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HAYWOOD, Aria Maria

on Thu Sep 03, 2015 5:02 pm



FULL NAME: Aria Maria Haywood


AGE: 21



WAND: Wood type, core, length + flexibility Oak, phoenix feather, 11 inches + unflexible

PLAY BY: Kristina Bazan






GENERAL APPEARANCE: Aria has long straight blonde hair, what sometimes may look like light blonde and then in few days later dark blonde, she isn't sure how the hell is that even happening. She has beautiful blue eyes and people have even noticed that this changes from light to dark and even herself have noticed it. She haven't yet figured out what causes these changes in her hair and eyes. She is slim woman and she always have been. Keeping her figure have always been important to her and also she never really goes chubby even if in the past she used to eat quite much but she never really gained any weight. She also likes to do sport on her free time and also her work needs you to have good figure.
Aria have always loved to wear dresses, already since when she was kid. She wasn't really a child who would climb on the trees and etc. She was more likely kid who stayed on the ground and did more girly stuff. She can wear pants, jeans and skirts too when needed and also t-shirts etc. Mostly at work she can't really wear dresses, they keep to stay in her way there. She also used to wear high-heels most of times but now she have changed it to flats. Lately mostly because it's hard to walk on heels when you are pregnant.


01. Intelligence
02. Loyalty
03. Kind
04. Brave
05. Trustworthy
06. Sweet
07. Friendly
08. Artistic
09. Protective
10. Honesty
11. Smiley
12. Caring
13. Happy
14. Stubborn
15. Childish
16. Hardworking
17. Chatty
18. Stubborn

+ Music
+ Reading
+ Cooking
+ Chewing
+ Cats
+ Piano
+ Kids/Children
+ Chocolate
+ Honesty
+ Singing (not in public)

- Dogs
- Rats
- Spiders
- Metal & Heavy music
- Rude people
- Singing in public
- Onion
- Kitting

1. To find a job
2. To find boyfriend, a future husband
3. To have kid(s)

Biting nails when nervous or stroking her hair with fingers.

BOGGART: Too lose her family member

PATRONUS: Still is visiting the Disneyland when she was 9.

DEMENTOR: Losing her cat Leila in car accident

VERITASERUM: If she tells it won't be secret anymore.

MIRROR OF ERISED: To be part of big family. (parents, siblings, etc)

PERSONALITY: Aria is kind and sweet girl, who is always liked by everyone when they meet. She is also very loyal and trustworthy person, when someone tells her secret then she will keep it safe. She never goes to third person and tells about someone else secret. So people can trust her and she trusts most people around her too. When she have heard that you have used her trust then you are probably in her bad list. Also Aria will be friendly to everyone most of times but she can be mean and rude one too when you really piss her off or are like that towards her too. She just can't always remain kind, sweet and friendly. She is quite brave one, she doesn't mind risking with her own body for someone who is close to her and also in her job she needs to save people from danger. She is very intelligence and has quite high IQ, but she doesn't go around and talking about it, she most of times keeps it to herself.


FATHER: Ethan Haywood / 41 / Auror

MOTHER: Chloe Haywood / 40 / Healer

SIBLING/S: Logan Haywood / 18 / Ex-Gryffindor / Jobless
James Haywood / 17 / Gryffindor
Amber Haywood / 16 / Ravenclaw

Tyler Haywood (Cousin from her father side)
Serena Haywood (Cousin from her father side)
Austin Haywood (Cousin from her father side)
Logan Haywood (Cousin from her father side)
Damon Haywood (Cousin from her father side)
Oscar Haywood (Her uncle)
Anette Haywood (Her uncle's wife)




Grey Tabby Cat named Sheila (Lives currently with her parents)



Aria did born in 23th July as first children to Ethan and Chloe Haywood. A year later in almost same date was born her one brother, just three days after Aria did born Logan. And almost year later was born her other brother James. Once again a year passed and was born Amber into the family. So all this Haywood family siblings are born with four years.

In her childhood Aria was always happy and smiley girl and still is actually. She did spend a lot of time with her family, they did went many vacations together when they all had time. Her mother made her to go to muggle school even if at start she didn't really want, she was smart enough actually. In muggle school she mostly did spend time alone than chatting with her friends or spending time with them. She just was back then already girl who was more into the books than her friends. So all that studying and reading in her free time made he not be so popular girl in her school, but same time her brothers where quite popular ones.

When she was 11 she did get letter from Hogwarts. She really was happy to go there, she had always know who she was, well basically since when she was 5 years old girl. She did discover then magic but never used it around muggles, it wasn't allowed. In Hogwarts in first day she was sorted to Ravenclaw house and this was house were she really did belong. She also herself wanted to be there.
Her first year was great, she did learn new things about magic. She made many good friends for rest of life. Of course she had good grades since she liked to read and she always did all her homework on time. She did even help her friends do it when they needed help.
Second year was good too. She did learn more stuff, she didn't have to learn how to fly with broom since she knew it already but she still did take that class just in the case. She did find many more friends with who to hang out or just study together.
Third year was also good one. It was full of happiness and joy. She did learn more new things and spells about magic. She really did like it here. She was glad to have so many friends with who she could chat in common room or out of it.
Fourth year was the year when she did began to have crush on one boy first time, he was three years older than her. She never didn't tell him how she felt about him. Her one closest friend just knew about it. But yeah she also did learn new things in this year.
Fifth year it was quite good year. That boy was she had crush last year did graduate and she never saw him again. So she was a little bit depressed at first but her friends made her smile all the time so she began slowly forget about him. She wanted to have fun of course. She did learn new things also in this year.
Sixth and Seventh year went past quite fast. Of course she had much fun in these years and also had few crushes on boys. She was always very smiley and happy person.

After graduating she did became Auror and she really liked her job and she did keep it so far as she could. At first people thought she was stupid to choose such job, so many thought that healer was much better for her. She did made them to think differently about it. Couple of months ago she did had one nightstand when she was drunk, she still doesn't remember much from that night but she did get pregnant from that night. That she knows for sure and she decided to keep the baby. She even has her parents support and also that man who is babies father wants to be in babies life. Her parents bought her even small house, since apartment was too small for her and kid. She really is loved by people who are around her.



RP EXPERIENCE: Few years. Soon 3.

HOW YOU FOUND US: Friend 3 years ago told.

MAIN CHARACTER: Jessica Wendorf

CHARACTER PURPOSE: Just recreating app. Also last name was changed. (Reasons).


At least one paragraph - skip if you have another character
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Re: HAYWOOD, Aria Maria

on Thu Sep 03, 2015 7:06 pm
Looks good, Krissu! I'll move the other one for you Smile
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