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Faulkner, Alejandro

on Wed Nov 04, 2015 11:17 pm



FULL NAME: Alejandro Aaron Faulkner


Pronunciation: ah-lay-KHAHN-droh (key)

Origin of the name Alejandro: A cognate of Alexander, a compound Greek name composed of the elements alexein (to defend, to help) and andros (man): hence, “defender or helper of mankind.” The name was borne by Alexander the Great (356—323 B.C.), a Macedonian king and military conqueror who helped spread the Greek culture across Asia Minor to Egypt and India. Var: Aleksandr, Aleksandur, Alexander, Alexandras. Short: Alek, Alekos, Alex, Alexei, Alexios, Alexis, Sander, Sandros


USAGE: English, Jewish, Biblical, Biblical Latin, Biblical Greek
PRONOUNCED: AR-ən (English), ER-ən (English)   [key]
Meaning & History
From the Hebrew name אַהֲרֹן ('Aharon) which is most likely of unknown Egyptian origin. Other theories claim a Hebrew derivation, and suggest meanings such as "high mountain" or "exalted". In the Old Testament this name is borne by the older brother of Moses and the first high priest of the Israelites. He acted as a spokesman for his brother, and carried a miraculous rod. As an English name, Aaron has been in use since the Protestant Reformation.


AGE: 32


HOGWARTS HOUSE: Gryffindor or Ravenclaw

CLASSES: Students only. Please choose from Charms, CoMC, DADA, Transfiguration, and Potions.

WAND:  hazel, Dragon heartstring, 13½ inches

PLAY BY: Chris Hemsworth


HAIR COLOUR: between brown and blonde



BODY BUILD: muscular


With his light complexion, naturally light hair between blonde and brown and deep blue eyes, Alejandro is a very attractive man. Often has a small beard, and when he shaves, he looks a lot younger than he really is. His hair is usually shoulder-length or slightly shorter. While he was married he had cut hair, but since his wife died he changed his hairstyle. While he was younger a lot of time spent in the gym, and the results are now visible; he is tall and very muscular. Now less exercise due to lack of time but still takes care of his body.
His appearance is the complete opposite of his character. He looks like someone who take too much attention to his appearance, looks like a model, and perhaps even a little aloof but it is completely contrary to his personality.
His style of dress is varied, sometimes you will see him in a shirt with open at the first buttons and jeans, sometimes in plain cotton shirt and a leather jacket.


+ fair
+ honest
+ diligent
+ brave
+ smart
+ sensitive
+ cheerful
+ Loyal family
+ seductive
+ passionate
+ benevolent
+ mature
+ patient
+ spontaneous
- stubborn
- sarcastic
- Sometimes narcissistic
- possessive
- jealous
- temperamental
- Sometimes childish
- vindictive
- intolerant

+ his family
+ friends
+ books
+ adventures
+ his wife
+ coffee
+ alcohol
+ cigaretts
+ party
- annoying people
- liars
- rain
- meat
- cats
- manipulative peoples

GOALS: His only goal is to provide his daughter everything she needed in life and that one day see her an adult, happy and successful.

Runs a hand through his hair when he was nervous or angry.
Every morning, go for a run.
The day begins with a cup of coffee.
If the discussion with some cold smiles while trying to prove that he is right.

BOGGART: Most is afraid that there will not be a good father to his daughter. Since he is raising her alone, afraid he will miscarry and that she will become a bad person.

The day he met his wife.
Their wedding.
The birth of his daughter.

DEMENTOR: The day he found out Katrien was dead.

VERITASERUM: Although he knows that this is impossible, he still hopes that his wife will one day come, it would turn out to be alive. While pretending he is okay, he never really got over her death.

MIRROR OF ERISED: He wants to grow old and see his daughter happy with her own family.

PERSONALITY: Alejandro is always a person full of life. He is cheerful, smiling and good friend. He is loyal to his family and for them ready to do whatever it takes to be happy. He's honest and sensitive, does not like to see other people suffer and will always try to change it and make them happy.
He enjoyed alcohol and parties but that changed after he married and after his daughter was born.
However, after his wife died, is permanently closed in himself and although he doesn't want to admit to anyone, a part of him died with her.
Now, the only goal in his life is to provide his daughter everything she needed to be happy. Although his brothers and friends advise that comes out again because he is young and cannot spend the rest of his life suffering, he does not want to even think about it because his happiness is not a priority.
He is brave and also able to cope with each problem that is set before him. He is very proud and do not allow others to see when he suffers.
However, he is not perfect. He is very jealous, often does not appreciate opinion of others and thinks about he knows best. Simply, it will be as he says or doesn't be at all.
Although he is good and honest, it will completely changed if  someone hurt him; he is very vindictive and will do everything to make suffer the person who had hurt him.


FATHER: Simon Faulkner Jr (54)

MOTHER: Vivian Faulkner (52)

Lilyanya Faulkner (27 Twin to James)
James Faulkner (27 Twin to Lilyanya)
Victor Faulkner (23)
Sam Faulkner (20)

Rose Faulkner (75, grandmother)
Simon Faulkner Sr (78, Grandfather)
Katrien Faulkner alias; Eviolette Blackburn  (30, wife, alive but he thinks she's dead)
Jasmin Faulkner (4, doughter)

Balfour (31, brother in law)
Eliot (29, brother in law)
Elizabeth (29, sister in law)
Davon (27, brother in law)
Imogen (24, sister in law)
Alana (20, sister in law)
Sheila (19, sister in law)

BLOOD STATUS:  halfblood


SOCIAL STATUS: Wealthy Class

PET/S: /



EARLY YEARS: Alejandro is the eldest child Simon and Vivian Faulkner. When he was five years old gave birth to his younger sister and brother Lilyanya and James.
Since Alex was for five years only child, everyone expected that he will be quite jealous because it is all the attention for a time faced the younger twins, but not so. Alejandro seriously took his role as a older brother, and from the very beginning took quite protective of them.
Alex was cheerful and somewhat hyperactive child. He was always getting in trouble, he climbed on the trees although the advance was aware that it will receive various bruises. In the society had always been the loudest and main, he looked a lot older and more mature than befits his age. However, when he was with his family he was very sensitive and complete opposite to Alex who was friends knew. Although it no one would never admit it, he was not a problem to play with dolls with his sister was because he wanted her to be happy, and with the brothers had always been overprotective although often quarreled with them.

HOGWARTS YEARS: Alejandro was thought that going to Hogwarts was realization of their dreams. The magnificent castle, ceiling depicting the sky and the possibility of witchcraft whenever they want. In addition, every day he spent with his friends. What child could wish for more?
Alex was a child you must to love. He's smart and hard-working student, but not a nerd who think that books are his life. Bold has always behaved like a gentleman toward the girls, their knight when needed.
For his age he looked very good, was high and since an early age engaged in Muggle football and Quidditch and was already developed, he wasn't skinny and bony like most of his fellow students. In addition, add the blond hair and eyes, and you will get a boy who has a reputation biggest guy in school.
He used it, of course. He reveled in the attention of girls, although his first kiss seen only in the sixth grade. You wonder why, because I told you that he was very desirable? That's because he was waiting for the right moment, might sound girly, but he thought it was something special, right?
He is a person who is perfectly balanced in his behavior.
Teachers loved him because he was always all the tasks carried out on time, he is worth learning, and they forgive, when he often getting in trouble.


Alejandro and his family

Family is like branches on a tree; we all grow in different directions, yet our roots remain as one.

Most people are away from their families after school. All strive to be independent, but always return to those whom we know and whom we love. Alex and after graduation, he stayed with his family. Always there with them to help them. When he was  twenty-one years old he moved to his own apartment, but he remained close to the family because he considered his brothers and sister are his best friends. Often hangs out with them and see them support in life and is always there to help when needed.

Alejandro and Katrien

So it's not gonna be easy. It's gonna be really hard. We're gonna have to work at this every day, but I want to do that because I want you. I want all of you, forever. You and me, every day.

You know those moments when two persons accidentally meet each other on the street, crash and when you catch her look, immediately know that this is your soul mate and that you were destined to be together for life? Yeah, that did not happen.
Alejandro and Katrien were actually met by chance.
They both of them rushed, each had some of its obligations and goal they must come and just like that, in a crowded Diagon Alley, they crashed. It's like in romantic movies, he spilled coffee on her, and for them to be redeemed, he called her on a drink.
After a few months, they became very good friends. In Katrien he saw the line, a friend in good times and bad.
Both were in a lot of connections and were each other's support after these relationships come to an end.
And just like that, an ordinary morning, Alex decided to talk to Katrien. For some time he thought about her, but not as a friend but as a woman with whom he would like to get out. Fortunately, in the meantime, she began to feel the same.
When they announced that they are in relationship, it did not surprise anyone. The only question was: "What did you wait until now, a written request maybe?".
After three years have had a relationship afterwards Alejandro finally found the courage to get down on his knees.
He was always courageous in every problem is going smoothly, but as he dropped to one knee before her, beautiful as always, the decision to look her into the eyes and ask the crucial question was the hardest thing he ever had to do. All care and cowardice vanished when she said "Yes".
After two years of marriage gave birth to their daughter, Jasmin. She was the most beautiful child that Alex ever saw. Somehow, Jasmin had the best features of both, like an angel whom God has sent from heaven.
Three years have passed in happiness, when Alex received a call which was the realization of his worst nightmares. Katrien was dead, burned in a house that burned to the ground. Since it is not left even a body could be buried. However, he held a funeral with an empty suitcase, her sister Elizabeth, who was very calm since she lost a sister, helpet him. Alejandro even after a year has failed to continue with his life. Every morning wake up expecting that next to him saw Imogen, beautiful and without any makeup, but it never happened. She is gone, forever.

Alejandro and Jasmin

While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about.

They say, when children are born, your life changes forever. Only then you realize what is happiness, responsibility and caring for others.
Just like that, that little creatures become your center of the universe.
Beautiful as the sun rises and the moon that shines on roads and sea.
Children change you, and although you are mature, the children every day teach you something new, remind you of innocent creatures and joy that exists, beings that the world has not yet been corrupted.
When Jasmine was born, Alex realized what true happiness is.
There was always a fear that he will not be a good father and role model for his child, that she would become a bad person, and it would be his fault.
But again, how to such an angel can ever become a bad person?
Of course, he could not make it by himself alone, there was always Imogen who was simply the perfect wife and mother for their daughter.
That all changed when Alex and Jasmin stayed alone.
Jasmin does not understand anything and in order she could? How you can to a child who is four years old explaining that she would never meet her mother?
Of course, his family helps him a lot in raising her, but Jasmin is now all he's got. Enough is attached to her, as much as his job allows, spend time with her because he does not want her to feel the lack of parental love.
She is a cheerful child, just as Alex was. If you want to know what is really Jasmin, simply read the section on Alejandro's childhood, because she is the spitting image of him.




HOW YOU FOUND US: already here

MAIN CHARACTER: Charlotte Waldorf

CHARACTER PURPOSE: helping Anya with plotting, and his playby.. I Mean, did you see him?


At least one paragraph - skip if you have another character

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Re: Faulkner, Alejandro

on Fri Nov 20, 2015 11:02 pm
Alex is finally over! I am grateful to you for your understanding and the extra time you have given me to finish the app.
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Re: Faulkner, Alejandro

on Sat Nov 21, 2015 5:09 am
I can see him as either a Gryffindor or a Ravenclaw either one. Since you've listed Gryffindor first, I'll presume that's where he was sorted. As a grad, though, it doesn't make or break his app either way. As a Gryffindor, I'm sure he'd know a couple of my folks who were also Gryffindors and in the same year or close to it.

Anyway, accepted and sorted to Grads

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Re: Faulkner, Alejandro

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