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It is 2031 in the Wizarding World
It is the 2030 - 2031 School Year
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Durmstrang Graduate
Durmstrang Graduate
Simon Marek
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MAREK, Simon

on Thu Apr 21, 2016 2:05 am




AGE: 21


HOGWARTS HOUSE: N/A. Durmstrang Graduate

WAND: Hawthorne Wood (said to be unlucky), Dragon Heartstring, 8 3/4 inches, fairly bendy

PLAY BY: Nico Tortortella


Simon's parents graced him with good genes, perhaps to make up for the personality he ended up with. His blue-green eyes offer him 20-20 vision, and are settled across a button-tipped nose and beneath thin eyebrows (the left of which loves to lift on its own). He also has thin lips, but his teeth are straight thanks to a few fixes from upper-year students after he reached Durmstrang. His ears, mercifully, are about the right size for his head, though they have a funny little curve to them in the middle.

He cares a lot about how he looks, especially after four years of not having a choice (see history). He had cared during school and he certainly wanted to go back to feeling like he had a choice. So his hair is always styled some way or another, his facial hair trimmed to a stubble he thinks suits him quite nicely. He always tries to dress nicely, even if he's wearing clothes that are comfortable and feel casual. He doesn't want to be caught out. After all, crazy things have happened to him in the past, so who knows, really?


TRAITS: General idea: "Wolf in Sheep's Clothing"
01. Adaptable
02. Selfish
03. Debonair/Urbane
04. Challenging
05. Cocky
06. Friendly
07. Flirtatious
08. Venturesome
09. Passionate
10. Proud
11. Resourceful
12. Dreamer
13. Spontaneous
14. Possessive
15. Witty/Sarcastic
16. Competitive
17. Deceptive
18. Ordinary (intelligence wise)
19. Tough/Independent
20. Outspoken
21. Loyal
22. Observant
23. Forgetful
24. Irresponsible
25. Organized (in his personal spaces)
26. Pedantic

+ Port. He rather likes the fact that, once the bottle is opened, it must be finished or it goes to waste. Feels good to sit around with whomever is willing and force yourself to help empty it. #Masculine
+ Exercising until his muscles are on fire and he can just collapse into a heap. When that absurd feeling of relief comes over him and he swears he'll never do it again but he always does.
+ Simon considers himself to be an "infection vector" when it comes to adventures and doing things one shouldn't.
+ People who show interest in actually getting to know him. He also really enjoys people watching. It helps that they typically don't realize who he is anymore.
+ The outdoors. He doesn't see much of it unless he's doing that exercise thing, or on the way to a job.
+ He is slightly [read: very] addicted to crime novels, even though he knows it's all fiction and none of it can help take back or change what happened.
+ Spicy or unusual foods, just to mix things up. Routine is nice, but sometimes he needs something else.

- Being ignored or unimportant. ["What do you think of me?" .. "I don't." -insert glowering Simon here-]
- Spending time on things that will not prove helpful to him in the future. Or ones that seem like they won't.
- When people *do* recognize him and he has to pretend to be someone else to avoid their unending disdain and hatred.
- Muggle medical dramas. He used to love them, back when he was close to his parents. Now it just reminds him of his mom, and thus his father and little sister as well.
- When his roof leaks and he has to listen to the drops splat into the bowl or pan or whatever he uses all throughout the night. His flat is actually kind of crap all around, really, so he isn't a fan.
- Lonely holidays. He's okay at being alone on regular days, but not the important ones.
- Being made a fool of. He's usually good at covering and saving face, but when he fails he gets quite affronted and doesn't know how to recover.

He secretly desires for someone to see him as heroic, even though he quite obviously isn't. Maybe if he can help someone, though, he can make up for what happened.


Iwan Marek
Muggle l Accountant

Lydia Marek, née Cooke
Muggle l Nurse

Justyna (pronound "Yus-tea-nuh")
Younger sister l 18 l Muggle, about to go into university

Rayna, Silviya and Kosta (see history)

SPECIES/BLOODTYPE: Human, Muggleborn.

SOCIAL STATUS: Lower-Middle. But he's after whatever money he can make, so he hopes that won't be true forever. He hasn't got his family's funds to back him anymore (nor his own, arguably) and he's still getting used to it.


Simon was the eldest child by four years, and he loved no one in the world the way he loved his little sister Justyna. She was always a bit small, a bit shy, a bit unable to handle herself around the other kids. But Simon was never far away, even if he tried to give her room. It was hard for both of them when he had to go off to school during the days. It only got stranger when weird things started happening.

For years, Simon's parents worried that something strange had happened. They weren't believers in the supernatural, but the thought did cross their minds. Only, it turned out, Simon was special. His accidents had actually been spurts of magic. So maybe they were right to consider unnatural things. His parents had never looked so proud as the day that he got his letters to Hogwarts, confirming his status as a wizard.

As bad as he would feel for Justyna throughout the years, he was glad to know that she would have less to worry about. Less chance to accidentally get hurt or mixed up with crazy people. He just had no idea that he cursed himself the moment that thought came to him.

Unsure what exactly to expect, Simon was not really prepared for his first year at a wizarding school. He had only just begun to get used to Muggle education in Poland. He stood out, not only because he knew how to speak English fluently - with a bizarre mix of accents from his parents. He was also a Muggleborn who didn't take very well to his lessons. But he was charming and absurdly reckless. If someone needed a rule broken, he would do it. So his permanent record, so to speak, was full of demerits long after he left school in Poland.

Each time it happened, however, he always had an excuse for the professor to write down next to their complaint. Items were stolen from the Potions cabinet? An ill student couldn't make it to the hospital wing, so he was picking things up for her. She was brilliant at potions, after all, so she could surely teach him how to make the thing she needed. (Except he had actually been attempting to make Felix Felicis to pass his OWLs).

A hippogryff was let out of its cage and ran rampant through the grounds? Well, it just looked so sad and like it wanted to be free, and how could he not? (Except he actually thought that he could convince the creature that he was deserving of a ride around the grounds).

He was just lucky that they didn't write out their arguments against his claims.

Did he play Quidditch? More like, how could he not? He was a seeker of glory, and thus... he became a Seeker. He's a bit literal that way. He may not be incredibly knowledgable about most things, but under pressure this boy really does excel. To be fair, the Felix Felicis wouldn't have helped him, considering he did pretty alright, in the end.

In his fifth year, he started playing cards with his mates and the older students. He was quite cocky about it, as he was with most everything else.

"That makes twelve," he declared proudly, throwing down his matching pair.

"Simon! You screwed me," Daemon declared, his points clearly having been stolen from him.

"I have to say," the younger student replied with a dastardly smirk, "screwing you was not as fun as I was led to believe it would be."

The table burst out into raucous laughter while Daemon shot a furious glare in Simon's direction. "You've been asking the wrong people, then," the blond said, drawing replies that his argument was pathetic and rather invalid. While Daemon fumed at being embarrassed by a fifteen-year-old, everyone settled down again and points had to be added up.

"Everything you say is dirty," Paeter accused him with a laugh.

"It's a gift. Now! How many points did I say I had?" Simon asked casually, reaching for the pad they were keeping track of the score on. He had begun bringing little Muggle tidbits with him, including pens and notebooks, but the pad had been brought along specifically for game nights like these. "Twelve?"

Kosta, his closest friend, rolled his eyes while the other boys scoffed or groaned. Rayna, who had forced her way into the game, made up part three of their group of four. Silviya had decided to spend time studying with her boyfriend, leaving her friends to their games. "Merlin," Kosta began, parodying Simon's smooth voice with one that was absurdly deep. "How many points do I have?"

"Hold up the points I have on your fingers," Simon joined in. "It might take two of you."

Rayna laughed sardonically, impressed but disgruntled. "Hey, Simon?"

He looked up, grinning widely. She reached out and whacked him upside the head, saying, "You're dreadful."

Simon shook his head. "...Not at
this game."

He focused on Quidditch even more in his later years, when scouts came around and he wanted a spot on a competitive team in the UK, where all of the biggest matches were held. He also loved the idea of living close enough to watch football in his spare time, if there was any. He hardly minded training or the long hours if a match went on for ages. In fact, he preferred it to spending time being bored or studying. When they showed up and liked him, that's when his studies actually mattered to him. He had to do well if he wanted to look responsible and be offered a slot on their professional team. He was new, after all, and they would be taking a risk on him. And what a risk it turned out to be. He would only get to play for them for two years. It's no wonder the Wizarding World is all about the Falcons these days...

Kosta was the most quiet of their quartet, but he was typically the one making the plans that Simon led the "missions" for. Aside from a couple things, like the ones listed in the demerits section of his Durmstrang Years. His ideas became more and more reckless, particularly after Simon moved to the United Kingdom for employment. It wasn't a difficult transition for the man, knowing his English was good despite his accent being a little obvious. It's gotten better since, but anyone could easily tell is from the continent.

On his nineteenth birthday, Simon was sentenced to three years in Azkaban's low-security holding.

Simon's story:
Kosta came to visit when things were getting dangerous for him in Russia. The Death Eaters there were finding it hard to trust him, and he had promised to take on a mission for them, which Simon was thoroughly uninterested in participating in. In fact, he refused. It was too risky for him with his job with Puddlemere United, which he loved.

The job? Kosta was required to kidnap the child of the Captain of the Magical Law and Enforcement Patrol, and Simon tried to convince him not to. That the Order or the Ministry - someone - could help him. Could get him out of it. But Kosta didn't want to be out of it, apparently. Because for two days, he acted like he had given up, but he really hadn't. Two days later, Simon came home to find ten wands pointed at him, including one Tobias Acker, the father of the little girl Kosta had wanted. And Kosta was nowhere to be found.

"Is she okay?"

Tobias's eyebrow lifted, disbelief flooding his features. "Are you asking because you've forgotten? Or was that a joke? Because I hate those."

Simon frowned, understanding immediately how the pieces had fallen into place. Cursing Kosta's name under his breath, he deflated, wand arm falling to his side before he released it. "I didn't take her. I don't even know what she looks like," he argued, knowing full well that the rage behind the older man's eyes was enough to ensure Simon's arrest. "I know who did take her, though."

"She isn't gone," Tobias returned. "She isn't
missing. She was supposed to be kept away from her mother, but she wasn't. And now she's dead. And every bit of evidence points directly to you."

Simon's mouth fell open, and suddenly he was backing up against the door that had swung shut behind him. He slammed against it as the question came up again: Dead? And they thought he was capable of-? Against a little girl? Never. What did that mean, kept away from her mother? What could a little girl's mother possibly cause? His pranks had been harmless. His few thefts during the summers of his school years had been because he wanted to save up for a new broom. Nothing truly devious.

"How did you do it? How did you- Two days, Marek. How could you do it?"

"... I didn't."

The real one:
Actually, he's telling the truth. Even if nobody believes him. Even if Kosta abandoned him and never told the truth. Why would he, when he knew people would so easily believe Simon after everything he had done in the past, when he was young and too proud and self-indulgent? He doesn't even know exactly how it happened. It does give Marek a good excuse to be independent and cocky, if only because it forces people to be distant from him. Or it usually helps, at the least. It sure worked with his family.

It's been four years since he has seen any of his immediate family. Rayna and Silviya kept in touch for a while, but Silviya had always loved Kosta, and cut off connection with Simon in favor of their other friend. As for Rayna? She had better things to do than stick to the hip of a criminal. She has to be careful, when she works for the government of Polond as a special operative.

They gave him three years because he never opened his mouth to say anything except that he was innocent. Because they couldn't prove how he did it but they knew he had and the girl died and someone had to go to prison and that someone was him. After a while, he convinced himself that he deserved to be there. Surely someone would have realized he was innocent if he had not earned his place there? Surely his good karma would have added up enough by then? When he was released a few months ago, his job was obviously not an option anymore. And he didn't exactly have skills in many areas that counted because he did rather poorly in school.

Now? Now he works as an assistant to an independent potioneer, going to do trades for rare or questionable substances. He's bloody good at making a deal, and can handle himself in stressful situations, just like he always could. But that doesn't mean he thinks he's a good guy. Just because he didn't do something as bad as his friend had, he also hadn't stopped it. He didn't want to believe that the signs he saw were true. He is not an oblivious man. He knows when people are lying to him. But he is also loyal to a fault, and it ruined him.



RP EXPERIENCE: Legit, I can't stop. I may need to seek help. Was feeling proper down and the muse hit and Simon came along and he's great.

HOW YOU FOUND US: internets.

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