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Fifth Year Slytherin
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Unpacking Addie's Characters

on Sun Feb 14, 2016 2:05 am
I'm such an English major, I can't help using that terminology. "Unpacking." I guess it fits, though, as if I'm pulling them out from their suitcase again. They're home, folks. Here's some fun facts and secrets about my characters. These are not common knowledge but might be accessible by certain characters if they are mentioned below or have learned these things through roleplay. If you'd like your character to learn about any of these or aren't sure if they know, feel free to post below and check in or ask for a thread!


Adrienne Reynolds

Adrienne has an unhealthy interest in Death Eaters because her brother (an NPC) is one. She also is trying to redeem herself at the Prophet but may choose to break the rules again if it means she'll get a better opportunity elsewhere or she'll learn about her brother and the DEs.

Avery Ivanov

Currently goes by Avery Bishop (her maiden name), even though she doesn't believe that Robin is dead.

She's taken to calling her daughter by her middle name, Sophia, in hopes that anyone who may or may not be looking into Robin's family won't find out about her.

They have also moved in with Avery's mother now that the Bishop women are more or less assembled. Including their father's girlfriend, despite the fact that she never fully became their step-mother. She's something of an auntie to Avery now, and Ariadne (Sophia) has taken to calling her that as well.

Apollo Zabini

5th year Slytherin. He's genuinely sorry for his brother after the accident he had last term, but Apollo has other things to worry about. His father expects a lot from him, and he wants none of it, so he's constantly trying to prove himself in his preferred area: medicine.

Christian Zabini

5th year Hufflepuff. Trying to recruit for Potter's Army, much to the distaste of some. He's disappointed that people no longer care, and wants to become more invested in the organization.

Erik Rowle

The truth about Erik:
Abraham is not his son. It's his sister's son, which is why she went away for several months. But it would bring shame on their family as she had the child when she was fifteen, so it would bring them shame whilst they're trying to pretend they're closer to pureblood than they actually are. The rules in their family is quite strict. But Erik is twenty-one, so having a two-year-old is more acceptable.
His parents got in touch with a dark potioneer, who created a potion that placed a sort of wall in Erik's memory, making him believe that he was engaged to a woman who died from an illness, refusing to marry him despite having Abraham with him.
He has yet to meet the girl whose face was planted into his head thanks to the potioneer, and doesn't know that his parents have done anything wrong.
If that doesn't make a lot of sense, here's the family portrait that Erik has in his head (sort of): http://www.polyvore.com/mystery_her/set?id=169319528

Gilbert Prichard

Fun fact. Gilbert is the character most like me, besides Avery. They both have very twisted and exaggerated versions of one or more of my traits. But Gil is also a combination of three of my characters, who each took on one of said traits.

From Oliver, he gets his weak-willed tendencies. This comes from my fear of failure and thus my ability to tell myself not to do things if I think I'll do poorly. He also gets his lofty goals and dreams from Oliver.

Keiran sort of gave him a bit of that as well, though. Keiran also had a temper and a tendency to change personalities depending on the situation. Sociologically, this has something to do with the idea of Impostor Syndrome as well as Goffman's Dramaturgy and Bordieu's idea of fields and cultural capital. Can you tell I've taken a class on this recently? I've actually taken two. This was Keiran's greatest weakness, as he failed to fully form attachments to most people (besides Avery and Robin, perhaps, and then Millie for the most part). This isn't so much the case with Gil, but he can often come off as extremely aloof. He's a definite ISTJ.

From Declan, he gets his technical lack of skills. One could argue that Oliver had this as well, except Oliver's came from a lack of ability to take in things that didn't feel important to him whilst he was in school, making him think he was just unskilled. Gil hasn't yet registered the fact that his ability to change according to circumstances can make him into a decent manipulator of those around him. As far as his other skills go, Gilbert has very few skills that would be considered unusual. But as he is quite good in leadership positions, he feels comfortable with his job at the Prophet.

Of course, regardless of all of that he is inevitably all the more flawed than my other boys.

Secret #1: Keiran and Oliver will be coming back once they get a make-over. Mani-pedis included, as per Eli's request.

Henry Tross

Not a secret or anything really, but I might ship him a little bit with Gilbert's older sister, Maude.

Jane Goulding

She has a theory that she's bisexual but hasn't tried to find out.

She will definitely try to leave the DEs in the future, even if that means she gets got.

Katherine "Kit" Avery

Kit always goes for people who are bad for her, so her relationships will 99% of the time be unhealthy on her end.

She doesn't know the exact reasoning behind her illness but has sort of come to the conclusion that doctors and scientists won't figure it out, meaning that she is of the mind that she probably won't ever find out the truth.

Keiran Hayes

Keiran has been missing for over four months, after leaving to look for his best friend. Beyond that, nobody knows much. Except for Henry Tross, of course, but he isn't telling. Not yet. Keiran is a 28-year-old Ex-Slytherin, who used to work at the Ministry after teaching for several years at Hogwarts as the Transfiguration Professor and Deputy Headmaster.

Mai S. Tierney

She still isn't sure what happened with Scorpius Malfoy, and she's trying to ignore the question of it all but it does come up every now and then since Theo hasn't proposed despite everything.
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