Dearest Katarina,

Dearest Katarina,

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closed Dearest Katarina,

Post by Kipling Parsons on Wed Jul 06, 2016 5:54 am

To Katarina,

I received your prints. Kenna nearly cried and immediately demanded we go out and purchase frames, which we did, and then we were required to help her hang them in our little room. I must admit at this point that she was inebriated, yes, but I think you should still take the compliment. Yuri especially liked the sketch of your campus, saying it seems to be the most optimistic piece of yours he's seen. I have to say I agree - though I won't presume and attempt to analyze.

I'm exceedingly glad that, while you like your classes, that you're also finding them challenging. I think if one of these elements were lacking, it might leave you with disappointment, but I can tell you are feeling fulfilled. I knew you would - that tends to happen when one takes their destiny into their own hands.

You didn't describe your friends in detail - did you think I wouldn't notice? Please, do tell. You spoke of them with such warmth. Perhaps I'll commission a painting of them. That'll inform me greatly, I'm sure.

I must leave this letter now, though I may have some odd news for you in my next. Nothing time pressing.

Perhaps one of these days, I'll visit the campus. The summer leaves me nostalgic for academia. It's certainly not the only thing I miss, however.

Dutifully yours,

Kipling Parsons

P.S. Remy drew this picture of you on a napkin. I told him it was horrifying, but he wanted your opinion. I'll come up with a suitable lie.
Kipling Parsons
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