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SCAMANDER, Lorcan Carson

on Thu Oct 08, 2015 5:58 pm



FULL NAME: Lorcan Carson Scamander

NICKNAMES:  None. Do not try to give him one, he won't appreciate it.

AGE: Seventeen

ALLEGIANCE: Potter's Army

HOGWARTS HOUSE: Ravenclaw (please? *puppy face*)

CLASSES:Charms, DADA, Transfiguration, and Potions.

WAND: Acacia, Coral, 12", bendy.

Acacia was a type of wood used in the creation of wands. Garrick Ollivander found that wands made from Acacia were difficult to match with a wizard. Acacia wands generally refused to produce magic for anyone but their owners, but conversely, seemed to withhold their full power from all but the most gifted wizards. As such, Ollivander only kept a small supply of Acacia wands in his shop. Owners of Acacia wands were generally subtle wizards, as wands made from this wood were generally unsuitable for what Ollivander termed "bangs-and-smells magic".

Koralle (English: Coral) is a marine animal with magical properties; it can be used as a wand core. Gregorovitch Zauberstäbe, a wand shop run by Gregorovitch, sells wands with coral cores.

PLAY BY: Mikkel Jensen


HAIR COLOUR: Dark blonde.

EYE COLOUR: Blue green.


BODY BUILD: Middling.


Lorcan has blue green eyes, the exact eye colour his mother Luna has. Other thing he inherited from her is his haircolour, same dark blonde as Luna, as Lysander. He considers himself tall, and with his 185 cm, many other people would agree with him. Lorcan is slender, mainly because he sometimes simply forgets he needs to eat. His body is covered in various tattoos, each of them has its meaning but he keeps their meanings to himself.


Competitive – Lorcan feels the need to be the best, he can't stand the idea of someone being better than him, it makes him feel miserable. Although other people might think he's arrogant prick, that has nothing to do with arrogance but with his need to feel worthy enough. Sometimes, his competitiveness borders with obsession, but he simply can't stop, that's usually the point when someone else jumps in and helps him to cool down and makes him realize just how one-sided he acted.

Workaholic – His brain never stops working, he simply doesn't know how to stop and simply relax. Lorcan always study something, and since he has photographic memory that always it takes him less time to learn than he wanted, so he simply switch from topic to topic, only to continue working. His non existent social life suffers because of it, but every time he tries to loosen things up he ends giving up and going back to doing things that are familiar to him. It's vicious circle, per se.

Envious – Since he grew up in a family where lack of money is a constant problem, Lorcan always felt envious towards people who have and do not appreciate things they have. Don't get him wrong, he wouldn't change his family for all the money in the world, but it displeases him to see shallow people wasting their fortunes on useless things.

Ambitious – In Lorcan's point of view, there's nothing wrong in being ambitious, on the contrary it makes people work and fight harder to archive certain thing they aimed. However he believes it's pointless to aim for the moon, Lorcanbelieves you need to aim at something you want to hit, instead. That's why he's aiming at healer's apprentice at St.Mungo's since being a healer is the only profession he could imagine himself doing.

Bossy – Knowledge gives you permission to act on behalf of others, even if that means that you need to point others in right direction towards the goal you're trying to archive. Yes, this is a spot where his arrogance steps in. Lorcanthings he has every right to boss other people if he's more conversant than they are. This often leads to arguing and many fights because Lorcan rarely eases up, and he may be bossy to the point of madness.

Impatient – Patience is a noun, and means an ability or willingness to suppress restlessness or annoyance when confronted with delay, but it's also an unknown termi n Lorcan's dictionary. Waiting is losing time he could use for another task he set to himself, having that on his mind, he hates when he's forced to wait because that ruins all the plans he had, since he likes to do his obligations chronologically and won't step out of that pattern.

Determined – There's no indecision in Lorcan's life, if it's needed to be done he'll think and scrutinize certain thing for more than a month and he won't stop until he reaches some sort of conclusion. Lorcan may change his mind soon after he reached a conclusion, but he'll often reach it, no matter what because he won't stop till he does. You can call it obsession, too.

Eccentric – A bits of Luna's weirdness passed on her son as well, only they're a lot less expressed. Lorcan likes to dig into the depth of things that doesn't need to be scientifically proven, he only needs an idea that interests him enough for him to wish to know more about it. During his schooling at Hogwarts he tried (and failed) to prove the existence of many creatures and herbs whose existence was only a myth. Every one of his attempts is inked somewhere on his body (his various tattoos).

Kind – Although this might be hard to imagine, Lorcan actually acts kindly towards the people. That is, he acts that why when he isn't trying to boss them around.He's openminded and outgoing person who doesn't hold any grudges against others for more than few hours. It's one of his his weaknesses, he forgives way too easily, and people always find a way to use it against him.

Confident – Hah! It's only a paravane, an image he built. Why? To hide his insecurity, of course. Even since he may appear as confident person, he lacks in personal worth, that's why he's so obsessed with learning – he thinks he's more worthy that way. There are only a few people who can see through his disguise, though, his twin brother, Luna, and a friend or two.

Trustworthy – In his future job, this is one of the most importan qualities he has. Despite his nervousness that's sometimes pretty obvious when he speaks with unfamiliar people, there's something in him that make people feel like they could believe him. He tries to justify their trust in him with always sticks to an agreement, never breaking promises and discreteness.

Wanderlustful – One wants what one can't have. Lorcan's greatest desire is to explore the world. Unfortunately, he can't do that since his family barely have enough money for Lorcan and Lysander's school books, and that only boost his wish ti travel. In one way he already explored all the world, couple of times, through all the books he read, and it was wonderful experience, now he only wants to repeat those trips, this time in reality, someday.

Efficient – Lorcan mostly achieve things he wants to achieve. Besides being successful in wizarding chess, that is. His memory is responsible for doing majority of things really fast, because he doesn't need to reread instructions dozens of times, but Luna also played a major role in that, since his mother noticed that he has photographic memory when he was a child and learn him through various games that his memory isn't something he needs to be afraid or ashamed of, although it makes him slightly different from other people, it's a gift, not a plague, and he needs to treat it as one.

Witty – When surrounded with his family or close friends, Lorcan isn't as timid as he usually is when he's in larger group of people (but he masks it with confidence and being bossy). Lorcan entertain aversion towards sarcasm, since it's the lowest type of humor, choosing other types of humor instead. His jokes are even funny, sometimes, but mostly they're only lame.

Attentive – Lorcan likes to observe his surroundings, people, animals, plants just like they're all there for him to study them in scientific way. He especially does that when people try to talk with him and he isn't in mood for talking to them, since he realised that annoys people and they'd all soon back off, no matter how determined they seemed to be in the beginning.

Freethinking – The only barriers are these we create in our heads. Lorcan barely have any of those, it's another thing he inherited from Luna. He believes everything can be made or done if there is an idea to start with and will to continue to work.

Brown colour
Color pencils
Muggle studies
Caffè mocha

Uncut grass

Become a healer.
Travel the world.
Spend as much time with his daughters as possible.
Marry someday.

He plants two herbs every 2nd in month.
He plans to plant a lemon tree near the Lake in Hogwarts after he passes all his exams and finishes his schooling there.
Every summer he volunteeres at the shelter for abandoned animals.
Lorcan bites his nails when he's nervous.
He uses word 'darling' too much.

BOGGART: That he might lose his brother.

PATRONUS: Luna allowing him and Lysander to keep the puppy they found in the garbage. They later needed to give that puppy away because they couldn't afford him proper care.

DEMENTOR: Seeing his brother getting hit by a car.

VERITASERUM: He misses his brother.

MIRROR OF ERISED: Travel the world.


FATHER: Rolf Scamander, former Chief Consulting Magizoologist to the Daily Prophet.

MOTHER: Luna Scamander (nee Lovegood), Magical naturalist, former Editor of The Quibbler.

SIBLING/S: Lysander Scamander


Xenophilius Lovegood, maternal grandfather.
Pandora Lovegood, maternal grandmother.

Newt Scamander, paternal great grandfather.
Porpentina Scamander, paternal great grandmother.

Dorian Nelsen, mother of his children, friend.

Dailen Celeste Nelsen-Scamander, twin, daughter.
Coralyn Naomi Nelsen-Scamander, twin, daughter.

BLOOD STATUS: Halfblood.



None, money is required to buy pets.



Everything started one rainy day when Luna Loovegood met Rolf Scamander, a man that would become her husband in a few years. She was standing behind the counter full of cupcakes that aren't tasted really well but they were completely healthy, Luna knew that cause her and her nutricionist colleagues made it for this occasion. However, the cupcakes didn't look well either, so they haven't sold much. Rolf bought two, then regarded with Luna's smile, bought the rest.

The twins were born in late August. August, 30 to Luna Lovegood and Rolf Scamander. Lorcan came three minutes before his brother Lysander. In that time, Rolf was working as the Chief Consulting Magizoologist to the Daily Prophet, while Luna was on maternity leave. The couple was madly in love, the twins were adorable and everything was perfect.

Luna was the person who got the strangest gift for wedding, it's not so strange, if we consider we're talking about Luna here. The couple married when the twins were four (Lorcan still remembered the look his father has on his face when he saw his mother in her wedding gown, he was shocked, Lorcan was too, mom really overdid it with details, a bit). As a gift for her marriage, Xenophilius Lovegood gave his daughter really unusual gift - The Quibbler. And that's the point when things went bad.

When the next number of The Quibbler came out, with Luna, now Scamander's name listed as the editor, Rolf lost his job in the Daily Prophet, they told him he can't work for them when her wife owns their rival. Luna tried to return The Quibbler to her father, but Rolf didn't let her to do so, knowing she was so thrilled with the gift. He told her he'll find another job. It turned out that Magizoologists aren't sought-after as much as he thougt.

They endured a year. Revenues from magazine weren't steady, and after a couple of months they simply stopped coming. People stopped buying their papers, much to her father's dismay, Luna was forced to shut down The Quibber. Luna returned to her old job as nutricionist, but even since her salary was once enough to a single person, it became too small to feed the whole family.

She soon quit her job and returned to his primary profession – magical naturalist. Soon after she finished her schooling in natural history, Luna decided she'll never work as a naturalist. It went against everything she believed in (and they declined all her tries of trying to acknowledge the existence of Nargles and Aquavirius Maggots). It wasn't a job she preferred, but they have enough money for living, sometimes. They believed things will get better once Rolf finds a job again.

Blonde hair, huge blue eyes and used books made Lorcan and Lysander different than their classmates. That, and the thing that the twins were so close that some people thought they never separated. It was true. Lorcan was Lysander's best friend, and Lysander was Lorcan's. Shortly after arriving to Hogwarts Lorcan was sorted in Ravenclaw, Lysander soon joined his brother. No one was surprised.

As year started both of them were occupied with learning, they started to spend less and less time together, and more doing other things. For Lorcan it was learning, even as a 11year old, the boy liked to learn, and for Lysander… When they started their fourth year Lorcan find himself unable to answer on that question. In truth, with every passing day, he knew less things about his twin brother. Lysander's place wasn't empty, though, it was filled with a new guy, Alex Abercrombie, who befriended him, even after his own brother obviously lost the need to speak with him.

At the beginning of his fifth year, Lorcan joined Ravenclaw's Quidditch team as a second beater, first beater was Lysander. It kind of reminds you of Weasley brothers? It was Lorcan's first thought, too.

When sixth year started, he was offered a place of second in command in Potter's army, a group whose member he was since the middle of his first year. It was a surprise for sure, but he agreed to take the place.

In May, 2028, Lorcan became a father to twins named Dailen and Coralyn. He's in friendly relationship with their mother who's the owner of tattoo salon and a tattoo artist who made all his tattoos.





HOW YOU FOUND US: World Wide Web, but shh, don't tell anyone.

MAIN CHARACTER: Sebastien O'Sullivan.

1. I saw Mikkel's picture and I needed to make him.
2. To help with site plot, as you're looking for PA 2nd in command, among other things.
3. I miss Kai's school days but can't make him younger.
4. Look at the picture, duh.


At least one paragraph - skip if you have another character
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Slytherin Graduate
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Re: SCAMANDER, Lorcan Carson

on Sun Oct 11, 2015 8:23 pm
He's done. :3
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Re: SCAMANDER, Lorcan Carson

on Sun Oct 11, 2015 10:21 pm
he looks fine to me. it'll be interesting to see how you use all those limitations in what you do with him on the boards.

accepted and sorted to Ravenclaw!

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Re: SCAMANDER, Lorcan Carson

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