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on Tue Sep 22, 2015 12:09 am

Calvin Criswell


FULL NAME: Calvin James Criswell


AGE: 21 (22 on November 8th)


HOGWARTS HOUSE: Ravenclaw,Gryffindor

CLASSES: Graduate. 

WAND: 11 inches,walnut, Unicorn hair, nice and supple,good with Charms

PLAY BY:Kevin Zegers


HAIR COLOUR: Short brown hair



BODY BUILD: tall, stocky a bit of muscles.

GENERAL APPEARANCE: Calvin stands 6'0 in height with short brown hair with a egg like face with a strong jaw structure that follows his blue eyes and brown hair.  Calvin might appear to be gruny looking at times, but life as a Auror is never fun and games, it can be brutal.  Calvin wears a lot of button down shirts that's usually not button the third or fourth button down with blue jeans and converses.  Calvin likes to wear a lot of black and blue due to his being his favorite colors, but he wears any colors but mainly in those colors.  As mentioned before Calvin does have a bit of a grungy look to him, his hair is styled in a messy but tamable style and he has a stubble like beard going on, but thinks it makes him more mature and grown up.  Due to spending two years in the military in America, Calvin has a dog tag that he doesn't go anywhere without with.


-hot headed
-a bit of a loner
-self-centered(at tines)
-cold hearted(at times)

+discovering new things
+drawing and painting
+Fall time
-Annoying people
-Summer time
-Failure (also a fear)
-not reading a good book
-evil people
-people who judge others

To get himself a house instead of living in a apartment
To see his find his last girlfriend again Riyan Schults

•bites his lip a lot
•paces when nervous, scared or worried
•runs his hand through his hair
•clicks his tongue alot when reading, thinking or deep in thought

•Never living up to his parents expectations
•Dying before it's his time
•dying and never telling his loved ones that he loves them

adult:When he started dating Riyan
Childhood: when he seen Hogwarts for the first time

When he lost Riyan, and never saw her again
VERITASERUM: still loves Riyan and never stopped loving her
MIRROR OF ERISED: Having a big family like his parents did

PERSONALITY:  Calvin is very sweet and caring, he's very clever and witty and loves a good laugh.  Although he can be very much of a loner and self-centered at times, it's just how he is from time to time, but he's a very fun guy to be around.  He's very logical and finds reasons in everything he does, although he does have the worse habit of doing things without thinking, which leads him to getting in trouble. Calvin is very hot headed and stubborn and won't back down on anything that's thrown at him, he's very competitive and doesn't give in without a fight.  He's very brave and courageous and does anything to keep his friends and loved ones safe. He's very adventurous and loves doing and discovering new things, as well as learning about them.


FATHER: James Criswell

MOTHER: Samantha Criswell

Carson Criswell-20-Ravenclaw grad
Colton Criswell-18-Ravenclaw grad-Conner's twin
Conner Criswell-18-Ravenclaw grad-Colton's twin
Courtney Criswell-16-Ravenclaw

BLOOD STATUS: Half-blood

SOCIAL STATUS:  Middle Class
A snowy owl named Oreo
A soild white Husky named Winter



Calvin James Criswell was born to James and Samantha Criswell on November 8th on a fall night. Calvin is the oldest and the oldest boy out of the Criswell siblings.  Calvin doesn't remember Carson being born, he was only two, but at the age of four his twin brothers Conner and Colton were born. At the age of six his parents who wanted a baby girl finally had Courtney the last and final baby out of the Criswell siblings.  Before going to Hogwarts, Calvin went to a muggle private school, he was very smart and bright and was made fun of and called a nerd for his brightness and cleverness.

Year 1: At the age of eleven, Calvin was accepted into Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry. In awe by the castle appearance, Calvin was sorted into the famous house of Ravenclaw.  Like any first year at Hogwarts Calvin wondered around the castle lost and was often late to his classes due to it
Year 2: This is the year Calvin tried out for the Ravenclaw Quidditch team and made it.  He also made his hair turn blue due to doing the color changing charm on his rat, instead of his rat turning blue, his hair did needless to say he had to wait until the lesson was done until his hair went back to it normal color.  
Year 3: this is the year he met Riyan and started becoming best friends with her, on the train.  It was also his first time in Hogsmeade and he was very excited,  he couldn't wait to see village people talk so much about.
Year 4:  Calvin starred developing feelings for Riyan this year as well as gotten in a fight with one of the biggest players in school for liking Riyan, although he hid his feelings for her telling her that she didn't want to go on a date with due to him being a player and he didn't want his best friend hurt. Also the year he learned to do Expelliarmus and Stupefy.
5: Calvin's OWL year, which he made 8 OWLs in,  he studied extremely hard this year to get good grades to be a Auror.  Calvin gotten the guts to ask Riyan ask Riyan out on their first date to Hogsmeade together.
Year 6: preparing for his NEWTS and taking apparition classes to learn how to apparate.  He also learned potions like the draught of living death.
Year 7:  Calvin NEWT year and final year, he was scared of leaving Hogwarts and going into the real world, Hogwarts been his second home for so many years he was afraid to leave it.  Although before he graduated Riyan wanted nothing to do with him, he didn't understand why though,  she never talked to him or went to his graduation from Hogwarts
ADULTHOOD: Due of depression of not seeing Riyan after he wrote her multiple times, he decided to move on and move to America and join the muggle military to get his mind off Riyan.  After two years of serving, his mother wanted him back home in England to be closer to her and his father as well as his siblings. Moving back to England, Calvin decided to take up his childhood dream of being a Auror, after two years of tough training he became a Auror.  Now he's living in a apartment in London not to far from his work.



RP EXPERIENCE: about 8 years

HOW YOU FOUND US: Puddifoot's I think could be wrong

MAIN CHARACTER:Athena Abercrombie

CHARACTER PURPOSE: wanted another character and help Kayla's character Riyan out with plotting

RP SAMPLE: skippie a Lou my darling!

At least one paragraph - skip if you have another character
Gryffindor Graduate
Gryffindor Graduate
Khaat Lupin
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on Wed Sep 23, 2015 12:01 am
He looks fine to me, Athena.

Sorted and accepted into grads!



on Wed Sep 23, 2015 12:20 am
Yay!  Thanks Khaat!
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