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on Sat Aug 08, 2015 9:31 am

Aurelia Isolde Sanderson


FULL NAME: Aurelia Isolde Sanderson


AGE: 15

ALLEGIANCE: Neutral, for now


CLASSES: Aurelia's best subject is Charms, though she does enjoy Transfiguration and Potions. Subjects that can be improved upon in private work well for her, as she doesn't mind practice. She absolutely hates Divination, and isn't so good with Care of Magical Creatures.

WAND: Cheery wood, Thestral hair core, 9”, Inflexible

PLAY BY: Rachel Weisz





BODY BUILD: Slender, with lean muscle. Still on the shorter side, Aurelia has enough curves not to be considered a stick

GENERAL APPEARANCE: Aurelia's hair is usually kept long, with loose curls. Prominent eyebrows, and a no-nonsense gaze, make for a very calculating expression most of the time. It puts some people off, but isn't overly hostile. She doesn't like her nose, but paired with the rest of her features, she's grown to appreciate the fact that she simply has a more classic face than some girls her age. Her resting face isn't a smiling one, as her mouth generally turns down, but more of a contemplative look. Beyond facial details, Aurelia is rather fond of her hands. They are often ink-stained, and she doesn't take much time for polish or manicures, but her nails grow naturally long. She has a scar running down the top of her left shoulder, more silver than a dark red, that she got from a fall when she was young. Aurelia doesn't hate it, really, but she has plans to cover it with a tattoo when she's old enough.


TRAITS: Quiet, but not shy. Very observant. Professional when necessary, but likes to let her hair down when she's alone. Blunt. Sarcastic. Loves sweets. Not athletic, but active enough to stay healthy. Emotionally closed off, but generally okay with that fact.

LIKES & DISLIKES: With a sweet-tooth the size of Texas, Aurelia usually has some sort of treat stored away in her bag from the last meal. She absolutely adores the color green, and the smell of the outdoors. Her pale skin may give the impression that she rarely goes out, but her favorite study habit is to lay out on a blanket by the lake, soaking up the sun's rays. She absolutely hates divination, and all things whimsical of the like. Magic she can handle; but the idea that the stars have any say in her life, absolutely not. While she doesn't mind living at a school, she positively hates the idea of sleeping in a room with practically strangers.

GOALS: She is unsure as to what she wants to do yet, after Hogwarts. She has mused about the idea of writing, or research in some kind of field. Anything, really, that would keep her here in Europe. Her main objective right now is to learn as much as possible about this mysterious Kraine character.

HABITS & QUIRKS: When engrossed in a book, Aurelia tends to bite on her lower lip, the end of a quill, anything really that she can put in her mouth. Even her wand has small teeth marks, though she tries to avoid that. Recently, she has begun to keep a journal. Nothing too routine, but a way for her to get thoughts onto paper.

BOGGART: That she will wake up one day and be back in her house in North Caroline, magicless, and alone with her family.

PATRONUS: Takes the form of a Hedgehog. Her memory is finding Kinai, her cat, in an alley in Hogsmeade.

DEMENTOR: When Aurelia was five, and her mother had been dumped for what felt like the 20th time, her mother broke down yelling at her. “No man will ever want me with a strange little girl like you. I should never have had you!”

VERITASERUM: Her search for Vincent Kraine.

MIRROR OF ERISED: To have a home, someday. A real one.

PERSONALITY: Most people would think she is shy, or scared of talking to others. Most of the time, Aurelia just decides not to participate in conversation. It's not that she feels others are beneath her, no matter how her mother raised her, but she just usually isn't interested in what others have to say. When she does talk, she sometimes comes off as blunt, or abrasive. In truth, she actually really enjoys jokes, and loves to laugh and smile. She enjoys reading, and books, because it provides a way for her to learn other people, without feeling judged or criticized by them.


FATHER: Unknown

MOTHER: Kristine Smythe (Sanderson)

SIBLING/S: William Smythe (7)

OTHER: Arnold Smythe (Step-father)



SOCIAL STATUS: Wealthy Muggle family

Kinai. 3 year old domestic short hair cat, mostly white with patches of black

A pitch black ring, a simple 3 mm band


EARLY YEARS: Raised by the only child of a wealthy Muggle family, Aurelia wanted for nothing when it came to possessions. Her mother, Kristine, raised her with the belief that her father had died in the army. Besides that, the woman never spoke about him, nor did Aurelia ever meet anyone on that side of her family. Like many children in similar households, much of her time was spent surrounded by private tutors and nannies, seeing very little of her mother or grandparents.

Growing up in an old southern family, Aurelia was expected to act like a proper lady from a very young age. Oh, she took to her classes well enough, and impressed the tutors. She learned to smile just so, and tend to her formalities. But given the chance, she would rather walk the wild hills, red dirt caked on her boots and the sound of cicadas in her ears. It was a rather lonely life, but that suited the young girl just fine. At least, until her mother remarried. It wasn't long after that they received news of a child. That's when everything changed.

It was clear from the day William was born that Aurelia would never feel at home again. She hated the little ball of flesh, that would scream and cry at all hours of the night, always gaining the attention of those around her. Her mother, and her new father, made it very clear that they preferred “their” child. So much so, that Aurelia became a shadow in their gigantic house. Instead of feeling sad and downcast, however, she turned to books. All manner of subjects interested her; no one subject was beyond her insatiable curiosity.

A few years down the road, and Aurelia had to admit that the stumbling little toddler wasn't quite so terrible. At least she'd found ways to entertain him and was sure he wouldn't tell the adults. She'd read about magic tricks, and found that she was rather skilled in them. Sometimes, even, objects would seem to do her bidding by thought alone. She wasn't doing anything wrong, per se, but she knew it wasn't something to share with people. That was why, when she received a letter to Hogwarts, she wasn't so much surprised as unsure of the repercussions. It was easy, however, to convince her mother to send her away to some boarding school “across the pond”. If she and Arnold didn't know what kind of school it was, all the better.

HOGWARTS YEARS: By the time young Aurelia reached King's Cross Station, she'd grown accustomed to the newness of her recent life. While she could see other young students, probably first years like herself, trembling in their uniformed shoes, she figured anything they threw at her was better than home. Her first year at Hogwarts followed much of the same outlook. Sorted into Ravenclaw, Aurelia was granted a place that she could almost call home. Her curiosity, and love of knowledge, wasn't at all odd or unnecessary, and she was rarely pushed to make close friends with her housemates. She was friendly enough with most of them, but it was more of a polite civility.

The next two years followed in a similar way. After returning from an excruciating summer with her family back in the states, Aurelia would fall back into her world of books and quiet time. While she was pleasant enough to not draw attention, she seldom took time to carry on conversations with her classmates. Most of the time, she could be found lounging around the grounds, a book or two laid out around her as she let herself become engrossed in her latest literary fancy. In class, she was rather successful, coming in near top of her year, but not quite. It was good enough for her, since she cared more for what she learned than for impressing others.

Aurelia's fourth year, however, was when everything changed. One cold December night, while many students were away on holiday, she received a strange package from an owl outside her window. It contained a tiny black ring, and a note that simply read “For this, and all the others. Happy Christmas. - Vincent Kraine”. Puzzling, as she had never heard that name before. An owl home to her mother was received with as close to a Howler as a Muggle could create. She could practically hear the anger and acid in every word of that letter. It was clear that she would receive no answers.

Over the next few months, she took all the time she had aside from studying to investigate. It was difficult, however, as she found no record of him in the Muggle systems. It wasn't until she stumbled across a wizarding history book, while doing research for class, that she came across the name. It was a rather new book, that chronicled the families involved in Lord Voldemort's uprising and the first two Wizarding Wars. A lesser known family, the Kraine's had been supporters of the wizard's cause from the beginning. At first, Aurelia thought it could be a coincidence, until she found an image of a document with signatures. The man's hand writing was clear as day. But what could she do now? She didn't think it wise to go spreading around the fact that a man presumed dead, a known Death Eater, was wishing her a happy holiday.

When she returned home for the summer holiday, she found her mother to be more reserved and cruel towards her. On the rare occasion that Aurelia tried to broach the subject, Kristine practically banished her to her room and would not speak to her for days. As the approaching school year looms, the young witch is even more curious to discover all she can about this mysterious stranger, and knows that the wizarding world holds the answers.



RP EXPERIENCE: 3 ½ years RPing. 1 year running my own site

HOW YOU FOUND US: Forumotion.com search

MAIN CHARACTER: Aurelia Sanderson

CHARACTER PURPOSE: Unclear what this means, but my intention for joining is to try out a new group of writers with an entirely knew character. Sometimes the best cure for writer's block is to try something new. So, here I am!


A soft meow pulled Aurelia out of her day dream. An all too familiar tail swiped at her face, causing a small giggle to erupt from the young witch. “Cut it out, will you?” she teased at the cat stretched out beside her.

She knew what Kinai wanted. Just last week, she'd learned a spell to create little blue birds to appear in the air, flitting this way and that. Ever since her first practicing day with it, the little fur-ball couldn't get enough. Luckily it was easy to continue without so much as a second thought, so long as she didn't drift off to sleep, like she just had. With a swift flick of her wrist, they emerged from her wand, floating a foot above their heads.

As the cat tended to his task, Aurelia used her free hand to fluff up her cloak under her head. This wasn't her favorite place to lay out by the lake, but it would do just fine. The sun shown down on them brightly, creating enough warmth for the girl, who always seemed bto be cold. Picking up her book, which had fallen to the blanket at her side as she'd dozed, Aurelia continued on in her reading.

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Re: SANDERSON, Aurelia

on Sat Aug 08, 2015 10:19 pm
Hello, Teagan! I got your PM Smile

I have a question for you, first off. Is she joining the Dark Followers because Kraine supported Voldemort? Why is she involved there, if she comes from a Muggle family and doesn't seem to have a clear reason for being on that side? I'm not at all asking you to move her from the DFs, but there should be a reason if you're wanting to have her there. Particularly if she is a Gryffindor.

That said, there isn't a whole lot in the app that makes me think of her as a Gryffindor. Even in your history for her, you said she doesn't fit in there. Right now, I'm leaning towards putting her in Ravenclaw but that would mean you'd have to change your history. So if you don't want to do that, you should add more traits to that section. Generally, we look for specific traits (witty, athletic, amiable, things like that) and then specific explanations of her appearance for the General Appearance section. The latter turned a little bit into a personality section, so at least for the future, you'll need to be more specific there. For now, that isn't terribly important. I'm more concerned about how to sort her for you. I would rather put her in the house you prefer, so if you have a specific reason why Aurelia should go there and I just missed it, please point that out to me so I can go ahead and get that done for you.

Oh, a note about classes - They aren't which ones she's signing up for, but rather which she does the best in. Hopefully that clarifies that for you. And if you have any questions or would rather chat about ideas via PM, feel free to shoot one my way!

Re: SANDERSON, Aurelia

on Sun Aug 09, 2015 5:20 am
Thank you so much for the guidance, suggestions, and clarifications. I'm not ashamed to say I was unclear on some things. I've made some adjustments to a few things.

  • I've changed her to Neutral. My intention is to have her join the Dark Followers soon, however that happens on this site. I haven't read enough to know how to get her involved with those people, so I will probably have questions later about that.
  • I chose Gryffindor because there was a need, and she doesn't fit into Hufflepuff. But so long as it doesn't throw your numbers, I'd love to have her as a Ravenclaw. I've adjusted her history to include this. I had a few ideas how to streamline things IG for her to be Gryffindor, but she does fit better in the other house. So thank you for being willing to have her there.
  • I've updated her Appearance and Claims as well Smile

Anything else you see, feel free to let me know!
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Re: SANDERSON, Aurelia

on Sun Aug 09, 2015 5:31 am
The Dark Followers is mainly a group who want to become Death Eaters when they graduate. It's a sort of PA-built faction meant to rival the idea of the Potter's Army (as opposed to Dumbledore's Army, because in this AU Harry has died, so they named it to honor him posthumously). So in order to join, really, they would need either a desire to lie and say they support the Death Eaters, or they would need a reason to do so. When we do our next site Update, we're going to be editing a bit how the school factions and Prefect positions work, so if it suits you to wait for that to happen, it won't be dreadfully long before then, though the exact time is a bit up in the air among the Admins right now.

Other than that, I really like her. I won't have buckets and buckets or anything until mid-September (there's a link explaining that in my signature), but I think it would be interesting to see her with my first year if you're interested.

And the Wanted Characters section is more of what we hope people have ideas for. It isn't exclusively restricted to those areas, by any means. I'll get her sorted for you. Smile
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Re: SANDERSON, Aurelia

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