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CUFFE, Michelle Marissa

on Mon Sep 21, 2015 9:14 pm



FULL NAME: Michelle Marissa Cuffe

NICKNAMES: †Elle, Mich, Michie.

AGE: 17



CLASSES: Charms Transfiguration, and Potions.

WAND: Oak, unicorn tail, 10 and half inches + flexible.

PLAY BY: Sasha Pieterse






GENERAL APPEARANCE: Michelle has long, mostly curly blonde hair, what she likes to wear a loose. You can see her wearing ponytails sometimes too when itís really needed. Her eye color is blue. She looks very much like her mother when she was same age as her. So many have told it to her it. She isnít really the tallest one and she isnít really the short too, she is somewhere middle there, her height is 167cm. She is quite slim and keeps her figure well, she doesnít like to be very skinny like models and be fat kid either. So tries to stay health as much she can and jog at times.
She will wear everything what is in fashion. So you can see her in her free time wearing dresses, skirts, jeans etc. Everything is fine with her, she likes to wear more jeans and t-shirts really. At class times she of course wears uniform.
She isnít really that much into make up and jewellery. She at times wears them but not all the time. Her make up is usually lip gloss and mascara and itís all. She usually wears earrings with her outfits but necklaces etc are only some special event really.


Sometimes selfish

Michelle is girl who likes to spend very much time with her friends. Fashion is really something what she likes too, she likes to follow fashion trends. She also likes that people are honest with her, about their feelings etc. From animals she likes aka loves the most cats. Her favorite sweets are chocolate and strawberries, the best one is them both together.
She really dislikes bullies, who like to bully people who seems weaker or so. She has never really laying(lieing) either too, she canít lie about things very easily and she hates when people do it to her. She dislikes cherries, mostly because she is allergic to them.

To graduate Hogwarts!
To find a job!

Playing with her hair when nervous.

BOGGART: Losing someone close to her.

PATRONUS: Her times with her only brother so far.

DEMENTOR: When she found out that she allergic to cherries when she was 4.

VERITASERUM: If i tell it won't be secret.

MIRROR OF ERISED: To have her own family one day.

PERSONALITY: Michelle is nice and kind girl, she even tends to be very friendly one with people. Of course at times she had be rude and mean like her older brother Maosn but only when the person really pisses her off or gets on nervous way too much and being nice doesnít help anymore. She is someone who tends to trust people way to easily at times and she have gotten hurt because of it too. She really havenít told about it to her brother since she doesnít him to get worried or hurt the other people because of it. She just needs to stay strong and take care of her herself, she canít always relay on her brother in future. She have became brave girl for sure over years, thanks to her brother who made her go through things what girls usually donít go. They did get a lots of trouble when they were kids by parents. She is someone who can lie very easily but she doesnít like to use that skill really, she hates laying really very much so she herself doesnít do it too but sometimes itís needed to do. She is someone who you could say is smart but mostly because she have read much of her school books when she have been bored at summer. She just can remember things easily. She can be at times snkeay and selfish but she herself doesnít really notice that she has these traits in her. She at times quite impatient one too, she doesnít like to wait after people very long time, it would be best if they come on time.


FATHER: Barnabus Cuffe (Pureblood)

MOTHER: Havana Tew (Pureblood)

SIBLING/S: Mason Cuffe, 19, Older brother.

OTHER: Doesn't know much about them


RACE: Human


Cat named Evie



EARLY YEARS: Michelle was born as second child into her family. She has her birthday on September 1st. She has older brother with who she have always get along. They keep each other secrets quite well. Well about muggleborns Elle was like her mother, she had nothing against them really. Even if she was home schooled not went muggle school even if she did sometimes played with them. She always found a reasons why she was home schooled. She did get that her brother didn't like the idea of playing with muggles but she was just who she was. She also did realize at very young age that Mason cared about her even she didn't show it to anyone. She did understand that he wanted it to be like that. She was quite opposite to her brother as kid. She was sweet and caring girl. When getting letter from Hogwarts she was really happy since he did know few things about Hogwarts already from her brother.

HOGWARTS YEARS: For her the first year went to quite opposite way then his brothers. She made quite many friends in her first year. Her friends were from all over the school even if at first so many thought she is like her brother but she wasn't. She was so many times compared to Mason and at first she hated it but now she just ignores it. In her second year people didn't compare her and Mason so much anymore and she could be friends with people who she really could trust. Same with all her rest year in schools. She have always also kept her grades up and done all work away. People wonder how she did end up in slytherin house and also she herself does. She did pass her NEWT's with quite good grades, mostly O's and E's. She did also study quite hard for them. She soon will graduate and she hopes she does well on her OWLís too since she have studied for it very hard too.

ADULTHOOD: Not here yet.


ALSO KNOWN AS: Krissu / Kissu


HOW YOU FOUND US: Member already soon 3 years.

MAIN CHARACTER: erm Cecilie Montez

CHARACTER PURPOSE: Sister to my other Charrie Mason.


Let's Skip this part.

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Re: CUFFE, Michelle Marissa

on Tue Sep 22, 2015 3:09 am

I see where you're going with her, and I'm glad that you said that its hard for others to see her as a Slytherin. She's got some of those traits but its not obvious. I'm fine generally with the not-so-obvious placements, so long as you know that, ic, the hat would have truly had to have some good reasoning with placing her in slytherin. it has to make some sort of ic sense. i'd like to see you polish it a bit, please.

for example, perhaps she has some of the deceitfulness that is so characteristic for slytherins but didn't display it until her later Hogwarts years, or something. or the desire for pureblood superiority. something that would make her a bit more of a fit for slytherin and not just a misplaced hufflepuff or something. I think being subtle with it would definitely be the way to go, but I do think it needs to be there somehow.

let me know if I can help! Smile


Re: CUFFE, Michelle Marissa

on Tue Sep 22, 2015 12:01 pm
Wait, what exactly you mean I should do. I don't really wanna chance her personality... and that other thing about characteristic coming out later on last year... i don't get this part right now.

Re: CUFFE, Michelle Marissa

on Tue Sep 22, 2015 8:31 pm
Erm i did add a little bit to her personality and also to traits something. Not sure if it's good enough now.
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Re: CUFFE, Michelle Marissa

on Wed Sep 23, 2015 12:15 am
sorry I couldn't get back to you while I was at work, but she's better now. thank you. I can add her now.

accepted and sorted to slytherin!

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Re: CUFFE, Michelle Marissa

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