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It is 2031 in the Wizarding World

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Myth & Men; 18+ supernatural fantasy & myth

on Tue Apr 05, 2016 7:20 pm

Faith. Lust. Power...

Many millennia ago, The Fates birthed into creation the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse who would ride forth and end the World when the time of prophecy was upon them. Angels, Gods, Fae and Demons united and formed a plan: Each would take a Horsemen into their Realms and keep the four apart to deny both The Fates and prophecy, and keep the world intact.

It worked for many thousands of years. Until recently.

Ten years ago, in 2015 AD, the Horsemen found out their prophecy and descended back into the bowels of Hell. Feeling the shift, it was God that gathered his flock of Angels into Heaven and closed the gates for good, locking them in and everything else out - but not before ensuring the welfare of his most beloved creations. The leaders of Hell, Heaven, the Otherworld, and Olympus once more joined forces, and in the final moments of the world, sacrificed their lives and powers to ensure the survival of the one thing each of them were dependent on: the mortal race. Their powers of darkness and light, and their sheer essences, were absorbed into many of the mortals creating an enhanced species of innate magic-users, now called "the Blood".

Today is known as 10 PA; a new "Post-Apocalyptic" era where only one-in-ten mortals are women, and it is the Queen who reigns supreme within the earthly realms, and the men, her sworn protectors: physically, spiritually, and mentally. Only a few "normal" humans were spared, lucky to be on another astral plane when the Apocalypse struck. Or unlucky, based on the fact that now they are the weakest link; housed on farms and treated as slaves for work, used for pleasure, fighting rings, and breeding to increase their population counts once more and give them a "purposeful value to Blood society".

Demands by the desperate supernatural races upon them all has become just as brutal. It affects everything as they fight for the most worship, the most passion, the most sin. There is a growing rebellion against all interference in their lives, outside of their own rules. The Order of the Phoenix has been built up from a few quiet members to an amassing army; a growing independence from anything having to do with the supernatural.

With such a shifting paradigm, chaos rules the world. Every soul must find their new place, and settle the bricks of a new civilization. Faith, lust, and power all ebb and flow, vying for dominance. In the end, ask yourself: will you stand up and demand your freedom?

- - - - -
We are an 18+ play-by-post forum founded on openness and flexibility with our members' ideas and characters, and making this a place that everyone looks forward to coming to and sharing their creativity with. You will see concepts here from The Black Jewels Trilogy (the Blood Mortals), the Dark Hunter series (Were Hunters), and the Mortal Instruments/Shadowhunter novels. All are taken only in-part, to create a brand new setting, world, and plot, and allow the freedom to implement your own originality and actively help shape our new world.
- - - - -

What we offer:
+ Jcink Premium forum software
+ Freedom to run your own realms
+ Intermediate / Advanced site with no word count
+ Ability to play in either modern or post-apocalyptic settings
+ Incorporation of original characters as well as ones from various lores
+ Freedom to play supernaturals with their powers!

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