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Gryffindor Graduate
Gryffindor Graduate
Henry Tross
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TROSS, Henry William

on Wed Aug 19, 2015 5:42 pm



FULL NAME: Henry William Tross


AGE: 27. Birthday: December 20.

ALLEGIANCE: Order of the Phoenix

The Minister of Magic

Gryffindor House
Gryffindor Quidditch Team
Wales National Quidditch Team
The Holyhead Harpies

HOGWARTS HOUSE: Gryffindor Graduate

OCCUPATION: Head of the Department of Magical Games and Sports

Work history:
Started with an apprenticeship at the Ministry, working at the office and basically just acting as the paperwork guy.
He was promoted to a desk job, but that turned into Henry greeting and taking care of important international figures once they realized how good he was with people.
After that, he moved up into the Deputy Head position in the department because of his experience is both of the above positions.
Then, when that man retired he moved up again, to his current spot.

WAND: Elder wood, Dragon Heartstring, 10 1/4 inches, Fairly Bendy

Wood choice: Elder wood is the designated type of wood, based on the Celtic calendar, for those with a birthday on December 20.

PLAY BY: Richard Madden





BODY BUILD: Athletic


Henry consistently calls himself the more handsome of the duo when it comes to himself and Declan, though each of the men have their certain appeals. Henry, for his part, his tall enough, muscular enough, and outgoing that he is hard to miss. While he isn't always the slickest with words, he's got incredibly blue eyes that are easy to recall, and his laugh has an oddly shy appearance, which strikes many as odd. His voice is deep, and richer than some would expect.

Typically, he has facial hair of some sort, though usually just scruff, and never just a mustache. If he shaves the lot of it off, he looks almost baby-faced, and doesn't like not feeling masculine. He would say that it just adds to his charm, really, that scruff does. His hair curls when it's let to grow out, and he has a dreadful habit of messing with it when he does leave it long. So, more often than not, it's fairly short, at least on the sides.

Henry often dresses up, even when he doesn't need to, unless he's going to a Quidditch match. He does so frequently, mind. Basically every weekend, and with his friends. Then, he doesn't dress down exactly so much as wear shirts and trousers rather more comfortable than suit jackets and slacks.

On the whole, he appears quite open and friendly, and he's very intent on always making eye contact with others. So, even if he doesn't catch someone's attention from the get go, it's possible that his outgoing nature will pull their interest.


01. Adventurous
02. Alert
03. Charismatic
04. Compassionate
05. Creative
06. Curious
07. Dynamic
08. Energetic
09. Forthright
10. Gallant
11. Hardworking
12. Intuitive
13. Masculine
14. Neat
15. Passionate
16. Personable
17. Protective
18. Spontaneous
19. Witty

20. Ambitious
21. Competitive
22. Sarcastic
23. Unpredictable

24. Assertive
25. Blunt
26. Crude
27. Dependent
28. Disobedient
29. Impulsive
30. Loquacious
31. Meddlesome
32. Opportunistic
33. Self-Indulgent

01. QUIDDITCH: His first love, this sport has meant more to him than any woman has. Unless you count his mum, but that's different.
02. RAINY WEATHER: Needless to say, he is used to it. But his favorite, actually, is walking around in that misty sort of light rain.
03. TACTILE PEOPLE: Henry himself is quite tactile and prefers to be close to people who are comfortable with that as well. He would never make any moves he felt would be inappropriate, but he also doesn't want to inadvertently offend anyone.
04. EARLY MORNINGS: He doesn't need very many hours of sleep to feel re-engergized, and he wants as many hours of the day as he can get.
05. SUNSETS: It sounds pretty cheesy, but he likes seeing the sky change colors and knowing that he has spent another day well.
06. DEEP WATER: The best of all water sports can be done in lakes and on the ocean. He's like a fish, honestly.
07. HOLIDAY: He really does love his job, but he enjoys getting away with his friends and just having a good time now and again.
08. POTATO SOUP: Henry could eat this every day, probably, as it's the first thing he ever learned to cook, and his absolute favorite dish.
09. SCOTCH: His drink of choice, and the drink that is already prepared for him when he walks into the Leaky on Friday nights.
10. UNIQUE FOLKS: He is most interested in fascinating stories and the people within them. People to try to conform both bore and annoy him.

01. DANICA: She represents far too many things for him, all of which he would rather forget or pretend had not happened.
02. COOKING: Henry leaves that to Declan or his friends if he is at theirs. He'll pretend to cook things at his own house, but he's perfectly happy to just make the same few things every day.
03. CATS: Because cats.
04. PRISSY WOMEN: As much as naive girls can amuse him, he doesn't like the ones who just react too stiffly, just as he dislikes the ones who say utterly stupid things. Have you seen Mean Girls? Those. He hates those. Those can go away, thanks.
05. SMOKE: Be it from fire or a cigarette, Henry just hates the smell of it. It makes him cough, too, which is unpleasant. If he can avoid it, he will. The only exception would be in his fireplace, where the smoke is filtered up and out of the house.
06. HIS FAMILY: Or, well.. He dislikes those who are left.
07. TRAFFIC: Henry isn't one who typically drives around, but he has very fuzzy memories of his mother driving him to the shore, and he misses it. So he avoids doing so. Traffic just makes that worse.
08. READING: He has trouble getting invested in fiction, and textbooks just sort of make him sad. So he sticks to adaptations or storytelling in person.
09. LATE PHONE CALLS: Henry does have a cell, but he hates when people wake him up for something. Even if it's important, he'll probably be grumpy about it. The same goes for messages from the Order or Patronuses from friends.
10. BEING TOLD WHAT TO DO: Henry likes to think he has a pretty good handle on his life, but when people step in and say otherwise, he gets really annoyed and typically does the opposite of what they have asked him to do.

If we're being entirely honest here, Henry has actually reached all of the goals he's set for himself. In theory, he should be able to come up with some new things to aim for. But in practice, he isn't at all sure where he's headed. He might like to marry someday, as most people would, but kids aren't on his mind, and he already has his dream job, so really his only "goal" is to experience life to the fullest, with whomever will join him.

01. He may or may not have found that certain Muggle films and television shows are actually quite engaging if one takes the chance to find an interest in them.
02. Reading books feels tiresome to him, but if someone suggests a book to him, or asks him to read something, Henry will basically force himself to do so.
03. Every Saturday, like clockwork, Henry can be found at one of the Quidditch matches. Typically, he'll show up for the Holyhead Harpies, given they're from his hometown.
04. Henry really enjoys speaking Welsh at random to bother those who don't understand it.

DEMENTOR: Henry isn't sure if he's more upset about losing his mother exceptionally young or if he's all the more distraught over choosing to give up the rest of his family when he was 25. The first one shaped his childhood in a bad way, and the latter made him risk himself all the more. But if the first hadn't happened, the second might not have happened. But if he had to pick one, it would probably be the second. Some good did come from his mother's death, and while Henry himself would say otherwise, it's entirely true.

Type: ESFP

" "Where's the party?" ESFPs love people, excitement, telling stories and having fun. The spontaneous, impulsive nature of this type is almost always entertaining. And ESFPs love to entertain -- on stage, at work, and/or at home. Social gatherings are an energy boost to these "people" people.

SPs sometimes think and talk in more of a spider-web approach. Several of my ESFP friends jump from thought to thought in mid-sentence, touching here or there in a manner that's almost incoherent to the listener, but will eventually cover the waterfront by skipping on impulse from one piece of information to another. It's really quite fascinating.

New! ESFPs are attracted to new ideas, new fashions, new gadgets, new ______. Perhaps it's the newness of life that attracts ESFPs to elementary education, especially to preschool and kindergarten.

ESFPs love to talk to people about people. Some of the most colorful storytellers are ESFPs. Their down-to-earth, often homespun wit reflects a mischievous benevolence.

Almost every ESFP loves to talk. Some can be identified by the twenty minute conversation required to ask or answer a simple factual question.

Feelings and more feelings fill the life of ESFPs and give it meaning. They are easy to communicate with, and a lot can be discussed and laughed about with ESFPs. They exhibit great warmth when talking about others, even if they sometimes tease them. When it comes to gatherings of friends and acquaintances, ESFPs are always the life of the party. That is how trusting and warm relationships start, which are especially strengthened by their sincere attentiveness to the pressing problems of their conversation parties. ESFPs energy and capacity for empathy inevitably engage others in the lively atmosphere they create around themselves. It is true, however, that their drive to create a festive or cheerful atmosphere can lead to displeasure among some who may find it inappropriate.

Some topics are not particularly interesting to ESFPs, for instance those related to theoretical and logical reasoning. Elaborate discussions of scientific or technical topics do not particularly engage them. They can sometimes keep up a conversation around these topics, but it mostly has to do with their drive to have a wide social circle.

ESFPs have a large circle of acquaintances and friends. After all, a lot of people like to engage in communication with people who are open and who exude an elevated happy mood.

As a rule, business communication among ESFPs is connected to participating in solving current problems that are often related to public relations, advertising or sales. They often manage to find quick solutions to practical tasks where establishing trusting and warm relationships plays an important role."


Some might find it odd that Henry is actually exceptionally good at his job. In fact, he's incredibly thorough when he really cares about something, be that his job or taking care of someone he loves (in a familial way or otherwise). But when he doesn't know someone, or doesn't have a massive investment in the outcome of something - such as flirting with someone he doesn't know yet - he doesn't really think anything through. Once he has decided upon a course of action, very little can change his mind. He also knows when things need to be done, and dedicates the time he needs to in order to complete his assigned tasks.

He's always on time, energetic, and capable of getting many things done in one day. In fact, he lives for that. Henry cannot claim endless patience, though. People are not designed to be good, he's decided, but they can grow to be, depending on their friends and family. Henry, then, claims that the only reason he's any good is Declan Arryn. (see history)

His gut is usually what determines his choices will be. Reason only plays into things when he fears getting hurt or thinks he'll hurt someone he cares about. The most important person to him is his mother, even though she's been gone a long time. A few others rank very highly for him, but nothing matters to him more than the idea of making his mother proud.

Henry is surprisingly open about his feelings for others, at least compared to the people he spends his time with usually. If someone is important to him, they absolutely know it. Not only is he loud in general, but he really wants people to know when they matter, because he has had a few people he wasn't able to tell before they left him.

He has trouble empathizing (or, equally, sympathizing) with people if it's all just theoretical or in books. But if he can see it on their face, be that in film, picture or in person, it is a lot easier for him to understand it and figure out how to help them through whatever is wrong. That doesn't mean he always reads people correctly, or that he knows the best way to comfort them. But Henry is loads better at it if he's there and can see the grief or concern or whatever else plainly in front of him.

Henry relies on having chances to be social, if only because he wants to experience so much and know as many people as he can. He isn't afraid to try new things, even if they could be potential risks or could be dangerous. Life, he thinks, is just too short. Unfortunately, that means Henry has a bit of trouble telling himself no, sometimes.

Henry loves surprises of any kind, loves to give things a go for himself, and prefers to have some sort of sound in his ears at all times. Oddly, it keeps him focused where it might distract other people. It doesn't really affect the fact that he worries more about what he's meant to be doing just then than on what might come up. Because of this, he sometimes manages to get himself into trouble with work because he doesn't anticipate possible outcomes of his actions or those of his employees.

Henry IS:
- twenty-seven
- self-confident

- artistic, but does have a fairly decent singing voice (though he very rarely uses it)
- guilty about the dynamic between himself and his father & brother

- play Quidditch extremely well
- speak two languages [Welsh and English] fluently, and knows a bit of conversational Irish as well.

- stand food that has been reheated in a microwave (or basically reheated at all, ever)
- sit still for too long, unless he's invested in work or a film or something that keeps him engaged.

- say whatever he's thinking
- approach anyone who seems like someone he'd like

- listen when someone in the Order tells him he's making a mistake/taking too big a risk
- return to Barmouth, Wales on his own

- a chaser for Gryffindor during school
- closer to his mother than his father

- losing more of the people he cares for
- losing his job before he is ready to retire

- his dream job
- a house that, realistically, is bigger than he needs. [but he has not yet accepted that it can sometimes feel empty]


FATHER: Gabriel Tross
Death Eater

MOTHER: Natasha Tross

Ryan Anthony Tross, 31, Ex-Slytherin

Sister-in-law: Danica Crowley Tross



SOCIAL STATUS: Upper-Middle Class

PET/S: --


At first, things were fairly normal for Henry William Tross. He was the second son of Natasha and Gabriel Tross, and the younger brother of one Ryan Anthony Tross. While Henry was his mother's baby, essentially, Ryan was very enamored of his father's position and power. Gabriel was often busy, working on the wands he made for the wizarding community, but Ryan found it fascinating, and decided that he would carry on the family business at a very early age. Of course, after Graduating long after, he did just that.

Natasha was always desperate to get away from the house, given she didn't agree with Gabriel's involvement with the Death Eaters, so she often took the boys (or, Henry at the least) to their seafront home in Barmouth, Wales. She loved driving, so she would take her car and drive the hour and a half to two hours through the green hills of North-Eastern Wales to take her boys to the coast. As Ryan got older, he didn't want to go, but Henry went with her for the first four and a half years of his life, and loved those days more than any other.

Henry lost his mother when he was only five. His father had always been closer to Ryan, though he really wasn't a particularly sunny personality in general. Ryan took after their father too much for Henry's tastes, which explained why, when he left for Hogwarts four years before Henry did, he was sorted into Slytherin.

In those next four years, Henry cared more about sport and about his friends than he did about school, but if he expected his father to react (which he did, by the way), he would be sorely disappointed. So he became all the more interested in breaking rules and doing what he wants over what he really ought to do. It doesn't matter how long it's been since his mother's death, she's always on his mind.

Until Henry's fourth year, he was one of the most troublemaking Gryffindors to ever walk the halls of Hogwarts. He had his elder brother for an example, of course, and a father who had been dreadful since their mother's death. Ryan wasn't a great role model, and Henry spent those first four years both ignoring his brother as well as trying to one-up Ryan without actually acknowledging the Slytherin at all. When he realized how unprepared he was for the OWLs, he enlisted the help of Declan Arryn, an older Gryffindor who had just taken them for himself.

Now, Declan wasn't the best teacher, as he had not done exceptionally well in anything, barring an E in Defense Against the Dark Arts. But having someone there to claim things and demand that Henry correct or defend them? That definitely worked. Henry always did say that Declan was smarter than he gave himself credit for.

Mind, after the elder boy graduated, Henry took to classes that would help him in a business sense, and would ensure a position at the Ministry as he wanted. That, along with Quidditch, meant that he actually became a rather good student, even if he used his spare time to flirt (sometimes poorly) with other students - especially Hufflepuffs who turned more red than the others, or Ravenclaws who would chide him for his lame word choice.

Henry would definitely say that he loved his time at Hogwarts, and if he ever retired from the Ministry, he would consider teaching there, or acting as the coach or referee for House Quidditch matches (though he would be very obviously biased towards Gryffindor).

Henry's choice to join the Order was an obvious one. It came from one simple question: What would Declan want him to do? What would his best mate do, if he had the choice to do so? By the time Henry had been promoted up through the ranks at the Ministry, Declan was already in ownership of the Leaky Cauldron, and no matter how much the older man wanted to help the Order, he was constantly worried about what would become of the pub and its rooms, if he upset the wrong people. Henry, however, was no longer worried about upsetting his father. Nevertheless, he joined quietly to avoid family drama beyond what already existed.

Of course, it didn't change the fact that he did try to get along with his brother's wife. Neither Danica nor Ryan particularly wanted children, so they had been avoiding it for quite some time, instead throwing parties to rival his mother's best gatherings. It wasn't anything, compared to the pureblood socials that Henry had heard of, but he was consistently invited over to Ryan's home, and he believed himself to be a good judge of his sister-in-law's character.

He couldn't have known, though, that she had been slowly playing his best mate for the past year. One day, a music festival was being held in Dublin, Ireland. Ryan wasn't interested in going, but once he and Henry met to move furniture into Henry's new home, the younger brother convinced the elder to attend the festival to please Danica. They both showed up, though Henry stayed behind at first to grab lunch. When he turned the corner, though, he saw Danica standing over a man who had just been decked by Ryan's fist. His lunch was forgotten, thrown to the ground as he raced over to Declan's side, convinced the man could never have deserved such treatment.

To be fair, Declan hadn't known about Ryan. He hadn't known that she would reject his proposal, much less that she would do so because she was already married and hiding it from him. But that isn't to say that Declan is the most well-behaved man that ever was. He had done a few things in the past that might have led to this. But Henry held the Irishman to another standard entirely, and still does. Which is why he refused to believe the excuse Danica fed to Ryan over Declan's explanation.

Since then, he's incredibly vocal about his participation in the Order, no matter what his brother or father would think. In fact, he's almost reckless with his actions, volunteering for dangerous missions when he oughtn't. He doesn't tell Declan about those, though, because he doesn't want anyone to tell him how foolish it is. He already knows, thank you, but feels that there are others in the world who likely do more good than he does, and those folks deserve to live more than him because of it. He's good at his job, and he can do good through his missions, but Henry has seen people who he puts up on pedestals, and as self-confident as he is in certain aspects, he wants people who can change others to have their best shot. His mother would have thought that way, he's sure, and he cares the most about being someone she would have been proud of.




HOW YOU FOUND US: I'm not sure I was ever anywhere else.

MAIN CHARACTER: Adrienne/Keiran

CHARACTER PURPOSE: He's a cad, and he'll probably cause some trouble in the coming chapter of the site plot. Also wanted to use my old Personality exercise again, so that was fun.
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Re: TROSS, Henry William

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Woohoo! Accepted and sorted into Grads! <3
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