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Dimitri Aleksandrov
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ALEKSANDROV, Dimitri Mikhailovich

on Wed Sep 16, 2015 7:36 pm



NOTE: Information written in italics are true ones, other ones are false (Nikolai thinks they are true but they are information about Dimitri). If there's no italics text (e.g. habits and quirks) that means those are not false information. I'm terrible when it comes to explaining things, so I suggest you to read his history  first, then go back to this, otherwise this might sound quite confusing. Character's name is Nikolai Ivashkov but he thinks he's Dimitri Aleksandrov.

FULL NAME: Dimitri Mikhailovich Aleksandrov
rus.  Димитри Михаилович Александров
Dimitri [Dih-mee-tree]

Dimitri is one of several possible spellings of this exotic, artistic, and attractive Slavic variation of the name of Greek god of fertility and farming. Dmitri  may prove challenging for English speakers to pronounce.

Nikolai Romanovich Ivashkov
rus. Николаи Романович Ивашков
Nikolai [Nee-koh-lahy ]

The name Nikolai is a Russian name. In Russian the meaning of the name Nikolai is: Victorious; conquerer of the people. People with this name have a deep inner need for quiet, and a desire to understand and analyze the world they live in, and to learn the deeper truths. People with this name are competent, practical, and often obtain great power and wealth. They tend to be successful in business and commercial affairs, and are able to achieve great material dreams. Because they often focus so strongly on business and achievement, they may neglect their private lives and relationships.

Kolya (widely used in Russia), Nik (rarely used by his wife)

AGE: 26, b. October 2nd, 2002.
25, b. February 2nd, 2003.

ALLEGIANCE: Order member

PLACE OF BIRTH: Volgograd, Russian Federation
Saint Peterburg, Russian Federation

RESIDENCE: Moscow, Russian Federation
London, UK

HOGWARTS HOUSE: ‎Koldovstoretz graduate


OCCUPATION: Auror (formerly)
Curse-Breaker for Gringotts (formerly)
Magic Researcher

WAND: Ebony, dragon heartstring, 9 1/3'',  brittle

This jet-black wand wood has an impressive appearance and reputation, being highly suited to all manner of combative magic, and to Transfiguration. Ebony is happiest in the hand of those with the courage to be themselves. Frequently non-conformist, highly individual or comfortable with the status of outsider, ebony wand owners have been found both among the ranks of the Order of the Phoenix and among the Death Eaters.
In the experience of Garrick Ollivander, the ebony wand’s perfect match is one who will hold fast to his or her beliefs, no matter what the external pressure, and will not be swayed lightly from their purpose.

Dragon heartstring is a material from a dragon that can be used in the core of a wand. It is unknown from which varieties of dragon the heartstrings are collected, and what effect this difference makes on the abilities of the wand, if any. Due to the heart being a vital organ in any creature, it can be assumed that the material is taken after the dragon has either died of natural causes or been killed. It is also unknown what quantity of string can be collected from each beast's heart.

PLAY BY: Andre Hamann


HAIR COLOUR: Dark brown.



BODY BUILD: Slender.


Nikolai Ivashkov always liked physical activities. Running, punching bags, lifting weights, all those activities left evidences on his body, making once skinny boy now a muscled man. He always thought that the the most visible part of him were his eyes, though, they're dark green they sometimes seemes brown. With short dark brown hair many people thougt he's a military guy. After the attack, Nikolai, now thinking he's Dmitri let his hair grow longer than he ever had before. He cuts his hair by himself. He doesn't care about his clothes, usually wears the first things he catches so he can be seen in the weirdest outfits. Nikolai has various tattoos on his body (another thing that seperates him from Dimitri as Dimitri hadn't have any tattoos.


That's probably the only reason why is he good in his job. It's because he never knew how to give up on something. He workes hard until he is satisfied with the outcome, and he's really picky. When he focus on something he can't leave that alone, he can't focus on anything other, Nikolai would push it forward hoping it won't break in the process. It never broke, though, it was worse than that, it broke him instead.

It's actually pretty simple - Nikolai could never let anyone boss him around. He often argued with his bosses because of his stubborness, he couldn't let them order him something to do if he can think of a better way to do so, and he would always do something the way he thinks it's better even if that meant that he'll got fired.

Nikolai never lies, his mother learned him not to tell lies, and he followed her advice. He'll always speak truth even if that could get him in a trouble. Nikolai won't make the truth sound more beautiful than it really is, either, so sometimes people would wish he lied instead.

Nikolai wants to know everything. Libraries used to be his favourite places to hang out when he has some free time. He never liked to read belles lettres, finding it pointless, a work of fiction, and a fiction is just another word for lying, so he always choose nonfiction instead.

Nikolai is confident, he always was, and he'll always be. He believes in himself not only because he knows what are his strengths but because he's well aware of many his weakness and he accepted them as a part of himself.

He can seem distant, now even more than he did before the loss of his family (before they changed his memory), it's simply because his brain never stops working, and he sometimes get lost in his thoughts.

Sometimes, he's to cynical for his own good. Nikolai needs to analize every single thing and point every negative part of it. That usually piss people off but he couldn't say he care.

For someone who often analize everything and like to think about every little detail, Nikolai sometimes act quite impulsive. That often happens when he's working because there's not enough time to think about his every step, he sometimes needs to act without thinking or he might end up dead.

Patience is unknown word for Nikolai. When he wants something he wants it in the exact moment, not years after. He's really can't do nothing for longer period of time, like for example - waiting.

Short tempered
It's very easy to make Nikolai angry, he's probably the person with the shortest temper ever so it's good that there aren't many things that can rile him up. He hates injustice, breaking the rules, lies and rude behaviour.

I. Chocolate
II. Coffee
III. Running
IV. Animals
V. Planting
VI. Cleaning
VII. Sun
VIII. Blue color
IX. Candles
X. Vanilla ice cream

I. Noise
II. Seeing people suffer
III. Sharp objects
IV. Cars
V.  Hair brushes
VI. Cooking
VII. Drawing
VIII. Heavy metal music
IX. Exotic perfumes
X. Shaving


I. Send a buquet of roses to his former divination professor because she gave him an A on N.E.W.T. test although he did it awful [-]
II. Buy a motorbike [-]
III. Visit Ukraine [-]
IV. Try sake [-]
V. Plant an orange tree [-]

I. Marry someday [+]
II. Have a bunch of kids [in progress]
III. Buy a dog and a parrot [-]
IV. Visit Paris with his wife [-]
V. Buy a pony cause Alessia wants one [-]

I. He has a weakness for rescuing stray animals.
II. Cannot drink anything with ice in it.
III. He walks in the middle of any sidewalk causing people to have to move around him.
IV. He doesn’t eat purple things.
V. He writes with left hand, but does everything else right-handed.

BOGGART: Death of his family – happened.
Death of his family.

PATRONUS: Cutting all the ties that bind him with his family.
His wedding day.

DEMENTOR: Finding his fiancee and his daughter dead.
He felt terrible fear of forgetting the ones he loved when they told him what they're going to do to him. Until they did it.

VERITASERUM: He wasn't entirely sure what's happening to him, he dreams of places he never visited, seeing faces he never saw before.

MIRROR OF ERISED: He'd like to get rid of a constant feeling that something is missing.


FATHER: Mikhail Irineyevich Aleksandrov
Roman Antonovich Ivashkov

MOTHER: Kseniya Vasiliyevna Aleksandrova (nee Keptevich)
Valentina Pyotrovna Ivashkova  (nee Ivanova) / died because of long distance splinching when he was 12
Ivet Matveievna Ivashkova (nee Vulchanova) / 32 / Roman's second wife

Nikita Romanovich Ivashkov / 29 / Koldovstoretz graduate

Konstantin Romanovich Ivashkov / Kostya / 27 / Koldovstoretz graduate

Polina Romanovna Ivashkova / Polya /  21 / ‎ Koldovstoretz graduate

SPOUSE: Karla Petrovna Aleksandrova (nee Grebenshchikova) / deceased
Alessia Ivashkova (nee Delacroix) / 25

CHILDREN: Anastasiya Dimitrievna Aleksandrova / deceased

Lucas Nikolaievich Ivashkov / 2

Elizabeth Blackburn / best friend

Parental grandfather: Anton Borisovich Ivashkov
Parental grandmother: Zoya Sergeyeva Ivashkova

Maternal grandfather: Pyotr Igorovich Katin
Maternal grandmother: Karolina Markovna Katina

Klaudiya Borisovna Ivashkova (nee Zetrova) / 29 / Kostya's wife

Aneta Stefanovna Levieva / Audrey O'Shea (alias: Carmen) /  27 / ex-lover turned best friend

Sofija Markova (nee Ivashkova) / 49 / aunt / muggle
m. Ivan Segeievich Petrov / 47 / uncle / wizard
Vladimir Ivanovich Petrov / 20 / cousin / squib
Mihela Ivanovna Petrova / 17 / cousin / seventh year Ravenclaw (transferred from Durmstrang)
Pietra Ivanovna Petrova / 16 / cousin / sixth year at Durmstrang

Sergei Pyotrovich Ivanov / 54 / uncle / Valentina's brother
m. ------ Ivanova / -- / aunt
Milena Sergeievna Ivanova / 16 / cousin

BLOOD STATUS: Muggleborn
Half blood







Even before Dimitri was born, his family situation was terrible. His father, short bald man who worked as a plumber and who just lost his job decided to drink himself in oblivion every single day instead trying to find another job. His motherwasn't a lot of better either, she had two jobs, she worked as a cleaner in a local store during the day, and somewhere during the night, Dimitri never knew what her second job is, he only knew they could eat dessert the next day, if she says it was a good night. They thought that Dimitri Aleksandrov would be their miracle baby, the baby that will make their life better, that his father will stop drinking and find a new job when he finally sees him, that way, his mother could quit her second job and spend more time at home. That wasn't the case. His father ignored you, he'd watch TV while he was kicking and screaming in the cradle. Changing diapers? He needed to wait for his mom for that. Eating? He would get a bottle of baby food everytime his mother comes home, his father would be too busy with his own bottle of brandy to feed his son. Mishka was his only friend, little brown teddy bear without one ear, mishka was the only one who was always there for him, with his hand tightly clenched around the bear, he'd fell into a troubled sleep.

High-pitched yelp wakes you up, you realize it escaped from your mouth. You breath fast watching the door that slowly opens letting the light beam crawl on the floor til it reach your bed. You sit up, feeling cold wooden head of the bed pressed to your back, its coldness entering your body through thin cloth of your cotton pajamas waking you up. You blink, pulling your knees close to you and wrapping your arms around them. You can't get rid of the feeling that something bad just happened, something really bad. Your gaze travels from one to the other bed in the room, you can see bulge under their covers, Nikita and Kostya are both here, sleeping, knowing that your breathing slows a little. The door opens farther and you can see a siluete of the woman standing there. „Mama?“ Your sleepy voice echo in this quiet space. The siluete move, coming in the room and leaving doors open, letting the light show her way towards you. She sit beside you, and you move, not because you're scared of her but because you want to ensure she has enough space to sit. „Ey, moy malen'kiy prints.“ Hey, my little prince, she whispers and take your hand, kissing your palm. She leans forward and places featherweight kiss on your forehead. „It was a nightmare, sleep well, I'll guard you.“ She moves remove damp hair from your forehead, and touch your cheek before placing hand back in her lap. Your eyes start closing. „Mama, ya lyublyu tebya.“ Before you fall back to sleep you hear her reply, you hear saying she loves you too.


Does being happy because of leaving his family make him a bad person? Dimitri didn't expect a letter from Koldovstoretzsaying that they offer him a place in their school. His mother used to tell him she'd like if he becomes an engineer or a doctor so he could provide a good life for himself in his family, but Koldovstoretz didn't offer that courses. Being a wizard was equally compelling, though. His mother helped him pack, it took them about half an hour to pack all his thing, and his mother never stopped grinning. Some parents would be confused, they would deny their child is a wizard, but Kseniya Aleksandrova was happy, Dimitri never saw his mother that happy. She took him to Moscow, in the letter, they told them that they'll meet a wizard who'll take Dimitri to Koldovstoretz because muggles can't come close to the school. Muggles? His mother didn't understand that word, but she was still thrilled, maybe even more thrilled than her son. She continued to tell Dimitri she loved him even after he left with a wizard they met. Dimitri forgot to tell her he loved her too.

It's the D day. Kostya whispers something to Nikita and they both giggle. Your father catches you looking in them and pat your shoulder. "Don't be afraid, everything will be alright, Nikolai." You smile in his direction and return to pushing food around your plate instead of eating it. "Yes, everything will be okay Kolya," Konstantin throws a piece of bread in his mouth and continues speaking "if you beat the dragon, that is. They're quite nasty." You accidentally drop your spoon and it hits the table, finding balance on its corner before falling to floor with a muffled sound. Dragons? They didn't tell him there'll be any dragons. Will they accept him to Koldovstoretz if he fails at it? "That's enough boys!" You hear a movement behind you and your mother gives you another spoon. "There's no dragon, sweetheart, better eat your soup while it's still warm." She lift the fallen spoon and disappears in a kitchen. "You know, she really never went toKoldovstoretz but to Durmstrang so she can't know." Nikita adds causing Polina to giggle and earning a sigh from your father. "Your mom  is right, there's no dragons in Koldovstoretz, they're trying to scare you. You need to hurry boys, we need to get going soon unless you wan't to be late on your first day at school." You lift your spoon full of soup to your mouth and swallow before having enough time to change your mind. They're trying to scare me, words repeats in your head. You glance in their direction but both brothers are silently eating now. If they're trying to scare me, they succeed in that.


Koldovstoretz should have been his escape. Dimitri's escape from dysfunctional family, from loneliness. He expected that he'll eventually make some friends int he school, that the school will be one of the places where he'll be happy. That never happened, though. Getting using to new routine wasn't hard at all, he was used to new things, his father unintentionally learned him to get used to things, to survive, and surviving among a bunch of kids wasn't a big deal. Dimitri was quiet, fast learner, but kind of rough around the edges, and couldn't find a way to talk with other kids. They ignored him, mostly. When they didn't ignore him, they were mocking him, they liked to point out his patched socks, threadbare clothes, old used books. He never showed any sign that he heard them, even as a child, his face remained uninterested, his head clear, even thought they wanted to, they couldn't make him blush, make him feel ashamed. Although they tried, they couldn't make him hate Koldovstoretz, it was better than his home. He could find some things to do when he's bored, at home he'd need to stay in his bed and wait for his mother to get home while praying that all those alcohol bottles disappears don't disappear before she gets home.

You expected an old scary castle, but Koldovstoretz isn't one of those. It's a giant building made of steel and glass, six hours of driving distance from Moscow, yet you came to the school through one of many fireplaces, along with other students. Your feet were muddy but you left no trails, seems like the whit marble floor swallows all the dirt, leaving everything clean and perfect. For three months Koldovstoretz has been your home and it's ... lovely. Something about the building make you impossible to completely relax, but you like it anyways. Breakfast is being served at 6AM, classes starts at 7AM and lasts till 12AM, then you go to lunch that finish at 13PM followed with two more classes. When those classes ends at 15PM you are free to do whatever you want, and you like spending time with Aneta, she's a couple of years older than you, has a bunch of red hair and wry sense for humour. You thought that starting your schooling will make you closer to your brothers, Nikita and Konstantin, but both of them have their friends and you see them only in passing. You thought you'll be jealous but you're ... not. Spending time with your classmates and Aneta isn't bad either. Everything seems perfect, until the day you're called in headmistress office. You start panic while you're walking towards the office thinking you're going to be expelled. You broke a window yesterday, yes, it repaired itself but you still broke it, maybe someone told her about that. You enter her office with your gaze glued to the floor. "Mr. Ivashkov, sit, please." You glance up but her face is emotionless, her black hair is tied in a strict bun, making her look older than her 40 years. You sit in the chair she offered to you, seeing that your brothers are here, too. She probably needs an audience to expel me, you concluded. "I'm sorry to inform you, but an accident happened. You need to go home immediately." Her gaze travels from you, over Kostya and settling on Nikita who's the oldest. "Mrs. Arineva, I'ts all my fault, they didn't do anything, let them stay." Your voice is an octave higher than usual but you don't mind, you broke the window, not Kostya, not Nikita, but you. Her brows rise in surprise "Pardon me, Mr. Ivashkov?" You inhale, ready to explain but she stops her with her hand. "You need to go home immediately, your father's been waiting for you." She ushers you towards the fireplace and open a can with a powder. Nikita reachs in and takes a handful of the powder throwing him in the fireplace and saying your home address, Konstantin disappeared after him. Both your brothers looked way to serious, you realized that when they were gone. Like they know something more. "I broke the window." You step in the fireplace and gazed at her. "Which window?" You heard her response before you vanished surrounded with blue flames.


He got invited to the party. That's something new and surprising. The party was in the woods, near the school, and half of the school would be there, well only those older than 15, at least. The same party takes place every year, but this is the first year Dimitri is called, even since he's 17 now and this should be his last year in Koldovstoretz. He wasn't hurt about that, he wouldn't go on the party even if they called you earlier, but you'd like they invited you so you could decline. Instead of declining, this time you went to see what's all about. Fire was the first thing you saw, huge and bright, icy blue, burning in the middle of circle made of stones, it looked like regular fire but it didn't need woods. Someone handled him a plastic glass, after taking a gulp he found out it's firewhiskey mixed with orange juice, it's a strange combination but he decided he liked it. The music was too loud to hear his own thoughts, there wasn't enough light to see other faces, everyone was laughing, dancing, enjoying. After half an hour he realized you're happy too, it took them seven years to accept him, and now they're hanging with him only because he was a regular guy, he wasn't that Dimitri Aleksandrov, he was their colleague, in the dark they couldn't see his face, no one asked for his name. In the dark he was just the same as them. They were normal, young people who're having fun, at least for that night. And he'd lied if he said he didn't enjoy every second of it.

It wasn't about the window. You're sitting on a rock in the woods, from this position you can see the top of your school, but you're not ready to go back there although it's almost lunch time. Neither you nor your siblings need to be on your classes today, it's fifth anniversary of your mother's death and a headmistress gave you a free day. Usually you'd be all over the place because you got a free day but you don't have a reason to celebrate. Your mother died five years ago, you still miss her, the image of her is so vivid in your mind. She never died in your mind. Ivet never replaced her in your father's embrace. It was only a wishful thinking, your father remarried two months after her death. Two months!Ivet tried, but she'd never be able to replace your mother. Ivet is kind, but she's not Valentina Ivashkova, she's not your mother, she's just a woman your father married, you never told her you hate her like your sister did, but you don't like her either.


After finishing his schooling he applied for Auror training at the Ministry of Magic. They accepted him and he became an auror soon. Since he was the only auror without a family of his own he didn't have any problems with travelling so he used to work as a person who is associating with the British aurors in the name of Russian Ministry, his job came along with frequent travels to the UK, he'd be outside of Russia every few months and he'd stay there for a month, sometimes even more. He joined the UK Order of the Phoenix and used to go on their meetings everytime he was in London, but he never moved to London, choosing Moscow instead. They never asked him to move, either, he guessed they find useful having one of their members in other country.

No one was actually surprised when you announced you're going to became an obliviator. It was well known that thatinterested you as you spend plenty of time reading about it, even thought they believed that's just a hobby of yours. You applied to obliviators school at the Ministry, and officially replaced your Saint Peterburg's address with another in Moscow. For a country as big as Russia there was only few of you who applied for the training. When you asked your tutors why, they told you that many people finds that job dangerous. You didn't understand them, then.


He met Karla one day while he was doing his job. Wait, it gets better, he arrested her. Karla Petrovna Aleksandrova liked to cause problems to Auror's office during her fight for the rights of elves in front of the Ministry building. He kind of hated her for making noise in front of the building where he works, down below his window. Dimitri wasn't sure if she knows she's screaming in front of that part of the building where Auror's offices are, probably not, because they don't have anything against elves, unless some elf break the law pretty badly, that is, but he decided to stop it. By arresting her. Two hours later he needed to apologize to her (or he's fired) and let her go, of course, and those two things were the hardest things he's done in his whole life. That wasn't enough for her though, she demanded a dinner during which he'll do his best trying to apologize her, his boss chuckled and agreed a second before Dimitri opened his mouth to protest, but his boss silenced him with a well known look that often meant he'll get the worst assignments for a whole month if he tries to argue. Somehow, they ended up together. It wasn't pretty, at the beginning, but Karla seemed like a person who fight for things she likes, like elves, like him, he couldn't say he didn't felt anything towards that eccentric woman, though. Dimitri liked her optimism, how she finds the best things in every little thing she sees, her passion when she does something she believes in, the way her red hair gets coppery glow when exposed to the Sun. The way her eyes lit when she looks at him.

During the first year you followed all the rules and you were quite good in your job. It was simple, routine tasks with just one goal - erasing memory, and you realised that muggles really don't want to remember anything magical. They might swear they want, but they all give up too easily for that to be true. After a year you got your first secret job. Your boss gave it directly to you, it wasn't weird since he gave you all the others cases the same way. However, this file was different, before you dealt with muggles only and you needed to write a report after their memory was changed. This time it was a wizard. A civil, someone who was on the wrong place in the wrong time and seen something he shouldn't have seen. For the first time since you got the job, you weren't sure what to do. To follow the orders or to decline the case? The first one might get you in difficult situation, you weren't sure how do you feel about the idea, either. On the other hand, if you choose second opinion you might lose your job, everything you worked hard for. You chose the first option, and it was just the beginning. During the whole next year you continued getting cases like that one, before he noticed those cases become the most of the work he was doing, until he stopped getting cases about muggles at all. There was another person working the same thing you did, you knew that but you didn't know who he or she was, as your boss kept both your identities hidden. Another case was handled to you. Delacroix, Alessia Leona, you read after you opened the folder. Occupation: auror. Nationality: French. It was a mystery why would France send their own employee all the way to Moscow without saying anything to the Ministry in Russia. Russians became curious and somehow got the particulars of her case, but they never told you anything about it, all you knew was that she's a potential treat and as one, she needed to leave the country. It was your task to make her leave.


At the age of twenty four, now engaged and with a beautiful three year daughter named Anastasiya, Dimitri couldn't imagine his life without these two awesome girls. With a wedding day only three months away, his old life seemed empty. He was empty, but Karla, and later Anastasiya showed him how to enjoy the life. He still had his old job, but it seemed like everything else had changed, he wasn't interested in spending his nights in the clubs, getting drunk, wooing random girls when he felt bored, he didn't need any of those things now, he had everything.

Alessia Delacroix never became one of your cases. Instead of that, two years after her file was placed on your desk, she became something more, she became your wife. You thought about marrying someone, someday in distant future, but if someone told you you'd marry with only 22 years under your belt, you'd tell him he's crazy, you'd maybe you'd even took the liberty to recommend him a good psychiatrist, but here you are, married for a person who should have been your victim if you didn't change your mind the moment you seen her well aware that that change of opinion could cost you of your job, they'd even make sure you never find a job again given the fact how much you know about their doings, but you simply didn't care. Hopefully those scenarios didn't happen, yes your boss weren't satisfied with the outcome, but as Alessia, now Ivashkova, find a job in Russian Ministry after she married you, he couldn't do anything but reconcile with the circumstances because it became obvious she's not going anywhere. Neither do you.


Every auror dreams about the job. That job big enough so he could show all his talents, and Dimitri got one. It seemed easy, he needed to follow some mobster during his time in Russia without getting exposed, or worse, killed. Dimitri thought he's doing his job perfectly, he never let the other men out of sight, but at the same time he stayed in the shadows, imperceptible, as he thought. When he finally returned to his home after the mobster left Russia, he wished that they killed him instead of this. Instead of killing his family. There was blood everywhere, two tiny figures were lying on the floor in the pool of blood. Lifeless. He was so shocked he could only stare, every his limb felt so hard, he was expecting that his legs will disobey him in a moment, but he couldn't care less. His view, glued to the scene scanned the wall above them. „In a game of cat and mouse, I was never a mouse.“ was written in a curvy handwriting with their blood.

You thought that the happiest day of your life was the day you married Alessia. You were wrong, so wrong. The happiest day of your life was the day your son was born. He was a month early but you make it to the Moscow's main wizardinghospital just in time. You hate to admit it, but half an hour after your wife entered the room for childbirth (they ushered you out believing you'll pass out) you actually did just that. You passed out, sitting in the waiting room. One of the healers who were walking through saw that and he woke you up and decided to stay with you since his shift was over. He told you he didn't have anything else to do anyways, but you believed he stayed because of their habit to watch over their patient, although you weren't technically a patient, your wife was, and ironically, you were the one who fainted. The man stayed with you until the nurse came out telling you everything went easy and informing you that you'll need to wait about ten minutes before you can see your wife and your newborn son.


His friend gave him only one year of grieving. During that year he went through all six degrees of separation, before he find a perfect way to dull his pain – alcohol. He quit his job and closed himself in his own four walls letting the grief to devour him. Every day seemed the same, Dimitri started every day with the same activity – drinking. Sometimes, when it gets harder, he would even experiment with drugs, everything in order to do….something. He wasn't sure why's he even alive, he wouldn't care if he died, losing his bride-to-be and his daughter destroyed Dimitri. When the year was up, Nikolai, his former colleague and a person he considered a friend, the man that would be his best man if the wedding happened and the only person who visited him on a daily basics said it's enough. Yes, Dimitri wanted to hit him, but Nikolai had one a virtue that Karla also had – he was a fighter. Nikolai always found a way to win every battle, Dimitri sometimes hated him because of it, and Nikolai decided Dimitri had enough of self pity. He gave him only two days to put his belongings in order, and for some unknown reason, Dimitri listened to him, before he came back with a trip plan. He told him they need to deliver something to the Order in the UK, Russian Ministry chose Nikolai for that job and Nikolai chose Dimitri for his partner. Nikolai also told him he knows Dimitri was a part of the Order once, even since his visits stop when he met Karla and gave up on his travelling duties, sending owls instead, although he was sending owls he never gave up on that, well, until his wife was killed, that was the day he shut the whole world off. Nikolai said he need to start to live again, how hard it might be?

Lucas was two when you get your new assignment. This time it was weird, and that means something since you're doing weird things since you got the job. This time wasn't about changing someone's memory, it's about delivering a package. They didn't tell you why is important to deliver the package in person instead of simply sending it by owls which would be faster way. They didn't tell you what's inside the package, either. The only thing they told you that you need to deliver it since the person who delivered those things isn't in condition to do that this time. They didn't tell you who the person was, but you put two and two together, it was Dimitri Aleksandrov. How did you knew that? You visited him almost everyday, and one of your activities among the other stuff was reading his letters to him because the man himself didn't want to do that, didn't want to do anything to be precise, and someone needed to do that 'cause he might miss something important, but after he lost his fiancee and his daughter, nothing seemed important to Dimitri. Saying that you'll deliver the package was breaking point for Dimitri's life too, because you decided he's done ruining his life and that he'll be your partner at the trip. They told you to choose the person you trust, after all, and you trust Dimitri, you always had. In a weeks that preceded the trip, you did everything you could to help the other man fighting with his addition, but the date when you needed to leave came too soon, you wished you had more time, but knowing you'll have it once you both come back, you left. The traveling was slow using muggle ways of transportation but you never passed an apparation exam because of the thing that had happened to your mother, so using muggle ways was the only thing you could. However, in Belgium you run right into an ambush, you were outnumbered. Before you could react you saw green light flying from a wand and hitting Dimitri's chest. The other man didn't even pulled his wand on time. You started running towards him, but you were stopped with a spell. „This is for my brother. Let's see how do you like it when your memory is changed.“ Those were the last words you've heard, after that everything went black.


Dimitri Aleksandrov was, despite all of the things that had happened to him, a strong man. Fighting with his addition until it became non existent. Although he never spoke about that, Nikolai knew Dimitri didn't plan on going back to Auror's office, it's a shame because he was an excellent auror, but Nikolai understood his reasons and decided not to push him when it was clearly obvious he's not ready, instead of pushing him, Nikolai focused on getting him sober before their trip, it wasn't easy, sometimes Dimitri reached the phase when he would sold everything he has for just a small bottle of liquor, but Nikolai never let him do that. The battle wasn't nearly done when they left Moscow, but it was obvious Dimitri's winning, it was enough for Nikolai. Dimitri Aleksandrov never got his chance to win that battle, because during the third night of their trip, while they were in Belgium, Dimitri Aleksandrov was killed.

You're stubborn, fiery, unable to listen other's advices, you make mistakes, you try to fix them, but you're not successfulevery time. You've made a lot of bad choices, but deep down inside you, you're not a bad person, you're just someone who often makes wrong choices. Attack on you can be called a poetic justice, you got what you deserved, but an innocent man died, and it's your fault. Not that you remember that, given the fact that they changed your memories the same way you chose everyone else's. Instead of planting false memories, they planted Dimitri's memories. They didn't erase your memories, they only blocked them, they painted Dimitri's memories over yours, like they're changing wall colours because they got bored of former colour. It's pity, you're an obliviator, but you weren't good enough inocclumency to maintain your own memories. You don't remember your own name, Nikolai Ivashkov, nor the name of your wife, your son, your parents, your siblings, everything is trapped inside your own mind. Are you strong enough to find and retrieve it?



RP EXPERIENCE: 6+ years altogether, 1+ year in English.


MAIN CHARACTER: Sebastien/Louis.

CHARACTER PURPOSE: To extend my life span (to stop Adna from killing me). lol
Gonna involve him in site plot once he's accepted.


At least one paragraph - skip if you have another character

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Re: ALEKSANDROV, Dimitri Mikhailovich

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Firstly, knowing the backstory behind this character and what you intend to do with him, I'm really excited.

Secondly, I'm sort of in love with the way you wrote the histories. I don't know if I could explain it, but it's kind of awesome.

I'm gonna go ahead and accept him based on our chats from earlier as well as this, so go ahead and do claims and things Smile
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Re: ALEKSANDROV, Dimitri Mikhailovich

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Thanks <3
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