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Aneta Markova
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on Tue Aug 25, 2015 8:14 pm

Aneta Feodorovna Markova


Real Name: Aneta Feodorovna Markova
False Name: Audrey O'Shea (she used that name in past, more in history)
Alias: Carmen

NICKNAMES:   Death Eaters know her as Carmen

AGE: 28

ALLEGIANCE: Death Eather

Koldovstoretz (Russia)

CLASSES: Students only. Please choose from Charms, CoMC, DADA, Transfiguration, and Potions.

WAND: rosewood, phoenix feather, 11' + rigid

PLAY BY: Elcin Sangu





BODY BUILD: athletic

Aneta is a girl who looks a lot younger than she really is. Thanks to her light complexion, her sky-blue eyes come to the fore. Her hair is naturally bright reddish. Often changed hair dye when she was younger, but since she was eighteen, she returned to her natural color, which is maintained until today. Her skin is bright, icy eyes, and only her fiery red hair helps her face to look warmer.

Aneta is tall and very good-looking woman. She  always exercise because she wants to stay in good shape. Although she is very pretty, she has no prominent curves but she is built as a model.
She has tattoo on her back
"All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream"
because she always seemed to be living in a dream or a nightmare.

This is a girl who will surely attract your attention if you meet her in the city.
She is always impeccably groomed, but never follows fashion.
Her style is classic, enjoys classic dresses, blouses and simple clothes, which always amend with some striking fashion accessories or jewelry. She never has too much makeup, usually you will see her with the light eye shadow, mascara and red lipstick. She looks as if she has a maximum twenty-two years although has twenty-eight, and often try to flirt with her a lot of younger guys.


+ Active
+ Adaptable
+ Adventurous
+ Attractive
+ Balanced
+ Brilliant
+ Calm
+ Capable
+ Challenging
+ Charismatic
+ Charming
+ Clever
+ Courageous
+ Creative
+ Dignified
+ Discreet
+ Dramatic
+ Efficient
+ Elegant
+ Eloquent
+ Energetic
+ Focused on her goals
+ Hardworking
+ Idealistic
+ Imaginative
+ Impressive
+ Independent
+ Innovative
+ Leaderly
+ Mature
+ Organized
+ Passionate
+ Persuasive
+ Precise
+ Resourceful
+ Self-reliant
+ Skillful
+ Sociable
+ Sophisticated
+ Spontaneous
+ Strong

- Abrupt
- Angry
- Arbitrary
- Arrogant
- Sometimes brutal
- Careless
- Coarse
- Cold
- Conceited
- Condemnatory
- Crafty
- Critical
- Cruel
- Demanding
- Devious
- Extreme
- Impulsive
- Moody
- Manipulative
- Narcissistic
- Possessive
-Was too loyal to her father

+ Coffee
+ Music
+ Her father
+ Rainy days
+ Books
+ Clothes
+ Shoes
+ Nature
+ Few friends

- Summer
- Flying
- Muggles
- Cats
- Birds
- Weak persons
- Kids

1. To graduate.
2. To become Death Eather.
3. To became leader of DE.
4. To find Nikolai and help him.

1. Although she is right-handed always eats with her left hand.
2. Smiles when she's nervous.
3. If she flirts, twisting a strand of hair around her finger.

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. "

“There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.”

Aneta is a person who is afraid of a few things. First of all, she is afraid of power. Often imagines herself in the future, or what's left of she. That is the woman - robot, the person who might have changed so much that her life had become empty. All she loves, dreams about and wants is the power, nothing else exists.
However, as much as she is afraid of success, she is afraid of failures too. She shudder to think of that She could lose everything and be left alone, the shell of what she once was.
And last fear is the fear of death. She is afraid of dying too soon, before actually living life.

1. The day when she graduated.
2. When she became a leader of Swedish Death Eaters.

DEMENTOR: Her father's death.

VERITASERUM: Now, her biggest secret is her entire identity.
She lives a fictional life, has a new name, history and everything else. Because of that, her biggest secret is that she's Aneta Markova, a former leader of the Swedish DE also known as Carmen.

All about her last job as a leader.

MIRROR OF ERISED: Aneta thinks that there is no desire. She had everything. She may only want to get things back to the old.
However, if she would looked  image at the mirror of erised, she would be surprised. In the mirror she would see her, happy in the family house. On the porch are sitting her mother and father, in love and happy while playing with grandchildren. This is what Aneta sincerely wants. Family, happiness and love.


Aneta is a very complicated person. She has adventurous spirit, always wants to try new things and often risks. In addition, she is manipulative, smart and strong, this are traits which help her to get everything she wants. Observing her personality and what caused some of her features, you would understand  Aneta was not a bad person. She was still a little girl who wants her father's praise, and ready for anything which makes her father be proud of her.  Hard to believe people in her life, there are a few people who are important to her and to who she trusts, for that person she would be able to turn the whole country upside down. By the nature she is impulsive and spontaneous, brilliant and able to accomplish all what she wants. Deep down she wants happiness and love. She never had a serious relationship, she is observed that only as entertainment.  She likes to experiment and learn new things in all spheres of life. She was experimenting a lot in love and eventually discovered she likes both women and men. She never fell in love and thinks she just does not have that feature. She is perfectionist and everything works gradually. She is able to spend hours coming up with something that would be perfect rather than quickly come up with low-quality solution. That is why she is an excellent leader.


Fedor Markov (pureblood, death)

Aksana Petrova (she doesn't know anything about her but she is Muggle, death)

Josja Markov (30, halfblood, alive)
Irina Markova (24, halfblood, alive)

Nikolai Ivaskov (best friend)
Adrian Blanchard (friend with benefits)
Blackburn family (longtime friends)

BLOOD STATUS:  halfblood but she thinks she is pureblood


SOCIAL STATUS: Wealthy  Class

PET/S: /



"Everyone has a story, something that changed him."



Aneta Markova was born at March 30, 2000 in Moscow. Her father, Feodor Markov, was pureblood wizard and the infamous leader of the Russian DE. He fell in love with Muggle woman, Aksana Petrova but could not stand the shame when he found out she was pregnant. A child was born, and shortly after, Feodor killed Aksana but let the child live. Girl is named Aneta, like his mother, and he decided that he would love her and learn to continue her father's footsteps. He had convince all and even his daughter that she is a pureblood witch and that her mother had left them.

November 27, 2005.
Aneta was crying. In the last few days Feodor is often found her in her room crying. Slowly approached her and embraced her with love that he kept only for her. "Why are you crying child?" lifted her head gently and wiped a couple of tears which  were streaming down her face. "Why I have no mom, daddy? All my friends have a mom," the girl said sadly. For days, girls are with their mother went shopping and made cakes and Aneta watched them sadly. Feodor sighed feigning sad. "Aneta, you're a big girl now, you can understand some things .. Your mother left us. She didn't love us. We have to keep each other because there is none. Do not waste your tears on those who do not deserve it, my dear." and wiped her last tears, and Aneta was determined that more will not let a single tear for that wicked woman.:

Aneta grew with his father, deprived of maternal figures in her life. She never learned how it feels to have both parents, and her mother did not miss her. However, her father's words have influenced her. For years, she decided she did not want the family because the family is not valid. If it is not true, the mother would not have left the children, right?


Aneta started to go at Koldovstoretz school in Russia. About her time at school is not much to say. She was always confident and communicative, and quickly gained a lot of friends. She joined to the Dark Followers who have formed a few years back in her school modeled on those in Hogwarts. Aneta is very smart, she enjoyed learning and  in almost all subjects. For most subjects showed great talent and was a favorite of many professors. She was the person you loved for sure. She was always ready to help, she was like a walking encyclopedia but a social, fun and a good friend.
At sixteen she changed a lot. Her father was quite influenced to her minds and she began to look the world  with different eyes. Now, instead of wanting to become a teacher, her desire was to join DE. She became cold, alienated from the majority of friends and was not prepared to help so easily. Slowly, she became the person she was after high school and accession DE.


Before DE:
Aneta finished school with excellent grades. She received offers for a variety of jobs, but nothing is not overly interested. Her father wanted her to join the DE in any other country and help her to come to the top and then to be able to cooperate. She moved to Switzerland and after a year joined their DE.

During DE:
The road to success was hard. She started with some small positions, but she was smart and a great manipulator, so she quickly climbed to the top. Her dreams came true. She became the leader of the Swiss DE. Being a member of the DE is meant constantly exposed to danger. Therefore, Aneta immediately on arrival in Switzerland started using the alias Carmen by which she was known even after most of the members knew her real name.
Carmen was a great leader. Smart, always cold mind, manipulative enough to gain all she wants but also fair to the other Death Eaters. Everyone was respect her and therefore she was sure that nothing can go wrong.
She met Adrian, three years younger wizard who was great fun for her.
Two years are needed her to become a leader, and after eight years of successful leadership DE, all fell into the water.
Her father was killed. Her best friend is missing. Everything was completely unclear for a few moments. Still, she knew who was responsible for the death of her father, and she knew he should not go unpunished. She headed to Russia and not thinking killed a new representative of the Russian DE, who killed her father. Then, she learned that her father was responsible for Nick's disappearance.
Carmen returned to Switzerland, but it was the worst possible decision.
Her murder triggered an avalanche of events, she lost the support of members and now they are looking for her, to kill her. She packed up her things and left.

After DE:
In her life once again came Elizabeth. It's a girl she met in Nik home, at a time when she was in relationship with him. Beth said her who is responsible for the death of her father, as well as Nik's disappearance. How Beth came to this information, now it did not matter.
After escaping, Carmen had sent her an owl with short-told in recent events.
Beth helped her to come to London and re-join the DE, with a new identity. She became Audrey O'Shea, Elizabeth's Blackburn half-sister with a brand new past.

But past came for her. She saw that she can't hiding forever, so she went to Russia and meed with DE.
For some reason, they forgave her and now she came to London again with her true identity and continue being member of DE.

False history:

Audrey O'Shea was born in London on 30 March 2000.
Her parents are Daniel and Maria O'Sheal, both dead.
Her sister is Elizabeth Blackburn.
She finished Hogwarts, during the school belonged to the House of Ravenclaw.
Currently unemployed and a member of DE.




HOW YOU FOUND US: Rina told me

MAIN CHARACTER: Charlote Waldorf

CHARACTER PURPOSE: I want to complicate things


At least one paragraph - skip if you have another character

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Aneta Markova
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Re: MARKOVA, Aneta

on Sun Aug 30, 2015 11:31 pm
She is done Very Happy
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Re: MARKOVA, Aneta

on Mon Aug 31, 2015 3:21 am
she looks fine to me, adna!

sorted and accepted to grads!

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