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Crazy little things Empty Crazy little things

on Tue Jun 07, 2016 11:27 pm
Dear Addie Adrienne

You're on my mind lately, so I decided to write this letter.  

Not to get you off my mind or anything, more to indulge myself.  I told you I was a sap.

God, I miss you. I don't think I've ever said, but it's nice having someone else around. Sorry, that sounds wrong.  You know I don't only want you to stop myself feeling lonely.  I just don't think I can write the actual words down on paper.  I'm sorry.  

Do you know what courtly love is, Addie?  Sometimes, that's how I feel about you (although, not gonna lie, I want you on a, uhm, baser level as well). It's like, I want you so bad but I don't want to lay a finger on you because the build up is so good.  The more you tell me no, the more I crave you.  Say no to me, Addie.

But then, I do want you.  I have countless fantasies about making you gasp and moan and writhe.  One of them in a library.  And my head gets filled with ridiculous wonderings. 

Would you be quiet or loud?  Quiet, I suspect.  Tiny sounds.  I'd have to bite my own tongue to hear.  And I would want to hear. 

Would you be controlling?  I think I would quite like that, though I'm not sure if it's your style. 

When I peel off your clothes, what would I find beneath?  Bright colours? Lace? Uh, to be honest, that's as far as my knowledge on women's underthings goes...

I'm not entirely sure how I ought to finish up this letter.  I wasn't expecting it to veer off in that direction.  Though why not, I'm sure I do not know, considering I'm writing to you.

Have a good day, Addie.  I hope to invade your thoughts like you're invading mine.


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