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Writing Romance Empty Writing Romance

on Mon Nov 09, 2015 11:14 pm
I've tried to write about this several times and I've come to the conclusion... I cannot teach you how to write romance.

But I can give some tips.

Tell us what's going on in your character's head
Romance happens in your head, therefore it's important to write your character's thoughts.  As someone who's very into the whole "show don't tell" thing, it took me a while to get this.

Don't use the word love
Love is a verbal shortcut we use to describe a whole experience.  It doesn't actually tell us much, and unless you're writing the RP equivalent of Twilight, it's useless.

Let your character be confused
Love is confusing!  Emotions are confusing!  If your character is a student, the combination of puberty and school and peer pressure and love on top of that is very confusing indeed.  Identity is confusing.  Sexuality is confusing.  Everything is confusing.  If your character isn't confused, it's probably because they're badly informed.

Let your character be vulnerable
Depending on how dysfunctional you want their relationship to be.  Basically a good relationship is one where you can be vulnerable and trust your partner.  It builds bonds between people.  

Vulnerability does not mean crying, just fyi. It means letting down your walls and being yourself.

Give your character emotions and desires
We've established that you're not using the word love.  Instead, you should describe how they feel and want, in the moment.  I'm not usually a proponent of thesaurus abuse, but in this instance, you may find it helpful.

Give your character an imagination!
Everyone has fantasies.  Dropping your character's fantasies into their thread can turn it from dull to steamy.

It's okay for your character to be turned on
I can't believe I have to actually write this, but... your character has a libido.  And unless they're asexual, they're probably sexually attracted to their partner.

One of the things that breaks my suspension of disbelief the most is when people write all about how their characters are so in love but nothing about how much they wanna make love.   This is why you need to give your characters desires.

Know how your character doesn't like to be touched
Not applicable to everyone, some characters might not have any problems with touch.  But even the most well adjusted character could have something they just don't like because it feels unpleasant.  And then there are characters who don't like to be touched in certain ways because it triggers them.

Ways characters like to be touched is easier, because it can be made up while you're RPing.

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