Plot ideas

Plot ideas

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Plot ideas

Post by Adela Roseberry on Tue May 24, 2016 2:47 pm

Okay so I've been gone for a while and It looks like I need some new plots. I had more characters but I've asked an admin to make them inactive atleast for now until I get back into the swing of things. So until I feel more comfortable with more characters I have two to offer.

the first is Adela Roseberry. her brother and the guy she was secretly dating have both been decolored (I think it is because of me going missing) so she doesn't have much to do. She was the big bad girl but she and her brother recently moved out of the home of their negletive father. so shes even more broken than her meaness was hideing. she could use at least one friend. I have a feeling not many people liked her. †as for the brother and Kai i'm just going to say she doesn't know where they are until further notice from their players.

The second is Riyan Schultz. Shes married with a kid. that's all I know about her right now.

Now there is Sofia Smith and her currently NPC twin Anthony they are Americans and go to Ilvermony.
they are 15 years old. Sofia is very friendly but quiet and spends a lot of time studying. she would be glad to help escort you around her school.
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