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Ophelia Claire Rosewille

on Thu Sep 10, 2015 12:41 pm



FULL NAME: Ophelia Claire Rosewille


AGE: 15


HOGWARTS HOUSE: Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw

CLASSES: Charms, CoMC, DADA, Transfiguration, and Potions. 

WAND: Birch, dragon's heartstring, 10 inches and very flexible



HAIR COLOUR: brown which appears to be red in direct sunlight or any light that actually happens to shine upon her head.

EYE COLOUR: pale blue or light blue, as anyone prefers their own ways of describing her eye colour. The pupil is surrounded by dark brown frame, dedicating that she has a circular heterochromia in both of her eyes. In the dark brown are, however, there are orange dots which are only visible when someone looks Ophelia deep in the eye.

COMPARATIVE HEIGHT: Ophelia Claire is relatively short, only 154 centimeters, which leaves an impression that despite her age, she is like a twelve year old child instead.

BODY BUILD: skinny, if that would be an appropriate way of describing her body build. Despite being quite sporty and dedicating some time to sports, she has no abs nor anything that indicates that she spent long hours trying to look fit. With a body of a child, she has no natural curves, but appears slender in all cases, even her chest and hips.

GENERAL APPEARANCE: Standing only 154 centimeters, which is 5ft and 05 inches, she leaves quite childish impression of herself. And, with wearing huge glasses which make her eyes even bigger, she also leaves an appearance of a girl who lives behind the books, which, unfortunately, is not a lie. She is tiny and can comfortably fit into tiny spaces.
Her hair is long and although it is naturally wavy, she does not cherish going around and have it fly all over the places. Instead she keeps it neatly tied into a braid which falls freely on her back. Ophelia Rosewille rarely smiles for she has braces which embrace her slightly crooked teeth.
As for her face, it is freckled, but not much, and with a small nose, rosy lips and long eyelashes which frame her big and innocent eyes, she would look quite well if it were not for the pimples which cover her chin, cheeks and even the forehead, which all hit hard at her self image and respect. Usually her eyes are directed towards the floor, even as she walks, to avoid anyone she might encounter.



dislikes: bullying
cigarettes and smoke

candles that smell good
classical music

GOALS: to once graduate from a university and possibly become a surgeon. The goal can change in her life though, but as for now, she is quite interested in medicine and surgical performances.

HABITS & QUIRKS: Ophelia Rosewell is one of those who mumble to themselves when it comes to deep thinking, or she simply talks to herself when no one is around just to comfort herself.

BOGGART: bullying. For whole her life Ophelia has been bullied almost everywhere she went for she was not one of those pretty girls that constantly surrounded her. Due to that, her self-image is quite low, and as a matter of fact, she loathes herself, and thus, bullying and, mostly, William Sheron, a boy who kept bugging her during when she went to the muggle school, would appear as her boggart.

PATRONUS: getting a dog for Christmas. It was a gift from her parents before they announced the family was moving to England.

DEMENTOR: There are many things that would be listed as bad memories for Ophelia, and one of them being formerly named William Sheron, a boy who started nagging at her from the very beginning of the school. At first, when she tried to ignore it, believing everything would be solved soon enough, it went worse as the boy soon started stealing her belongings and throwing them out of the window, including her first phone.
Second time, even after she got the letter from the magical school, it continued, only on a whole other level. While living in America, it apparently was written all over her body that she was an easy victim and someone to bully. Her things started to disappear and when she found them, they were all ruined. Students allowed themselves a liberty of using their spells on her as in testing what would happen, which, once, resulted in her growing a huge nose and a pimple above her right eyebrow.

VERITASERUM: she collects specimens of different insects, but she shows them only to the closest people she has – which are only her parents.

MIRROR OF ERISED: to finally become brave enough to stand against someone who dares to use different sort of methods of violence against her.

PERSONALITY: owing to the fact that she had been severely bullied in the past, Ophelia Rosewell has grown to be a shy little girl that opens her mouth only when she is spoken to, and rarely even that. She does not attend any social meetings, but rather keeps away only to herself. It has become her goal to read as many books as possible to avoid people, so she basically resides in the library when it comes to her free time, and thus, staying in the dorm is only acceptable when she is about to go to sleep. The isolation includes even the eating periods. She always arrives early and grabs something before leaving the Great Hall of Hogwarts to chew on some fruits or sandwiches somewhere else. Regardless, she is always neat and tidy and there is no sign of her avoiding food.
Ophelia is very interested in medicine, thus when she indicates that she is falling ill, she knows fast how to act and what to do, but due to her shyness, she is often left without help as she does not know how to even approach the professors or the hospital to get some attention.
Despite being so quiet, it is easy to get along with her for Ophelia is quite honest and talkative once someone finally gets to the core. She likes to speak with educated people or those who are at least at the same level of intellect as she, or hopefully higher, and her hope is that one day she will meet someone who is as interested in human anatomy as she is currently.
She is quite dedicated, strong willed and loyal when it comes to friendships and people she trusts.


FATHER: Carl Herbert Rosewille, a muggle man working now at the hospital in London as a surgeon.

MOTHER: Claire Magdalena Rosewille, a psychiatrist at the children hospital and the one who helped Ophelia to cope with stress she got from being bullied.

SIBLING/S: no brothers or sisters

OTHER: grandmother Willow Amanda Rosewille, the only surviving ancestor currently.

BLOOD STATUS: muggleborn

SPECIES: human


PET/S: none for she is allergic to fur and owls aren't just her type.



EARLY YEARS: her early years Ophelia Claire Rosewille spent either at home or at the hospital for as a child she was often sick and far too weak to play with other children. As a girl who hails from a muggle family, they had no possible known connections to the magical society nor how to prepare the girl for her years in Hogwarts or how to educate themselves in magic. Thus, after getting well enough, she was sent to a normal school where, as mentioned above, she was severely bullied, and though she had some therapy at home to cope with everything, eventually the change came, and it was so sudden that at times it amuses Ophelia to this day.
She was sitting in her room, surrounded by colouring books and other toys (mostly dolls), when suddenly everything around her lifted in the air – quite literally, and the first thing she did was scream, frightening both mother and the father. The whole family was in shock, and when it ended, as suddenly as it started, the occurances became more and more frequent, and they mostly were levitations.
The bigger change came when they received a letter, which was brought by an owl, saying that Ophelia Claire Rosewille was invited to participate in a study of a magical school located somewhere in the centre of the United States. After some consideration and arguing that this was probably the only explanation of how the things kept flying in their house, she was sent there.

HOGWARTS YEARS: after leaving the United States and moving to the British Isles (both her parents had British heritage, but they moved to America after getting married to pursue their studies and careers), she was sent to Hogwarts during her fifth year of education.
The stay, so far, has been only brief, and it has been quite positive as she had encountered no bullies so far. As a matter of fact, she was quite invisible there for people were either too used to seeing isolated people as her, or they simply didn't care. Either way, that suited Ophelia very well.





HOW YOU FOUND US: I googled stuff

MAIN CHARACTER: Ophelia Claire Rosewell

CHARACTER PURPOSE: to amuse myself, to roleplay and get to know people


It was very interesting. To think that humans did not know of magic was unfortunate, but thankfully Ophelia and her family were well aware of it and of how it was kept so well in secret.
She was sitting in the library, one of the most hidden corners behind the bookshelves, with a wand in her hand that cast a light upon a book she was reading. It was a “Brief History of Magic”, a short one, but good enough to get a glance of what the world consisted of. Next to her there stood another pile – books of different spells, plants, healing and even runes, even though she had no idea how to read those yet – and she was eager to finish and continue with the rest of them. It was also the first time she felt so freely, when she could breathe without feeling anyone's eyes upon her. She was an easy prey, but here, at Hogwarts, people seemed different. It was like Canada of the United States – they were polite and kind, but not everyone, as she had witnessed from a distance, for there were battles between the Slytherins and Gryffindors. And yet, they did not enter this violent act as she had felt on herself.
She took a deep breath, then another, and smiled, although it hurt a bit her pink cheeks. Hopefully, just hopefully everything would go well.

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Elijah Krum
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Re: Ophelia Claire Rosewille

on Thu Sep 10, 2015 7:19 pm
I like her a lot! There is one thing that is giving me pause. We tend to not like dealing with life issues too explicitly on this site - as you probably read when you looked through the rules - and so the violence that was involved while she was bullied is, for the site, a little bit too much. You are welcome to keep the bullying as a part of her past but if you could take out the physical violence then that would be great. We can get her accepted and get you posting as soon as that's sorted! Very Happy

Re: Ophelia Claire Rosewille

on Thu Sep 10, 2015 7:27 pm
Thank you for the feedback. And yes, I did consider the physical bullying part to be a bit over the top, but alas, I gave it a try regardless. Anyhow, everything should be fixed now (I hope) so forgive me if I am not attentive enough at the current moment for it has been a tiring day for me. So hopefully, now, everything is alright and I can see where my character belongs to. Smile
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Khaat Lupin
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Re: Ophelia Claire Rosewille

on Sat Sep 12, 2015 12:19 am

Just trying to give Eli a bit of a hand here so you can get up on the boards. Thanks for making the changes to your app. It looks good to me now.

You've created some good flexibility in her character, and I can see her fitting easily into Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw, but my impressions are that she strikes me as a bit more of a Ravenclaw. I'm fine with either. Do you have a clear preference for either Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw either one?


Re: Ophelia Claire Rosewille

on Sat Sep 12, 2015 8:07 am
I think Ravenclaw would fit her more.
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Gryffindor Graduate
Khaat Lupin
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Re: Ophelia Claire Rosewille

on Sat Sep 12, 2015 11:30 am
Okay. That's what we'll do, then! Ravenclaw it is.

Accepted and sorted to Ravenclaw

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Re: Ophelia Claire Rosewille

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