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Meilleure, Zackary Kim aka Kim Hartell

on Wed Oct 21, 2015 12:47 am

Zackary Meilleure aka Kim Hartell





FULL NAME: Zackary ‘Kim’ Meuillere


AGE: 21 years



WAND: Rosewood hollow, olivander, a little rusty





HAIR COLOUR: dyed pink, but normally is a buttery blonde color

EYE COLOUR: robins egg blue


BODY BUILD: almost underweight, but getting more build, thin.

GENERAL APPEARANCE: Kim usually carries his hair either extremely messy or parted sideways, he does have a tendency to comb it, but cowlicks will still come out. His skin is fair but somewhat dry, he also has light freckles certain here and there, Kim does very little to care for it. He has a tendency to wear long trench coats, plaid shirts, scarves, sweaters, gloves, layered shirts, and layered jackets that sort of thing. He has a tendency to wear loose ties as well.




+ intense,
+has a calm smile,
+his eyes look like they have never blinked,
-paranoid but does not admit it



+things that make him laugh.

+peculiar things

+soft spot for fuzzy stuffed animals, he will never admit it.


-cold things

-horrific things


-people who lack sense

-extremely loud noises

-being reminded that he was once magical

GOALS: to be at peace.

1. Has his head in a book.
2. Sad smile.

BOGGART: to lose his mind, heart and soul

PATRONUS: the feeling a love when he learned how to heal a small cut. (Yeah it was a small cut but a big deal for him.)

DEMENTOR: He happened to take a strange potion in order to heal the effects of almost getting soul sucked by a dementor, but that strange potion had a side-effect. He is still dealing with the aftermath of the side effect.

VERITASERUM: he had a crush on a guy once.

MIRROR OF ERISED: to turn out fine, not lose his mind

PERSONALITY: Kim seems cheerful, positive, and hardworking. Quick and precise he focus on the present. He is also very warm, and sometimes even compassionate. One of Kim’s quirks is his laugh, it is a small chuckle, when it comes out it makes him look as if he were hiding something. He has a tendency to be passionate and intense, he is also very bad at making decisions, now that does not mean he doesn’t make decisions it simply means if he makes one it will be motivated by emotions or by logic or nothing at all. As such sometimes his decisions will be wrong or right. When this side of him takes over he has a tendency to be very cold, and also judgmental. Or he can just be weird. Kim is pretty hard on himself. Thus the reason why decisions become difficult. Overall Kim is a very confused guy.




FATHER: William Meilleure - 50 and works in ministry.

MOTHER: Vanessa Meilleure (nee Mieux) - 49 and housewife

SIBLING/S: Vanilla Meilleure - 17 years old (he hasen’t seen her in a few years)

Chocola Angelena Meilleure -25

OTHER: not any he would like to mention.

BLOOD STATUS:  muggleborn










EARLY YEARS: Kim was much or less of an ordinary child. Wistful, small with dreams but quiet which made him have small surprises.

His parents owned a small business selling cloaks, garments, and fine linen, it was a profitable business. They were not exactly the richest man or woman but they did make good money, which allowed them to take trips from time to time. It also allowed them to have a nice two-story house in the countryside of London away from all the noise of the city.

Kim’s mother was Asian she visited London on the excuse to expand her business, but what she really wanted.. (against her mothers wishes) she wanted to marry an ‘English man’ as a result Kim’s father was a Londoner, and Kim was born with a peculiar set of features. Kim’s father sold more hats and jackets, meanwhile Kim’s mother sold flowy cloaks, and scarves. They joined their businesses together and became only more profitable.

HOGWARTS YEARS: Kim started to exhibit ‘strange strengths’ (at least that’s what his mother called it), at the age of 9, nothing extreme but still unsettling. Kim was not excited about his magical abilities at first, and had trouble learning magic.

During his first year Kim stuck to his sister and actually followed her around school whenever he could. He was usually clinging to her skirt. Once he found friends he became a little more independent. Kim loved reading books, of science, mythology and a good fantasy, he was sorted into Ravenclaw and spent most of his free time reading books in the library. As Kim grew into his teen years he only grew more faithful into being wise when using his magic, he knew he wanted to help people.

Kim started to develop a thing for trying to figure things out and spent his time being inquisitive. Because of this head was filled with random facts about the strangest subjects, which became uncanny and useful for him. He also began to dig into mystery books, and developed a knack for puzzles.

Kim felt happy despite the fact he was sometimes called a momma’s boy. He became a bit more protective when he his sister Vanilla was born. So when he was not reading books, or cracking puzzles, Kim spent his time watching over her. Kim learned how to heal small cuts during this time, Vanilla was a hyper child, and she happened to skin her knees, while rollerblading. Kim thought nothing of these small incidents till he got older.

Despite his love for books, magic, and his deep compassion, Kim lacked social skills and was often considered overly friendly, overly enthusiastic, or brute, insane, and cold. Kim struggled with his awkwardness and lack of social skills. Speaking of social skills Kim had crushes over the years, but never with guts to voice them. He played secret admirer once but regretted writing something to the girl. Who would like a scrawny looking teenager with wide rimmed glasses, he thought.

Kim suddenly found himself wondering what was more important, what was he going to do with the rest of his life?
Kim felt great happiness when he helped other kids heal their scratches. So he began to turn all his energy into this direction. He began to experiment with potions, around this time.

Fate works in strange ways. It was a normal day like any other day, he had spent a lot of time in the library. It was late as he walked home from school, but he preferred it besides apparating. He was anxious, hungry, and considered waiting for someone to walk with but decided against it.

Kim did not make it home that night.

He went missing and his parents feared for him, till he showed up on his doorstep a few days later. He was a few shades lighter but managed to recover after one day, all thanks to some strange potion or at least he seemed to have recovered.

Kim began to have more trouble controlling his fears, slowly something nibbled at him little by little, but it was hard for his parents to notice.

Kim graduated, and slowly began to work his life around his dream of being a healer, he believed it was important to be a healer, and to help people. It was the best thing to do with his life. He stressed a little with work but found it worthwhile, it began to bother him when he began to get little sleep, and had strange stomach aches and began to wonder if he was sick.

ADULTHOOD: Five months after graduating Kim suffered something similar to a meltdown, and locked himself in his room, to keep himself from doing something stupid. It didn't take him long to find out that the potion he had created for himself had caused him the worst of it's side effects. Kim abruptly stopped studying to become a healer.

In the months that followed Kim withdrew from the wizarding world, and pulled himself away from all things magic. At first his parents feared if he was under the Imperius Cruse, but he seemed normal... for the most part. They got more worried when he pulled away from the few friends he had.
His parents hardly recognized him, and tried to coerce him to pick up magic again, Kim's reaction was not pleasant, and he threatened to break his wand.

Kim still loved reading, and puzzles, and mystery but he was never the same. His trouble coping forced him in another direction and he found himself studying criminal law in muggle world. He delved more into his studies, he currently is sort of a part time investigator, but he is picking up a few more hours.

Kim eventually moved out of the wizarding world. He works currently at a muggle post office, despite that he is an investigator, he is not exactly unreachable, but don’t bet on him touching his wand anytime soon.






HOW YOU FOUND US: Forumotion

MAIN CHARACTER: Zachary ‘Kim’ Meilleure



Kim turned to look at the boy, he couldn’t help but feel his heart budge alittle with tiny prodding annoyance, he decided to be nice. It was just a kid after all what harm could he do? His face softened.

He smiled and responded. “Yes this is my natural hair colour, ” he couldn’t help that his tone of voice sounded tough, but the kid didn’t notice and paid more attention to his smile instead. Kim turned and pulled up a chair and grabbed his sack from his desk, and sat down, stretching his legs before him

“Do any of your parents have your hair color?” the kid asked and jumped onto the counter. The kids face was dangerously close to Kim's sandwich. “Nope,” he said quickly. Kim proceeded to bite out of his sandwich, and grabbed one of his books, and opened to the pages where he had just left off reading. The child leaned forward till the tips of his hair almost touched the edges of the books pages.

“What are you eating?” the kid spoke loudly leaning in closer.

“It’s a sandwich,” Kim responded nonchalantly.

“Why are you eating a sandwich? Do you like cookies? What are you reading? Do you have any brothers my age?” The questions came one after another, with no pause. The boy repeated the questions a little more loudly this time, and did not stop until Kim turned to look at him. Kim began to think if considering being nice to him was a bad idea. He resorted to being more of an adult.

“Nope I don’t have any brothers your age.” Thank God! “And I have work to do," Kim added trying to sound as friendly as possible, "..but thanks for stopping by. I will make sure your mom gets your Valentine’s day card okay?” He smiled. He screamed inside. He was begging. Hopefully the kid would buy it, and leave him alone.

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Re: Meilleure, Zackary Kim aka Kim Hartell

on Fri Oct 23, 2015 10:20 am
Hey, you do realize that I can't make him a grad, right? Since he was a drop out, he'll be in the "Other" catagory.  And it probably compromises his magical ability, even if he decides he wants to use it. That is what you want, right?


Re: Meilleure, Zackary Kim aka Kim Hartell

on Fri Oct 23, 2015 9:13 pm
Yeah, I wanted him in the other category or in the muggle category. Thanks! I wanted him to participate in the plot. I noticed you needed muggle investigators.. if you need me to work more on that let me know.

Re: Meilleure, Zackary Kim aka Kim Hartell

on Fri Oct 23, 2015 11:00 pm
On second though6t I will revamp his application. I will let you know when he is finished.
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Gryffindor Graduate
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Re: Meilleure, Zackary Kim aka Kim Hartell

on Fri Oct 23, 2015 11:58 pm
Good thought.  It could limit your use of him more than you'd like. That was my hesitation.  Just give me a heads up when you're ready. Smile


Re: Meilleure, Zackary Kim aka Kim Hartell

on Sat Oct 24, 2015 5:32 am
Thank you Khaat! I am done.
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Gryffindor Graduate
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Re: Meilleure, Zackary Kim aka Kim Hartell

on Sat Oct 24, 2015 5:52 am
okay. i can deal with him now. just be careful to clarify, when you use him about the name thing. if he's really zackary and is going by kim to distance himself, you'll need to deal with the wizarding community that might recognize him as zackary b/c its a relatively small world, comparatively.  its fine as a construct for a character, its just something you'll need to keep addressing in his plotting, i think. could definitely be an advantage for you.

however, i'm good with him as he is, so i'll accept him.

accepted and sorted to Others!


Re: Meilleure, Zackary Kim aka Kim Hartell

on Sat Oct 24, 2015 5:55 am
yeah he is just using Kim to distance himself. I understand it is a small community. I know its a little sadistic, but I want them to recognize him, I want him to suffer. Muhahahaha!
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Re: Meilleure, Zackary Kim aka Kim Hartell

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