and the 15 year old himself hidden under the covers. It's not so much the state of the room itself that horrified her, but the total reflection of herself she saw in that moment- she could almost have been looking at her own room in the months leading up to and following the separation, and the mere thought that the same could happen to her son, or that her presence in his life could have been anything but positive absolutely terrified her.

-began to develop (the beginnings of) a drinking problem in the years following her separation, which is the reason she doesn't drink
-Would take memory-altering drugs to erase negative memories if it weren't for her children's involvement and her fear of becoming dependent
-Has never wondered how her life would have panned out if she hadn't had her children, but has often wondered how it would have turned out if she hadn't gotten married
-Would do anything at all, short of nothing, for the well-being of her children if endangered
-Wishes Robin were back

MIRROR OF ERISED: She would surprise even herself in that she wouldn't see herself sitting by a warm hearth, aged and content, surrounded by the joyous faces of her children and grandchildren, with an article or book authored by her sitting on her lap (as she'd probably think), but herself, aged but restless, back in the wilds of Albania or the geysers of Iceland with a leading research team at her back, her husband at her side, secure in the knowledge that her children are happy, safe, and well-cared for back home.

Having defined herself primarily by her role as a mother for so long, it's hard for Maddie to approach her own personality from any of the other angles of her life. The importance she attaches to her own motherhood is unmatched by any other role or position she has held, and is arguably the one thing she would and has readily sacrificed anything for. Her fierce love for her children is both her greatest strength and her greatest weakness, a hamartia that she herself is all too aware of and that she fears her children will grow to resent. She strives to be a “good mother”: supportive, understanding, gentle, loving, but firm and disciplined, resisting any temptation to spoil or coddle, and has, for the most part, succeeded, providing reassurance and direction for them even when utterly unable to find any for herself. Although appreciative of the importance of providing the space necessary for them to grow into their own people, she has a tendency to become overprotective if she feels their well-being is under threat, displaying a single-minded ruthlessness that is completely uncharacteristic in other aspects of her life. This dominant maternal bone also displays itself in her approach to others around her, particularly other children, and those in need. Nurturing is something that comes effortlessly to Maddie, making in her a seemingly endless well of support and strength for others, and resulting in a desire to care for any strays that wander her way.

Beyond this, Maddie holds a natural thirst for knowledge and adventure; her biggest struggle is often attempting to balance motherhood with realising both of these desires. However, her curiosity is unmatched by her naturally compassionate and courageous nature, which accounts for her sorting into Gryffindor rather than Ravenclaw after proving to be a hatstall between the two. Her remarkable ability to maintain a cheerful demeanour despite infrequent bouts of crippling insecurity and depression often means that the front she presents to the world is startlingly deceptive, particularly as she grows older and loses the carefree contentedness of her younger years. During her happier Hogwarts years, Maddie gained a reputation for her good-nature and quick laugh, which won her an easy popularity but also led to her being perceived as slightly ditsy, a misconception that is exacerbated by her chaotic approach to organisation and lasting impulsiveness. Those closest to her, however, will recognise a quick mind and remarkable depth of magical knowledge, with her expertise in natural magical sciences much lauded by those in the field, but surprising and (perhaps shocking) to those outside it. Her passion lies in the study of magical creatures, but her extensive research into their environments and eating habits has resulted in an almost equally impressive knowledge of herbology, which in turn accounts for her understanding of and prowess in potions. Her compassionate nature is thus extended to other sentient and non-sentient magical beings, and she tends to take a mothering position to not only her children but also her pets and any other creatures she may come across. She has inculcated this appreciation of magical beasts in all of her children, and a striking characteristic of the McKillon-Jericho household is that it has never at any point been free of an erratic array of pets and strays that have been taken in and that she has in turn taught her children to care for and train, ensuring they too share her knack (if not love) for magizoology.

At her core, Maddie is ultimately a woman of many paradoxes: academically intelligent but emotionally insecure, fearing isolation but cautious of intimacy, guilt-ridden yet content. Her most crippling characteristic is her insecurity, and the fear that the greatest danger to her and her children lies within herself. Although she does appear to possess a wisdom that has been achieved, if not by age, then by experience, her self-perception and unforgiving approach towards herself and her mistakes is unhealthy, and mentally exhausting. An unfortunate result of her relentless self-scrutiny is that she often falls into denial and an avoidance to face up to her shortcomings due to an overwhelming fear of admitting personal weakness or inadequacy. It is this in itself that ensures a constant lack of the peace and resolution she seeks. She has always claimed a contentedness with her life and her lot in life, but is all too aware that she is nowhere close to accepting herself, and finds that increasingly as she grows older a discontent and restlessness is starting to seep in, though her fear of what this might mean for her children prevents her from addressing it. She usually appears to others much older than her years, in behaviour if not in appearance, and this pleases her, having resented the earlier claims by those around her that entering into motherhood at so young an age would stunt her personal growth and result in a lack of maturity. It is perhaps tragic irony that these dismissed claims hold a grain of truth, and a testament to her youth (and arguable immaturity) that she still refuses to believe it.

The McKillon-Jericho Family

Robin Jericho
Athletic ; Daring ; Chivalrous ; Absent
Ex-husband ; American ; Chaser for the Fitchburg Finches ; d. 2027 (aged 35)
Quidditch player and quintessential Gryffindor, Robin married Maddie fresh out of Hogwarts when they were both young and naive and hopeful. Things took a turn for the worst when her magizoology dreams had to be put on hold due to childcare while he became a quidditch star across the pond. The marriage broke down due to a lack of communication, though Maddie would be lying if she said there weren't subconscious suspicions of infidelity, despite never allowing herself to consciously consider this. His death in a car accident was widely reported as a tragedy, and Maddie still feels some guilt over the circumstances.

Casper Jericho
Studious ; Reserved ; Gentle ; Lazy
Son ; Ravenclaw ; 17, Sixth Year
Quiet, understanding, and generally unobtrusive, Casper was the easiest of Maddie's children to raise and the least troublesome. As the firstborn at a time when Maddie was doing her most exciting research and still attempting to pursue a career, he is the only one with memories of the trips they accompanied her on, and of a time before his father's disappearing act. He was responsible as a child and remains self-sufficient, rarely giving Maddie cause to worry, though she still does. Understanding of his siblings and protective over his mother, he is calm and easy to talk to, though his reclusive and idle nature means he is not as social as he has potential to be.

Kathryn Jericho
Dramatic ; Stubborn ; Daring ; Sweet
Daughter ; Gryffindor ; 14, Third Year
The most like Robin in both looks and nature, Kathryn has her brothers' share of rebellious spirit to augment her own. She doesn't often take no for an answer and doesn't shy away from confrontation- most often with her mother nowadays, as she attempts to convince Maddie to transfer her from Hogwarts to the Wizarding Academy of Dramatic Arts. Her flair for dramatics has often landed her in hot water, and her over-confidence occasionally leads her into the wrong crowd. Despite her sometimes difficult behaviour, Kathryn is harmless and affectionate, just as compassionate as her mother and siblings, and displays her love for them most fiercely when the time calls for it.

Charlie Jericho
Inquisitive ; Insecure ; Thoughtful ; Lonely
Son ; Ravenclaw ; 11, First Year
Charlie is the baby of the family and his mother has never forgotten it. Only 7 when his parents separated and 10 when his father died, he has always stuck closely to Maddie, sharing her thirst for knowledge and fascination with magical creatures. Though he has no memories of the family in happier times, he took his father's death the hardest, retreating even further into his shell and finding difficulty in forging relationships with others. He is shy and uncertain, taking the most after his reclusive grandfather. His first year at Hogwarts has been challenging, as he has not made many friends and is easily intimidated by other students and professors.

personal pets:
Gertrude- grindylow
Bertie- Jobberknoll

family pets:
Bertha- black cat/kneazle
Lenora- snowy owl (belonging to Casper)
Bill & Bob- 2 doxies (belonging to Kathryn)
Carlos- firecrab (belonging to Kathryn)
Edgar- puffskein (belonging to Charlie & Kathryn)
Edward- knarl (belonging to Charlie)
Dumbledore, Gamp, and Newt- flobberworms (belonging to Charlie, named after his favourite Magical researchers)
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