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HARRISON, Summer Riley

on Tue Aug 25, 2015 12:30 pm


FULL NAME: Summer Riley Harrison

NICKNAMES:  Doesn't really have any.

AGE: 11

ALLEGIANCE: None yet. Neutral

HOGWARTS HOUSE: Ravenclaw or Slytherin

CLASSES: DADA, Charms and CoMC

WAND: Oak, Unicorn tail, 11 inches + flexible 

PLAY BY: Alyson Stoner







GENERAL APPEARANCE: She has long straight brown hair, what is most of times a loose. When needed she will put her hair in ponytail too, so her hair won't disturb her when she needs to focus, like in potions lesson. Sometimes is her hair curly too when she wants to look more cuter or so. She has beautiful brown eyes what girl have gotten from her mother. She isn't really the tallest girl but not the smallest one either, she is mostly the average one, standing about 140 cm tall at the moment. She isn't really fat or thin either, she is middle there. She wouldn't changes anything abut her figure, she loves it as it is. 

Girl most of times wear skirts and shirts. She can wear sometimes jeans and dresses too when needed. More likely she will wear dress than jeans or other pants. She wear mostly flats since their most comfortable footwear for her. 
She has already her once pierced. She actually has her navel pierced too but not many people know it. Even her parents doesn't know since she doesn't wear it when she has to wear bikinis. 





Likes: Music, Dogs, Chocolate, Sweets, Piano, Cute boys, Summer, Sunny Days

Dislikes: Studying, Books, Cats, Winter, Rainy & Snowy Days


1. To graduate Hogwarts
2. To find boyfriend aka future husband.
3. To find a job.
4. To have her own family.


She likes to curl with her hair when nervous or bit nails.

BOGGART: Being alone, not having anyone besides her, who loves as who she is.

PATRONUS: First summer holiday with her family in Paris when she was 3.

DEMENTOR:  To be alone in dark room awhile outside is storm going on. 

VERITASERUM: That she has navel ring probably. 

MIRROR OF ERISED: Her oldest sister to be alive.

PERSONALITY: Most people see Summer as sweet and nice girl but actually she isn't that. She is most of times quite rude and mean one but at first she might seem nice and sweet. The more and more you get know you realize who she really is. She doesn't like to lie to people in  the face so she always tells the truth, so sometimes truth does hurt and some people call her mean because of it. She doesn't mind it. 
She doesn't usually care about other people feelings so much, that's why she says what she things also most of times. She doesn't like to wait after other people, she wants to always be first one to go or get something. She hates when she has to wait in line more than 5 minutes, she doesn't have patient to do it. She is actually quite smart and clever girl but she doesn't always her knowledges in classes. She just doesn't really wanna stand out with her smartness. She more likely use it for something else, like doing pranks and so on to people or how to get away from punishment. She is brave one for girl for sure. 



FATHER: Adam Harrison, 46, Owns her own hotel management business.

MOTHER: Karolyn Harrison (nee Stonner), 45, Owns her own small clothes shop business.


Oldest sister: Winter Harrison, 28, Deceased (Died because of car accident six years ago)
Oldest brother: Marcus Harrison, 26, Works in father hotel management.
Middle sister: Marisol Harrison, 22, Works as Auror (Twin to Maribel, 6 minutes older)
Middle sister: Maribel Harrison, 22, Works as Healer (Twin to Marisol, 6 minutes younger)
Middle brother: George Harrison, 16, Hogwarts Student (Slytherin)

OTHER: There is many aunts and uncles and their families. And also her oldest brother wife and his first kid(son).

BLOOD STATUS:  Halfblood



Owl Castle.




She girl who wasn't really expect to born in family. Her parents didn't really want any more kids, they had like 5 kids already but it still did happen. So after girl was born she was mostly raised by nannies or her older sister, who was then already 17 years old and had go to for last year to Hogwarts in September. Summer was born in summer, that's where she did get her name. Her birthdays is on 15th July. So she never really received any parents love. She grow up with out her parents support. Her went by good until she was 5 years old girl, then her sister died in car accident. The one who did get most hurt from it was Summer, since these two were supper close, Winter (her oldest sister) was like mother to her. After that the sweet and nice girl who she was basically gone, she became girl who never didn't lie to people. Always told truth and never cared about other people feelings. Her parents didn't still care about her much. Girl did let her ears pierced already when she was eight years old girl, she managed to get permission from parents easily since they never read it through what it was for, they just signed it, they were too busy. Last year she did same thing with navel ring. Her parents never really had much time for her kids. Expect when it was time for summer holiday and first one and only good one she remembers is when she was 3 and they went to Paris.

HOGWARTS YEARS: Haven't started yet. 

ADULTHOOD: Not old enough for to write her something.




RP EXPERIENCE: 3 years now already soon. 

HOW YOU FOUND US: Back in the day friend told me. 

MAIN CHARACTER: Jessica Wendorf.

CHARACTER PURPOSE: First year was fun to play. I wanna do it again. Also first years are kind of needed still probably.


Skips. Skips it. 

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Slytherin Graduate
Alexandria Gibbon
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Re: HARRISON, Summer Riley

on Tue Aug 25, 2015 1:12 pm
Hi, Krissu! So glad you're making a first year Smile I just have a couple questions first.

Mainly, I'm concerned about the ages you picked for her family members. For a woman to get pregnant after 35 is very difficult and often very dangerous. It probably would have created a different dynamic within the family, especially because the mother waited until she was 38, which makes it all the more unlikely that she could have children. I'm not going to require that you change that, but I think you maybe ought to consider giving it another look.

Did you know that the boggart and the dementor are the same up there? If so, ignore this. But I've done something similar and it was on accident so I thought I'd ask.

Finally, I was torn on where to put her after the traits because they're rather contradictory, but I have a hard time seeing her as a Ravenclaw. Would you be okay with me sorting her into Slytherin?

Re: HARRISON, Summer Riley

on Tue Aug 25, 2015 2:07 pm
Well I did changes those things then Smile
Anyways Slytherin is okay yes.
Slytherin Graduate
Slytherin Graduate
Alexandria Gibbon
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Re: HARRISON, Summer Riley

on Tue Aug 25, 2015 3:04 pm
Okay! I'll sort her. But remember not to make any claims until your character has been colored; it's written in the site rules and on the forum index. You're good to go now, though, so go ahead and do those so you can get started!
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Re: HARRISON, Summer Riley

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