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Jonathan Ashley Robertson

on Wed Sep 23, 2015 7:11 pm



FULL NAME: Jonathan Ashley Robertson aka Rosa Llied

NICKNAMES: Ashley or Rosa will do

AGE: 16

ALLEGIANCE: Potter's Army, The Order of the Phoenix



WAND: oak; 14 inches, phoenix feather, not really flexible.

PLAY BY: Adore Delano


HAIR COLOUR: his natural hair color is dark brown, but he has long ago abandoned the “style” and allowed it to grow. Now it reaches his lower back and with constant dying, it is a bit ruined, however with different shampoos and spells it looks pretty much amazing.
He is mostly seen rocking two colors: blue which might seem oceanic in sunlight and have a bit greenish glow, resembling the beautiful ocean waves, or red with some darker stripes in it.
His hair is naturally wavy and as he quite enjoys the silky touch of it, Jonathan allows it to fall gently on his shoulders or his back. It is rarely tied up or contained anyhow.

EYE COLOUR: brown; hazel in direct sunlight or any light that falls on his face. The eye color is not as expressive as his emotions which are always reflected in his eyes.

COMPARATIVE HEIGHT: average, stands about 5'9” ft without heels. With them, it can only depend on how long the heels are, although mostly he ends up standing around 6'3.

BODY BUILD: once again – the perfect description of his body would be saying that he is somewhat of an average young man. He doesn't have any muscles, nor is he too well built to go out and demonstrate his abs. He does work out, though, but the effort is not yet visible.

GENERAL APPEARANCE: Jonathan or Rosa – it is clearly visible that he is that type of a person who loves to take care of himself. There are no signs of growing beard or a mustache on his face for he shaves everything carefully off and stops the hair growth with a spell. He is mostly seen in dresses or short skirts, high heels and carrying around expensive bags which are mostly known all around the muggle world.
As for his face – it is always covered with thick layers of make-up. Blush, lipstick, mascara, fake eyelashes, occasionally contact lenses (blue, green, purple, red, depends greatly on his mood) and drawn on eyebrows are his own personal trademark as he has taken upon himself a mission to dress and act like a woman for he feels like one.
His hair, despite looking good from afar, is quite a mess and ruined from several experiments he did in the past. It is dry and should someone pull it, some of the strands would definitely fall off, although he does take care of it and combs it several times a day. With couple of spells, he makes it look alright, perhaps even good in someone's eyes.


[+] loyal
[+] friendly
[+] outgoing
[+] social
[+] daring
[+] caring
[+] organized

[-] mean
[-] sarcastic
[-] a bit of a sadist
[-] stubborn
[-] vain
[-] quick tempered
[-] narcissistic
[-] flying


[+] make-up
[+] fashion
[+] getting what he wants
[+] both men and women
[+] magic
[+] music
[+] france
[+] arts
[+] history
[+] cats
[+] owls

[-] dogs
[-] coffee
[-] mornings
[-] mondays
[-] silence
[-] fire
[-] darkness
[-] rain
[-] sports (such as running, football etc)
[-] loneliness
[-] heights

GOALS: should he ever become brave enough, he'd go through a transition and become a real woman. Other than that he dreams of becoming a professional make-up artist and start with his own cosmetics brand.

HABITS & QUIRKS: whenever he feels anxious Jonathan bites his lips and he can do so until they start bleeding; when excited he starts pulling and twisting his hair around his fingers; when sad he tends to slip away from everyone and although he dislikes silence, that is what he seeks when feeling blue.

BOGGART: ants and spiders – he has a terrible fear for those creatures and can literally start screaming when seeing one.

PATRONUS: discovering his mother's make-up kit and trying it on for the first time. This was what made him feel happy and complete.

DEMENTOR: being kicked out of his home after coming out of the closet.


MIRROR OF ERISED: to become a respected member of society, to gain recognition

PERSONALITY: When it comes to Jonathan overall, he is a patient young man, however that does not mean he would sit and wait for someone for hours. No. He would move on, curse and be upset.
He is very emotional and everything he feels or thinks is reflected in his eyes which is one of his weakest points; he can no do anything against that.
Regardless, he is relatively brave and cunning. Beneath the thick layer of cosmetics and fake eyelashes and extensions there lies a misunderstood boy who seeks attention and understanding by his peers. Some get him, some don't.


FATHER: Christian Jacob Robertson, 45, former actor now a lawyer

MOTHER: Margaretta Eleanor Robertson, 40, famous singer and dancer

SIBLING/S: Lisette Margaretta Robertson, 20, flight attendant in the muggle plane company

BLOOD STATUS:  half-blood



PET/S: toad named Phil



EARLY YEARS: Rosa always knew he was different from the other boys. When introduced to the toy cars, he had no interest in them but instead he was more curious about the dolls, their dresses and hair. He got along with girls very well, maybe far too well, for he was later on considered a ladies man, although truth be told -- he never was interested in anyone.
At the age of five he discovered his mother's make up kit and started experimenting with it. First washing his face fast and saying he got dirty from playing was a legit excuse for his parents not to worry, but at the age of seven he got caught applying all the possible colors to his face.
As he was only a child, Eleanor did not bother on containing his childish curiosity and allowed him to paint as much as desired, hoping that with age that would go away, however, on his next birthday, Jonathan asked for his own kit and that's where things went a bit problematic. As both of his parents were homophobic, they strictly forbid him from using make-up and denied Rosa's birthday wish.

It was only a matter of time for his magic to reveal itself. As he came from a family which already had a wizard, his parents had his hopes high that one of the children would end up inheriting the magic, and thus Joseph once blew up the stove without actually touching it. Though this caused some trouble in the household, happiness was what dominated at that moment.
At the age of eleven he got his letter to Hogwarts which was what made his father proud for the first time during those couple of years after the make-up wish insident.

HOGWARTS YEARS: being a rebel that he was, Jonathan did not intend on leaving things as they were. As he grew older, he felt odd in his body and out of place. He was thirteen years old when he finally declared to his schoolmates that they should call him Rosa instead of Jonathan and that was also when the girls from his house gave him some of their lipstick, mascara and powder. He never felt happier in his life. None of his friends questioned his ways, they simply accepted him the way he was and that was it.
When he turned fifteen, his hair was so long it reached his lower back and that was when he first started dying it. In the honor of his house, the young man painted it red with golden stripes. This was also the year when he began wearing women's clothes to make himself feel better.

That was the last drop in his father's goblet. Angry and disappointed in his son, he sent him away and before the sixth year Rosa did not know whether or not he would be able to continue his studies. He had nowhere to go and no money to support himself.
That was when his aunt Letumia came to aid. Former Hufflepuff and loving woman, she took Jonathan under his wing and, instead of denying the boy's thoughts and attitude, she made him feel stronger and more confident about himself.

Now, supplied with money and having a new home, Rosa set out to successfully finish his sixth year.






MAIN CHARACTER: Ophelia Claire Rosewille

CHARACTER PURPOSE: I wanted to make a guy


I'll skip.
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Re: Jonathan Ashley Robertson

on Fri Sep 25, 2015 1:24 am
he looks fine to me, Ophelia.

Accepted and sorted to Gryffindor!

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