Getting to the bottom of things

Getting to the bottom of things

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open Getting to the bottom of things

Post by Ace Longbottom on Wed Jul 06, 2016 7:08 pm

@Robert Lupin @Khaat Lupin @Elijah Krum @Theodore Rookwood @Kipling Parsons @Claire Bishop @Monroe Ashcroft

To the Minister, or any one else who may be of help,

Hello. I have sent this to several heads of departments, Hogwarts higher-ups, etc. I will continue sending this to anyone I believe needs to see/hear it.

I do not know to what extent you are aware, but something is happening over at Ilvermorny. With our students there, we certainly cannot stand idly by. I have included in this a copy of letter I received from an Ilvermorny student, which took much effort on both sides to even deliver. I am hoping this issue will be handled swiftly. Please keep me in the loop.

If I do not receive a response, I will be forced to reach out to the American Ministry and the media.

Thank you,
Alice Longbottom



I'm not entirely sure how, but your falcon made it through. I think the clever thing must have taken the ferry. Or maybe he was flying near your train home when some of your students were moved here. I don't know this Lydia person, but I may be able to find her. I don't know that I can get your shoes back. Or your bird, unfortunately. He's sort of annoyed, actually. I don't think he likes me very much.

As for what's happening here, well. I'll tell you what, it isn't great. I think the food is the main problem right now. We don't have enough to fill even a pitcher with. The lights and everything else can be dealt with, really. It's turned into a sort of first-come-first-serve thing, which isn't good. My friends and I have started investigating but we always get thrown off the trail or the task at hand - not half because my best friend is a little gullible when she's told she has some sort of privilege. I love her to death, but that really is quite a long story so I'll save that for later.

I don't see how you're going to get food here, though, I'm afraid. I do wonder what will come over on the ferry, but it only really seems to carry people, not objects. Or, I guess, it carried animals too. But I don't think I have quite enough strength to use any animals that are sent over as food. So maybe don't do that?

If this gets back to you and you have any ideas, I would be happy to pass them on. We don't really have any professors left, though, since they've all... left? I don't know. Either way, if we don't start tearing each other apart, maybe we can get something done. I'm fixing to lose my mind with this lot.

Nevertheless, I'm very glad you got through, Alice. I have no idea how I'm going to send this, yet, but now that I've got a mind to do it I hope I find a way...

Wishing you luck,
Scarlett Duffy
Ace Longbottom
Seventh Year Hufflepuff
Seventh Year Hufflepuff

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