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Jack Dyllan
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Gryffindor Graduate
Jack Dyllan
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The "Present Posty"

on Tue Mar 15, 2016 8:23 am
This is a weird concept I used to do with a few friends on here.

So, I feel like there's three types of threads on PA.
1. The open thread. No real expectations for the direction of the thread is given, and the character objectives are usually pretty vague, too complimentary, or weak.
2. The RP request thread, where a thread is typically started with no more motivation than throwing characters into an arena together. Same problem with objectives.
3. The plotted thread. You've talked to the RPer, have a basic plan, and probably know what goal you are trying to reach, so there might not be too many surprises in the thread - not always the case though.

Here is a type of thread I'd like to see a resurgence of. "The Present Posty."

What is this? Oooh, it's a surprise post. It's usually between characters that have some history or plotting, but it could be between characters who have not interacted. It is unsolicited, unplanned on one's part, and so cool and spontaneous because you are living in the present with the character.

For example. I create a post in which Teddy shows up on Albus' doorstep, banging the door down, intent on getting Albus' help to talk to Lily. I send the thread to Kiera with a little smiley face and a surprise. She can respond. Or I can let that affect my plotting. Albus never answered the door, Teddy assumes Albus doesn't care, he's upset.

This is fun for characters that have unexplored sentiments towards other people. For example, I post as Margo, waiting outside of Ducky Baker's class (pretend he's not mine), with the objective of admitting her love for him. Ducky had no idea about this, IC or OOC.

Yeah? Anyone else think this would be fun? I'd love more of these in my life - and the knowledge that my fellow RPers would welcome this.
Selwyn Thorfinn
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Slytherin Graduate
Selwyn Thorfinn
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Re: The "Present Posty"

on Tue Mar 15, 2016 8:43 am
Gosh, we used to do that a lot when I was just starting out. It's definitely a fun way of playing.

Another one we used to have was "PM to join" threads. So you'd have a thread (usually a group thread) you sent to whoever was invited, but if other people wanted to join, they could PM the thread starter and ask if they could join it.

And we had "Open after <name> posts" as well. So if you had a scenario you wanted to set up (at Hogwarts or somewhere, for example) in the first few posts you could do that, but then other characters could also post and it was a really good way of creating crowd scenes or letting characters drop in as passers-by.
Wendy Fudge
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Sixth Year Hufflepuff
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Re: The "Present Posty"

on Tue Mar 15, 2016 8:48 am
Yessss, these are so much fun! We need these again!
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Re: The "Present Posty"

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