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Fourth Year Slytherin
Fourth Year Slytherin
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ARMOUR, Aideen Elaine

on Mon Nov 30, 2015 4:00 am

   Aideen Elaine Armour

   FULL NAME: Aideen Elaine Armour

   NICKNAMES:  Ai (though she generally prefers people to just use her name)

   AGE: 14

   ALLEGIANCE: Potter's Army

   HOGWARTS HOUSE: Slytherin or Hufflepuff

Core subjects:
Defense Against the Dark Arts
History of Magic

Care of Magical Creatures
Study of Ancient Runes

   WAND: Hazel, Unicorn Hair, 9 1/12 inches , unyielding

   PLAY BY: Sophie Turner


   HAIR: Aideen's hair is red brown in colour, straight and when out reaches just below her shoulder blades. She generally wears it tied back in a single loose plait.

   EYE COLOUR: Dark green, almond shaped eyes.

   COMPARATIVE HEIGHT: Aideen is on the taller side of girls for her age reaching about 170cm.

   BODY BUILD: She isn't exactly curvy in figure, in fact Aideen has a rather small bust and hips, which suits her just fine due to her enthusiastic participation in sports. Pale in colour and always looking somewhat sunburned due to her participation in out door activities Aideen is no stranger to hard work and that is shown by the small scars, cuts and bruises ever present on her arms and legs. Of these scars most are not noticeable except three on her left forearm. Thin and slightly curved the three scars are clearly scratch marks from some type of animal. Generally they are not overly noticeable except in colder seasons where one's skin turns more purple in colour causing them to stand out a little.

   GENERAL APPEARANCE:  Her face is round in shape giving her a somewhat more childish look as it lacks the accented shapes of other young women. When looking at Aideen's face the first thing you would notice would be her dark green almond shaped eyes. An intense dark green colour, complemented with long eye lashes and neat rounded eyebrows, Aideen eyes are her favored feature and like most  peoples eyes they clearly reflect her emotions. Aideen's eye sight is not particularly the best out there so she does wear contacts or glasses depending on what she has planned for the day. Her glasses are small with a black frame and are probably the one thing that can change her more confident look to less threatening or intimidating one. Aideen nearly never wears make up aside from maybe a lip balm or gloss to stop her lips of drying out. On the occasions she does it is because she is either being forced to or because the occasion is very important.

Aideen follows the school rules in regards to uniform dutifully in most regards and because of this, is rarely seen out of it. Her skirt is always ironed and her white shirt is always free of stains at the beginning of the day. The only aspect of the uniform policy she doesn't follow so dutifully is in regards to anything that must be done up around her neck. In fact she despises having to put anything around her neck. If she absolutely must wear an item around her neck she wears it loosely.

Outside of uniform Aideen will pretty much wear whatever is comfortable. She does tend to stick to darker colours and shades but is never too picky. Long pants or shorts are common with her as are lace up boots or comfortable closed in shoes.



- Determined
- Wise
- Opinionated
- Proud
- Loyal
- Vengeful
- Protective
- Cunnning
- Sarcastic


     Sport:  Aideen loves getting out and doing things. She hates being made to stay still for too long and thus has developed a great love of sports. In particular she favors sword fighting, material arts and running. Although she doesn't mind things like dueling which also involve moving around, sports where it all comes down to your physical capabilities are her favourite.

     Custard:  Aideen adores custard! Whether she's eating it out of the carton, having it with fruit cake or other desserts or eating it in the form of a pastry meal she loves it! Honestly if you want to buy her something or try and bride her custard is the way to go.

     Camping:  Okay so she may have the assistance of a few magical spells and items here and there but Aideen enjoys camping. Sitting outside by the fire, hanging with friends and setting random things on fire what's not to like? Fresh air, dirt, mud, grass and tree's to climb. There's so much to explore and so much independence, something Aideen values greatly.

     Structure:  Structure. Something that is organised, clear and straightforward. The simpler and clearer it is, the more Aideen likes it. In particular she likes ranking systems for people. A clearly defined chain of command which she can follow. Everyone has a place and a job and everything gets done. If you don't like your place or job you work to change it. That being said its not like Aideen wants everything totally totalitarian, everyone is entitled to opinions and freedom. She simply values the order that comes with a simple and solid structure


     Ignorance and playing helpless:  Aideen firmly believes that if you want help you go about getting it or you help yourself. None of this playing helpless and crying. You want something you work to get it. No need to dump your worries on other people, if you want their help ask for it, don't make them feel like they need to help you because you can't handle things yourself. Toughen up or get lost.

     Pickled Fish:  Ew! By far pickled fish is Aideen lest favorite food. Its fish...which has being pickled. Its sour and bitter and down right foul. If you really don't like her slip some pickled fish into her food. Though I can't say your safety is guaranteed is she finds out you did it!

     Confinement:  Whether you ground her, put her in a small space or just keep her from doing her favorite sport, Aideen will think of it as confinement. She hates being trapped and having her freedoms taken away from her. Mostly she can't stand it when she has to stay in doors for a long time. I mean if you want punishment, confine her to her room, she'll hate it!


To establish a name for herself and make her life have meaning

To enter a career that allows her to work with animals

     Eyerolling:  Aideen is a fan of sarcasm and whilst she dislikes ignorance and helplessness not everyone knows everything there is to know in the world. When people she thinks of as friends or close acquaintances do something or say something silly she tends to roll her eyes and make a sarcastic comment. It's not intended to be hurtful in fact it is more done out of affection and amusement.

     Chewing of the bottom lip:  When worried or thinking of an unfavorable outcome Aideen will chew on her lip often with a slight frown on her face.

     Saluting:  Another sarcastic gesture Aideen does is saluting. She doesn't do it out of respect or disrespect but as someone who doesn't take orders from others very often when she does she will generally salute the person in a somewhat mocking manner. It's as if to say "yes sir, whatever you say sir, just remember you're not in charge of me sir".

     Jiggling leg up and down or tapping fingers:  Boredom and generally impatience for things to get a move along.

     Gripping of uniform skirt or shirt sleeves:  Basically if Aideen is doing this she is biting her tongue. A rare occurrence and not one you want to experience. If Aideen is biting her tongue something is going down and whatever it is if Aideen is involved chances are things are going to get heated up pretty fast.

   BOGGART: Failure

   PATRONUS: Her mother passing on Silenda to her.

   DEMENTOR: When her father claimed she was incapable of upholding the Armour name and would fail to follow in the footsteps of her elder family members.

   VERITASERUM: Aideen doesn't know.

   MIRROR OF ERISED: To make her life worth something and mean something.

   PERSONALITY: If one thing were to be said about Aideen it would be that she is incredibly determined. Say she can't do something and she will set about making it so she can, say that she should give up or she might fail and she will prove to you that she won't. Any goal, task or challenge Aideen is set or set herself, should she choose to take it on, she will work determinedly towards until she succeeds. She's the type of girl who when she makes up her mind on something is not easily persuaded to change it. Same can be said for her opinion. Aideen is not the most intelligent girl you will meet, in fact as far as intelligence goes she is really only average. But unlike others, she has a lot more common sense and general wisdom. This wisdom comes out in Aideen's skill with making strategies. Chess, shogi, sport game or study plan if you want a strategy Aideen can devise one for you. Proud of her strategies as she is, Aideen won't change her mind on them unless someone can prove to her that there is a better option. And if you do prove her wrong, well chances are you have just made yourself a rival.

Aideen, like most slytherins is the competitive and proud type. She loves challenges and she loves competing against other people. When it comes to competitions and challenges she can get quiet heated up, exchanging playful (or not so playful depending on who you are) insults. In fact this is where her ever so famous determination can also come in to play. In a competition or challenge she won't give up. On the challenge, on her self and on her team mates. Aideen is an incredibly loyal individual which is not always a good thing. Once she determines that she cares for you she will be loyal to you even at her own and sometimes others determent. Only if you end up do something incredibly hurtful to herself or another will she leave you, and if you manage to do this, it is not her loyalty you will remember about her. However her loyalty is highly selective.

With loyalty comes the desire to protect, and if you want to protect you need something to protect people with. Aideen has her anger and revengeful nature for that. Her appearance may be confident, shoulders back and head high like it is, but it is also Aideen's confident personality that adds to that appearance. She most certainly gives off the 'mess with me or my friends and I will destroy you' air something that is enforced with her well known and at times uncontrollable anger. As angry and vengeful as Aideen can be she is not always the type to express her anger immediately, and not always with brute strength and physical fights. Should it benefit her Aideen will bide her time and get back at her enemies gradually. Aideen can be ruthless in her angry and truly knows no boundaries when it comes to avenging her pride or her friends.

That being said Aideen is not all pride, anger and stubborness. She can be quiet kind to those who do her or her friends no wrong. She tries to make herself approachable to those younger then her and never will pick on someone who is weaker then her and never caused her or her friends harm. Her firey and opinionated personality is well balanced with her wisdom and strategic nature. Aideen knows how to get where and what she wants and with her determination she will get there. An opponent to be wary of but an ally you should value due to her loyal nature. Aideen can be rash but is wise enough to get herself out of trouble with minor damage to her end goals.


Borya Armour:
Aideen and her father have a rocky relationship to say the least. She, like many children, has sought to make her parents proud of her however, after ruining an important dinner between Borya and his business associates, was told that she could never make him proud.

Alannah Alois Armour:
Alannah and Aideen's relationship is somewhat distant. Alannah has never sought to get involved in Aideen's business however, it is clear she does care deeply about her youngest daughter.

Celaena Christina Armour: Eldest sister, four years older then Aideen. As young children Celaena and Aideen got on rather well but like all older siblings, she came to find Aideen annoying after a time. Aideen admires Celaena greatly for her achievements at Hogwarts however, struggles with Celaena's general prejudice against those who she deems 'beneath her'.

Mira Jade Armour: The middle sister, three years older then Aideen. Mira and Aideen don't have too much to do with each other. Mira being as antisocial with her family as she is hasn't ever really had much to do with Aideen outside forced family time.

Dante Hill: Same age as Celaena, is Aideen's older cousin. Dante always acted like a big brother towards Aideen. A kind and humorous guy he always tried to lighten up her mood and make her laugh. Dante still cares greatly for Aideen is always willing to listen to her, however over time, has made it clear that he sometimes thinks Aideen's problems are childish.

Anthony Hill: Is Dante's younger, adopted brother and Aideen's cousin, he is two years older the Aideen.Anthony and Aideen never particularly got on. Sharing the same proud and opinionated traits they often clashed and got into arguments. That's not to say Aideen and Anthony don't like each other, rather they just often don't agree on things. Unlike Aideen, Anthony has a more darker, dare devil side to him.

Hektor Hill: Aideen's uncle and Borya's older brother. Unlike his younger brother Hektor is of the opinion that it does not matter what others think of you. As such he was always fond of Aideen who showed the most resistance, unintentional as it was, towards his brothers ideals.

   BLOOD STATUS:  Half blood

   SPECIES: human

   SOCIAL STATUS: Higher end of the Middle class scale

Name: Liberté
    Description: Liberté is a lithe chocolate brown female cat. She is short furred and thus in the colder seasons is often seen curled up near one of the fires. Liberte is a well tempered but curious cat whom is often seen wondering about. She is very friendly and unless you annoy her while she is dozing, she won't cause you harm.



Item Name: Silenda
Item Type: A silver charm bracelet with three small charms hanging off it (a fox, a clear stone and a crescent moon).
Creation: The bracelet was made by Aideen’s great grandmother Avery, and was passed down through the generations to her. The bracelet itself is an ordinary bracelet; it is the charms on the bracelet that make it magical. Each generation creates a charm that has some form of magical ability to go on it before passing it down.
Character Discovery: Alannah gave it to her before she left for Hogwarts.
Use(s): At present the charm bracelet only has three charms, the fox, stone and moon. Each charm has a different ability. Only one charm can be used at a time. This means that even though some charms, the fox, are almost always active in the moments that Aideen chooses to use another charm it will become inactive.

Fox: The fox detects lies and ill intentions towards the wearer, when the wearer is in danger the charm heats up. This charm was created by Aideen’s mother.
- Can detect lies when a person is speaking to the wearer
- Only heats up if the lies/ill intentions are directed towards the wearer
- Does not allow the wearer to always specify who has lied/has the ill intentions
- Can heat up over minor things (ie. Lying about a surprise party)

Stone: When used to its maximum ability the stone allows the user to project images of the wearers past which hold significant emotional meaning into the mind of other people. At its minimum ability the stone will cloud when the wearer is under emotional duress. This charm was created by Aideen’s grandmother.
- When used properly can be used over a distance
- Allows the user to communicate without speaking
- Requires a lot of practice and magical control to use properly
- Can be activated by accident when the user is emotional
- Not very useful if you do not know how to use it properly
- Flashes of memories are brief lasting a max. of 7 seconds
- They can only come from the wearer's memories

Moon: The moon allows the user the ability to, ‘see in places where your eyes might fail you’. To Aideen’s knowledge this simply means the charm allows to her see her in the dark by admitting a white glow. When used to its maximum ability the charm will allow the user to see through illusions or sense some disguises.
- Works well with the fox charm
- Can have multiple uses
- Requires a great level of concentration to use
- You must have some idea of what you want to ‘see’
- Can only be used for a maximum of 3 times a week
- Requires a recharge (must be left in moonlight)
- Missing a recharge leaves the charm ineffective and takes double the amount of recharge time to reactivate it

Roleplay Sample: Aideen peered cautiously around yet another dimly lit corridor her green eyes bright and alert. Excitement pulses through her, no sign of any teachers, so far so good.

“Going somewhere?” Aideen knew that voice and dread quickly replaced her excitement. Anthony Hill faced her, a gin plastered on his face, “Sneaking out of the castle this late for that stupid competition are we? You know I am going to have to report you”. Aideen clenched her hands, no way! She wasn’t going to let Anthony stop her from getting to the competition.

“You’re not going to do that” Aideen forced as much confidence and finality in the words as she could manage. Anthony raised an eyebrow,

“Yes I will” The moment the words left his mouth Aideen felt it. The fox charm on her wrist grew warm and she grinned.

“No you won't, because you want to come with me” And with that she turned and continued down the corridor. After a moment the footsteps of her older cousin followed.

Aideen grew up on her families estate in Ireland. She would spend her time either exploring through the grounds or playing various games with her older sisters and cousins. As she grew she joined her siblings in etiquette classes and other classes of the sort which her father deemed important in knowing so that the Armour family name would become more notable. Ambitious as her father was to make something the Armour name Aideen became desperate to make her parents proud of her.

After Celaena entered Hogwarts and excelled in creating a social life which gave her connections to various supposedly important families and Mira began to excel academically in her studies, eyes turned to Aideen to see what she could bring to the family name. Unfortunately Aideen lacking the social skills of her eldest sister and  hard working attitude of Mira, didn't find it as easy to prove herself to her father. Before leaving for her first year of Hogwarts Borya hosted an important business dinner during which Aideen and her sisters were required to entertain the other associates children. The night ended rather disastrously after Aideen punched one of the other children for calling Mira a name. Borya was furious and told Aideen she would never make him proud. After the event Aideen's mother came and gave her the charm bracelet.


Aideen, typical to her nature, began Hogwarts with a fight. In fact she got in to a fight before she even made it on to the train, one which was quickly broken up by Dante and Celaena. Aideen spent her first year making both friends and enemies. She was often kind to people and cared greatly about how others viewed her. Despite her earlier arguments with her father, she tried her best to establish strong connections with the children from any families that her father might view beneficial to know.

Through her second year Aideen lapsed into a quiet state. She maintained her social connections but struggled to make any true friends. Her social life became a game of appeasing certain persons and doing all she could to get on people's good side. Right at the end of the year, after receiving a howler from her father, Aideen became sick of all the pretending and games. She cut many of her so-called friends out from her social life and instead focused upon setting up an appearance which would keep her new rivals and enemies off her back and hopefully keep her father off her back too. In her second year Aideen joined Potters Army thanks to the pushing of Dante, Celaena and Mira despite her not really wanting to become involved in the conflict.

In her third year Aideen was somewhat of an outcast. She still cared greatly what others thought of her, and sought to receive approval and praise from as many as she could but the manner in which she desired people to view her changed. Aideen worked on becoming someone who people would not mess with, someone who they were maybe afraid of but also someone who people wanted to work with. She hoped that by giving this impression she could not only keep people distant from her but those who did approach her could be better used and manipulated to get where she wanted to be, which at this point was anywhere but at home. Aideen continues to be a member of Potters Army but really lacks and reason to be a member beyond the fact that she supposes its somewhat morally correct and that most of her family have being members (Anthony being the only member who isn't/wasn't)



   RP EXPERIENCE: Not a lot...I've rp'ed with some friends before but this is my first time in a Harry Potter rp.

   HOW YOU FOUND US: Google..

   MAIN CHARACTER: Aideen Armour

   CHARACTER PURPOSE: To get me started on the forum, and I also read that fourth years were needed.


Aideen hugged Liberté close as she stepped off the Hogwarts Express and looked around. Most of the first years already stood in groups of newly made friends, looks of wonder and curiosity plastered on their faces. She sighed and moved to stand near the edge of the crowd. A set of giggles make her realise her mistake. She had just moved in the direction of a group in which the young wizard she had gotten in to a fight earlier stood. Aideen glared at the group as she walked past. If they wanted to laugh then fine! Let them laugh. It wasn’t like she actually cared about what they thought or anything. Aideen directed her gaze towards the ground and stopped walking, why should she care? Liberté promptly interrupts Aideen’s thoughts with a soft mew. Aideen smiled at the cat and lifted her head, right; she wouldn’t let one stupid fight with one particularly idiotic boy stop her from doing what she came here to do.

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Re: ARMOUR, Aideen Elaine

on Tue Dec 01, 2015 4:30 am
Hey, Allie! Welcome to PA!

I've read your app, and I like her. She seems like you have a good sense of her, and you've given her enough of a backstory to make her a realistic Slytherin without making her stereotypical. She should be a lot of fun. I'm looking forward to seeing her on the boards.

Don't forget to zip over to face claims and claim her pb!

Accepted and sorted to Slytherin!

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