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Myth of the muse and how to stay active

on Sat Jan 23, 2016 3:49 am
This is my opinion, as always.

Losing your muse

One of the problems lots of RPers come across on a regular basis is what's termed "lack of muse".  That feeling when you're not really inspired to post.

This lack of muse leads to a whole bunch of bad stuff.

  • Your character/s become inactive
  • It disrupts your threads and plots
  • It disrupts everyone else's threads and plots
  • It can affect the activity of the whole site

Losing your muse isn't a reason not to reply

Muse is at best slang for how inspired we feel and at worst, a myth.  We have all experienced the times when posting is like pulling teeth.  

I'm often not feeling particularly inspired, but I will still churn out a reply even if it's not that great.  That is how my characters stay active, and it's how I keep up with plots.  I cut my teeth on a site with over 200 active characters and if you waited for your "muse" to be alive, you got left out.

If you have multiple characters and want to keep them all active, or if you want to be involved in site plots, I highly recommend just posting.  As soon as you see a reply to one of your threads, reply then.  Never put it off.  This also has the added bonus of making you look like the kind of nice person who doesn't play favourites about who they RP with.

Takeaway points

  • Muse is not a real thing
  • Just keep posting

And have a lovely day.
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