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It is 2031 in the Wizarding World

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Magical Creatures Registry

on Mon Jan 18, 2016 3:33 am
Magical Creatures Registry

By order of the Head of the Regulation of Magical Creatures Department, all of those with less than full human blood are required by Law .01149 to register with the Department of Magical Creatures no later than Tuesday, May 31st.  Failure to do so will result in life imprisonment.


Werewolves surround us even today. They are known Wizard-killers with a thirst for blood and war. Many do not take the Ministry-prescribed Wolfsbane potion in hope of killing someone on the night of their transformation.

Werewolves are creatures of fearsome proportions, grotesque and human-like in appearance when the moon is not out. They pretend to be like every other wizard.  In reality, they are mere monsters preying on the weak and innocent; anyone who cannot defend themselves. Never approach a werewolf for it may be the last thing you do.

Report any werewolf sightings to the Ministry of Magic immediately and take care when around Werewolves at all times.

The Ministry strongly recommends that nobody leave their homes during the Full Moon.
Bolt doors and windows securely, and reinforce the wards for protection against dark creatures.
All werewolf sightings MUST be reported to the Ministry of Magic within 24 hours.


Veela are less immediately threatening but can be far more deadly than they appear. Veela can be of both male and female gender yet show no preference to either gender sexually, as both can advance them in one way or another.  Veela are jealous creatures and attempts to dissuade their seduction can result in deadly rage.

It usually isn't until puberty that Veela genes come to fruition. They can breed with wizards, creating mixed species. These are aptly referred to as Half-Veela, Quarter-Veela or whatever applies.  The mix of wizard blood makes them no less deadly as the Veela gene is a dominant one and cannot be ousted.

If a Veela advances on you with obvious intentions, it is advised by the Ministry of Magic to remove yourself from the situation.
It is unknown how to be rid of them exactly, but leading minds continue research into this area.


Vile, foul creatures that prey on innocents; young and old.

Vampires can live for up to three hundred years, have continually pale, gaunt features and cannot stay out in sunlight for more than five hours. Their eyes change in colour and
they are faster and stronger than the average human. Approach with caution.

The Ministry of Magic encourages all home owners to keep a clove of garlic with them at all times and ensure wooden stakes are at hand.

The Ministry of Magic advises that if you know of anyone who has not registered with the Ministry you are to report to that individual as soon as possible.
The Registry is in the interest of the Wizarding Community.
The Ministry of Magic wishes to keep you safe.

Hettie McMalcolm
Secretary to the Head of the Department of Regulation of Magical Creatures
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