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GREYBACK, Elizabeth

on Sun Jan 03, 2016 4:04 am



FULL NAME: Elizabeth Caroline Greyback

NICKNAMES:  Liza, Elle

AGE: thirteen



CLASSES: Does best at CoMC and Potions. 

WAND: Wood type, core, length + flexibility 

PLAY BY: Sierra McCormick




COMPARATIVE HEIGHT: slightly short for her age

BODY BUILD: slightly chubby

GENERAL APPEARANCE: Liza has long wavy blond hair that she most often wears either down or in a pony tail. She has large bright blue eyes and is rarely seen without a smile on her face. Her style tends to lean towards dresses and ankle boots with leggings though she has been known to wear jeans and t-shirts on occasion.


TRAITS: intelligent, bubbly, sweet, caring, giving, happy, helpful, polite

-Spending time with her friends
-reading books
-listening to music
-any sort of sweets

-people bad talking her father
-transfiguration class
-when people treat her like she's dumb
-winter time

GOALS: To graduate with good grades and go on to work with helping people somehow.

HABITS & QUIRKS: has a bad habit of chewing on her nails when thinking, always has to read a full chapter of whatever she's reading (school books included) or it drives her crazy.

BOGGART: (Worst Fear)

PATRONUS: Meeting her father for the first time, although most people would tell you that the werewolf is not a good or kind person Liza only sees the sweet man she calls 'daddy'.

DEMENTOR: (Worst Memory)

VERITASERUM: Fears that her mother only loves her because of the avenues being a single mother has opened for her.

MIRROR OF ERISED: to grow up and become someone of notice like her father (although perhaps not as negatively known)

PERSONALITY: Liza has always been a bubbly and cheerful person, its not often that you'll catch this girl upset or angry with the exception of when someone says something bad about someone she loves. She tends to be very easy going and sweet, always willing to help out someone in need though she has been burned in the past by others taking advantage of her sweet temperament and innocence it had never turned her from being the same girl.

When she is angry or upset however it is best to watch out because she definitely gets her anger from her father's side.


FATHER: Fenrir Greyback

MOTHER:Elisha Ardens

SIBLING/S: many half siblings on her father's side she's never met, only child on her mother's side.

OTHER: Grandma Ardens (Nammie to Liza)

BLOOD STATUS:  halfblood

SPECIES: human


PET/S: a bangle cat name 'cuddles'



EARLY YEARS: Elizabeth was raised from birth by her mother with the help of her grandmother on her mother's side. Although she carried the Greyback name she had never met her father as a child. The family lived in a moderate sized two bedroom flat in muggle London, as a child she most often spent her time between her grandmother's care and babysitters as her mother worked multiple part time jobs for a number of years. Liza, as her grandmother affectionately called her, was often kept from playing with the other children for fear of what sort of influence they may be on the bubbly girl as well as to minimize the reactions to the 'odd' things that would happen from time to time. Though not rich by any means of the word the little girl never really wanted for anything.

HOGWARTS YEARS: At eleven when she received her Hogwarts letter - something her mother and grandmother were aware was a definite possibility - and joined the other first years to attend the school. Her robes were bought second hand but were in very good condition though the wand and books were brand new. She proved to be a very bright an enthusiastic student who made quite a few friends.

During the summer between second and third year she gathered her courage and once again asked her mother about her biological father. Instead of dodging the question or giving a partial answer she finally managed to convince the woman that it might be a good idea for them to meet. Liza promptly decided that she loved the slightly scary looking man and proceeded to call him 'daddy' even though they had never met before, during that summer they met on multiple occasions to get to know each other.




RP EXPERIENCE: about... *counts to self* sixteenish years?

HOW YOU FOUND US: site hopping ("pretty advertisement *click* ohhh pretty site *proceeds to cbox*"

MAIN CHARACTER: Elizabeth Greyback

CHARACTER PURPOSE: erm... I think she'd be fun to have here?


He called her his wife, the scraggly little girl who was barely more than a teenager who glared at him more often than anything else. He had saved her life although whether this was a step up from where she should have gone was questionable when he coveted her as if she were some sort of trophy. It was hell outside the gates of their safe zone where the gates kept the worst of it contained away from them with only those who held the proper papers being allowed to leave.

He was a raider, enabling him to come and go almost as he pleased to gather what little there was still left out there for them to take. Her papers were something that had cost him a lot of trades to obtain as she wasn't certified for raiding or scavenging but there was no possible way he'd ever leave her behind when he was gone - there was no way either of them could trust anyone here enough to keep her safe - so he had traded away so many valuable things scavenged from the world outside for his comfort. She hadn't appreciated the papers at least not that she'd ever let him see and he kept a firm hold on them alongside his own because losing them would mean leaving her here to those who might attempt to take her from him.

The man reached out and placed a hand lightly on the knee closest to him, gently rubbing his thumb over the soft skin. They sat in the lineup of cars waiting to be check so that they could go out scavenging and raiding once again. It was always the same every time where they had to be checked going out and verified when returning to their home.
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Re: GREYBACK, Elizabeth

on Sun Jan 03, 2016 4:16 am
we've talked so much about her i feel like i know her already. lol. she looks good to me.

accepted and sorted to hufflepuff!

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