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PANGEA, peter terrance

on Sat Aug 08, 2015 1:43 am

PANGEA, peter terrance


FULL NAME:†Peter Terrance Pangea

NICKNAMES: Peter Pan, Indiana Jones, but you can call meÖ.Bert Macklin!

AGE: I am 31 years old

ALLEGIANCE: That would be the Order of the Phoenix if you donít mind.†

HOGWARTS HOUSE: Well way way back in the day I was sorted into Gryffindor but I really considered myself as more of a Hufflepuff

WAND: Yew, with a dinosaur tooth core, 12 inches and not very malleable Ė if that Dino tooth wand core really isnít up to the norm then Iíll settle for a Unicorn Hair but I mean I know my own wand haha!†

PLAY BY: Chris Mothereffing Pratt



My hair is pretty auburn in colour bordering on ginger in the proper light. I mean really I donít ever do much to it unless itís a special occasion but those usually involve my mother and father and they donít really ever care so even then I donít do it. But if you give me the rare opportunity to go out in public and do something professionally then hell, Iíll do my hair fancy for you.
I would consider myself on the beefy side Ė I never used to be oh boy, but thatís a different story Ė I regularly workout to keep up my muscle tone and strength. Iím pretty tall pushing around 6 feet or so not counting my boots which had an extra inch sometimes. I do a lot of travelling and running around so itís important to me to keep up my chiselled features. It doesnít hurt with the ladies either, if you catch my drift, hit me up if you got some downtime Wink
Hang on let me grab a mirror here Ė alright, okay, just once second Ė I am definitely attractive. My beautiful sparkling eyes will gaze deep into your soul and make love to you Ė no Iím sorry I canít do it hahaah. Okay let me try again.
I would consider myself a fairly attractive man in my facial region. There definitely isnít any super hardcore scarring or misplaced facial tissue. I like to keep my cheeks chiselled and my chin heroic Ė it really helps when youíre off adventuring. I really enjoy sporting a beard although it tends to grow in patchy at times Ė it all depends on my climate really. I could even sport some weird hybrid of a goatee and sideburns but really I never go clean shaven. Thatís not a thing a man who likes to adventure really does Ė did I mention I enjoy adventures.
Really though, my eyes are pretty cute. Theyíre uuuuh; hazel-ish bordering green. Itís weird looking into your own eyes. My nose is pretty cute and like I said my chin is downright heroic.


I am indeed a very big fan of layers as most people who run around a lot and hunt treasure do. I am also, however, an even bigger fan of breathable fabric so Iím usually wearing your classic t shirt and jeans or maybe a plaid button up here and there. Iím not a very classy guy I dress casual as often as possible. I like to really feel good and to me thatís really what speaks to me Ė layers and as little as possible. Thatís kinda a paradox but whatever man, I donít even know how to describe my face. I like sleeves too if that helps at all. Boots too, Iím always wearing a pair of either hiking boots or just plain old sneakers.
Oh, also in rare occasions Iím known for ironically wearing a fedora to feel like Indiana Jones.



  • Adventurous
  • Objective
  • Appreciative
  • Brave
  • Modest
  • Charismatic
  • Liberal
  • Charming
  • Compassionate
  • Selfless
  • Relaxed
  • Resonsible †


  • Aggressive
  • Sarcastic Ė although this could fit under both really
  • Blunt

  • Devious (at times Iím not always like that)
  • Picky
  • Unforgiving†
  • Self-Critical

  • Forgetful


*Likes will be in regular text and dislikes will be bolded*

  • Adventures

  • Alcohol

  • Women

  • Drinking Games

  • Food

  • Animals

  • Physics

  • Philosophy
  • Hierarchs
  • Skeletons
  • Bullies
  • Superiority
  • Doctors

*Strengths are bolded this time – gotta keep things different and interesting!

  • Offensive Magic

  • Debating

  • Treasure Hunting

  • Chivalry

  • Drinking

  • Comedy

  • Emotions Ė all the emotions

  • Puzzles

  • Following Directions
  • Sitting Still
  • Following Maps
  • Cooking
  • Flirting
  • Charms & Potions
  • Organization
  • Remembering Things


Iím a bit of a nail biter and I dabble in knuckle cracking as well.


A skeleton army or anything bone related I hate skeletons Ė theyíre so unnatural Ė and not as common when treasure hunting as one might seem.


-Takes the form of a Grizzly Bear-
My fondest memory I call on for a patronus is probably just sitting with my family around the campfire talking about life and the stars in the sky outside and sipping on beer Ė I mean pop.


The worst memory in my braintake is without a sliver of a doubt the burning down of the family house Ė it was a very bad day for everyone in my family we lost so much in that fire. But you gotta move on and work on the future instead of focusing on the past.


I stole the last cookie from the cookie jar.


Me Ė surrounded by a beautiful girl on a golden throne in a room full of gold and treasures Ė but I mean thatís a little unrealistic.


Both of my parents played extremely large parts in making me the man I am today. Iíll get into that more later on down the line of the application; but without them I wouldnít be who I am. In one word how could I describe myself? Handsome? Smart? Charismatic? Hilarious? No all of those are stupid Ė nobody can be described in one word. Well nobody except for Voldemort; that guys was just flat out no good. You canít really expect an objective opinion on how amazing I am but Iíll sure as hell do my best for you guys.

I would consider myself a very lovable man, much life my father, and a very understanding man. Although donít cross me or youíll never hear the end of it I swear. I try to be as welcome to other human beings as much as possible because I love making new friends. I also love having people assist me when I need them Ė I have racked up a bunch of favours over the years I only cash in on every few months or so. Itís nice having people around too though because thereís always someone to talk to and get drunk with. However, I donít like taking orders from people but I tend to suck it up in most cases. Basically donít be a dick and Iíll respect you and listen Ė generally. Except the unexpected from me really. I like to live my life like that, always keeping myself and others on their toes.

Iím also pretty fidgety I like to bite my nails and Iím a big whistler. Oh and Iím really forgetful like I have a degree in selective hearing so always say things twice to me cause Ė wow Iím bad at that sorta stuff. Women are not generally in my area of expertise at least not right now. Iím married to the thrill of life and I really donít see a woman stealing me away from her. I have also at times been told Iím a little cold Ė maybe blunt is a pretty good word but I donít see it. I mean I definitely hate myself sometimes but really who doesnít right? Itís my sarcastic attitude problem I think. Itís how I deal with my screw ups WHICH DO HAPPEN. Iím pretty good at rolling with the punches though. I can turn a sticky situation into a stickier situation and then find my way out of it pretty clean.



William Wolfe Pangea Ė My father was a very liberal man who cared very little for how others viewed himself. This is very much how I feel about myself. My father always had a joke to tell and a smile on his face which really influenced me to become who I am today. I base a lot of my opinions and my views on things on the way my father raised me. Both of his parents were magical which allowed me insights into muggle and magical worlds.


Elizabeth Jeanette Nelson Ė My mother is still a very important part of my life. I visit her every week and we get dinner and occasional lunches. Christmas with my brother and sister are always at her place and we always get extremely intoxicated. Much like my father my mother was a very warm and welcoming person who only saw the good in the world. Unlike my father, however, she is a very spiritual person in terms of the supernatural. Her parents were both muggles which means religion had a very big impact on her life. Despite my fatherís wishes she decided it would be best to introduce me to the subject matter in hopes of letting the tradition of religion continue on. Alas, I have chosen the ways of the atheist but she loves me all the same.


Kaia Mary Pangea Ė My estranged squib sister who distanced herself from me since I received my acceptance letter. To this day we only see each other on Christmas and to even speak we need to be drinking Ė heavily.

Reggie William Joseph Pangea Ė My extremely professional magical older brother. Reggie hasnít had a girlfriend since he was seven and was asked out as a joke by the popular girl in elementary. We go out every once and a while and I try to help him with his game but heís just soÖawkward. He works in the Ministry of Magic in a high position that he just canít seem to tell anybody about.

OTHER: Couple of aunts and uncles Ė nobody too important.

BLOOD STATUS: †Three-Quarters Muggle? I donít know like my mom was muggleborn and my great grandfather on my fatherís side was a squib.

SPECIES: Part Raptor †Iím a human, at least last time I checked.

SOCIAL STATUS: Low Middle Class

A long time ago my mother was attempting to help her muggle friends liberate an experimental facility that was doing testing on various animals. During this liberation she was bitten by a female Doberman attempting to protect her puppies. Now my mother would have easily adopted that Doberman that bit her despite its temperament because she understood. What she did not understand was why it was necessary for one of the scientists to then shoot the dog and light the lab on fire. In the chaos she managed to save the Doberman puppies and all but one were dead.

That pup was Blue, my Doberman, she has blue streaks on her front and hind leg caused by the experimental placement of unwarranted blue dye into her mother to track the effects of a drug intended to cure HIV. My mother brought her home when I was twenty eight and we clicked.


I have a flying motorcycle I use to travel great distances. Itís really tough on fuel though so Iím trying to cut back on using it.



As far back as I can remember I always wanted to be a gangster Ė SORRY, wrong movie.
I had a somewhat strange childhood to be perfectly honest. My mother came from a very muggle upbringing and my father came from a very magical upbringing. So I got both ends of the spectrum a far as parenting styles really came. Both of my parents cared about me and both of them were very warm people but they struggled on what to teach me as far as muggle vs magic. It ultimately would come down to both of them showing me what they wanted and letting me make the choice. Of course I was the only one of my family to regularly attend church with my mother. I did, naturally, choose the path of the theist/atheist in the end however the biblical stories always entertained me. My father introduced me to the magical world at a very young age as well. He and my mother would take me and my siblings on trips to varying magical landmarks every summer. My mother would also take my sister to Diagon Alley regularly for girl trips and always come back with at least a few bags of brand new crap for the house.

If my mother remembers correctly she recalls Reggie showing signs of magical abilities at the age of three. I, myself, was a wonderfully late bloomer only showing signs of abilities at age 10. I remember the very day my family discovered that I was a wizard. At that point I had been putting myself in different situations which might force the magic out of me. I had already broken my arm three times jumping out of the tree in the backyard hoping to magically have the trampoline pulled under me. But there was something about this fourth time that I knew something special was happening. It all started the second I went to jump out of the tree with my mother screaming at me ďOH FOR GODS SAKE PETERĒ. The branch broke under me and I fell straight down Ė fortunately for me I bounced right back up and onto the roof of the house only spraining my thumb in the process. I remember the look on my motherís face as she called my father to get me down. I ended up jumping down because I thought my magic would save me but I broke my leg in the process.
I never said I was a smart child.

We didnít see much of my motherís side of the family. They were all muggles Ė not that my mother really minded. She wasnít that fond of them anyway. But my fatherís side was very magical with a few squibs here and there. They were all so proud of my brother and I. My sister never quite fully forgave my parents for ruining her chances at the glory. But she went on to have a successful career in the medical industry Ė I still donít really see her that much. Iím not complaining, sheís really lame.


Reggie got his letter before any of us did heís several years older than my sister and I. That first year I remember him sending letters every week complaining about something. This made me extremely hesitant to want my own letter. But on my eleventh birthday guess which lucky Pangea got their acceptance letter. I mean I didnít even apply man, I was so upset. My days of television watching and videogame playing where over Ė let me tell you what was a transition I had issues making. Not only was I saying goodbye to all the things and people I loved but I was going off to a hell on earth. At least thatís how my brother played Hogwarts out to be. I always loved going to Diagon Alley so the trip itself to get my books and wand were all well and good.
This was a very special trip so as opposed to the floo network my father took me in his flying motorbike for some bonding time. Nothing super eventful happened Ė bought some books, a wand, some robes, a cauldron or two, and my dad even got me a thermos that had a permanent chill/hot charm on it. So even if the lid was off my beverage would stay hot or cold. Then came the day of boarding the Hogwarts Express and let me tell you I had never been so upset to see the angry look of my sisters face slowly fade out as the train moved forward.
Of course when I actually was sorted and began classes I learned that Hogwarts was a truly fantastic place. The staircases moved, there were doors that lead to nowhere, and even ghosts floating all over the place. It was the adventurers heaven. I lost count the amount of times I got lost because I would wander the halls late at night or on the weekends. I wrote to my parents every week and even tried to keep an eye on my older brother. I was sorted into Gryffindor and he was a Hufflepuff so that was a little difficult Ė but we still had breakfast on the grounds every Saturday. He became good friends with the house elves and they would bring us lovely warm food just for him.
And now for a few summariesÖ

First Year Ė Nothing eventful happened. I tried to get a big thing to happen to beat Harry Potterís record of getting past a three headed dog and facing Voldemort but hey they canít all be winners. The best thing I probably did was I snuck into the girls dormitories only to have them throw me out the window and have to be rescued by the groundskeeper. I excelled in everything because studying magic is freaking awesome and everyone should learn it. Made a few friends, kicked some ass, chewed some gum.

Second Year Ė The summer between First and Second year was hard for my family. My sister asked to move in with my motherís parents and they accepted her with open arms. She didnít write or call the family at all. This would be the last I see of my sister for many years. This year was another uneventful year I would say. I didnít do anything spectacular really. I officially became enemy number like seventy to the caretaker who had to deal with every other little shit in the whole school. Thatís how I would define my first few years really Ė I was a pretty horrible kid. Once again I excelled in everything Ė well I didnít do too well in potions. I lacked the patience for adding things in the proper order and nearly killed my potions partner. Learning to duel was fun though.

Third Year Ė The summer between Two and Three was an eventful one. My father got sick with some unknown magical disease that nobody really knew how to fix. Luckily he pulled through within a few weeks of having to go back to school so we went on a family road trip. We asked Kaia to come but she was having nothing of it. As far as she was concerned she wasnít a part of our family. But cutting to the good stuff, Hogsmeade trips started this year. This was also the first year I asked a girl out. Unfortunately for me my parents had decided they were going to surprise us at Hogsmeade one weekend and my brother told them I would need some company while eating ďaloneĒ in this lovely little coffee place they set up. Let me tell you she didnít speak to me again and I didnít write to my parents for the rest of the year. This was the real year where I pulled apart from my parents. I started doing more things on my own. I was the only one out of all my friends not too chicken to hang out in the Shrieking Shack. I mean yeah it was kinda creepy but aside from a few spiders it was cool. This would later be where I hid my alcohol. As far as school actually went I kinda blew this year. I focused too much on social and dueling and not enough on school. This would continue into my fourth year as well.†

Fourth Year Ė This summer was extremely uneventful. When I say nothing went on I mean it. I really didnít do anything but sat on the couch all summer. I actually got a little tubby this summer and didnít do anything about it. Which would later affect my school year. So yeah because I got fat very few girls were paying much attention to me during the school year. And all the stairs were such a hassle I figured why go anywhere I didnít have to go and waste the energy? There were no big adventures this year. Just a sad little Gryffindor crying alone in the common room doing his homework. I got really depressed this year and I just sort of thought what the hell. Who cares about school or social life or anything really. I spent much of my school year in a haze Ė I try to block it out because they arenít fond memories. I wrote to my parents almost every day that year and I really bonded with my older brother. He wasnít that popular either. But I did meet one of my best school friends this year. Phillip Klain Ė that man and I got into so many different adventures at school. Not that year of course but damn I miss him. I basically did terribly in every subject, even DADA.

Fifth Year Ė This was the year that everything really changed for me. That summer my parents decided there would be no couch sitting. We werenít in our home the entire summer; instead we went travelling and camping and so many different things. Every day my dad and I would go for a jog and just generally do active things. Iíll say at the time I hated every day of that summer and resented my parents for the whole school year. But looking back on it now it really saved my life. I lost so much weight that summer itís unbelievable but my brother made sure that I kept up with my routine. My dad was paying to do it so every freaking morning it was a jog around the lake and as my stamina slowly got better I would do two laps and so on. I started feeling better that year too. I still didnít talk to my parents but I was in a better mental state. I introduced Phillip to my adventures and we would cause trouble and go places we shouldnít. But I also put more time into my studies and I got all my grades back up. Aside from potions, I still didní have the patients to deal with things in the right order. Although there were no explosions I needed a new cauldron after this year.†

This was also the last year I would have with my brother. His graduation was one of the coolest things Iíve ever been too. There were fireworks and the biggest cake I had ever seen. Every single member of the family showed up to see Reggie off with full honours Ė everyone except for my sister and my motherís parents. Nobody really expected them to show up. But it would have been a nice sentiment to at least send a card or something. But not a single word Ė Reggie would later go on to work in a lower ring of the Ministry.†

Sixth Year Ė That summer I made up with my parents and they were very supportive of my idea to continue independently with my health choices. I started lifting weights this summer and got a rush out of it. I didnít do anything too drastic but it felt good every time and it kept me sane during the summers as an only child. The school year itself was definitely an interesting one. All the girls really began to pay attention to me again but they were just as superficial as all the friends I lost in my Fourth Year. Phil and I really excelled this year to be perfectly honest. We became the liquor kings of Hogwarts. I was the only one who was ever brave enough to really spend time in the shrieking shack so I kept a hoard of alcohol that Phil could get because he looked old enough to buy it. So naturally if someone needed something they came to us. Naturally we were caught near the end of the year when somebody snitched on us but damn that was a good year. My parents were furious but hey what can ya do?

Seventh Year Ė My summer was over the day it started. Punishment began day one and ended day one of school. That year at school I was practically a God to the other students. I never really acted on my status but Phil and I were really focused on our schooling that year. Phil wanted to run for Minsiter one day and thought itíd look better if he had fantastic test scores. I had a very slack schedule dropping Potions and Charms but I still tried extremely hard. I met a girl that year too. Her name was Allison and she was beautiful Ė it killed me when I had to break up with her at graduation. She was so set on moving in together and starting a life but thatís just not who I am. I need to travel and go places and see things. She was devasted and I havenít seen her since. But there was someone unexpected at my graduation. Kaia decided she was going to come to my graduation. She had secondary intentions other than seeing the family of course. She wanted me to come live with her in America. She barely even spoke to mom and dad but she spent several hours trying to convince me; and she did.


Kaia left back to America shortly after my graduation ceremony and I followed a few weeks later. Mom and dad tried convincing me to spend my first summer after graduation at home. In the end they were both very supportive of my decision despite Kaia being involved. Dad lent me his flying motorcycle for the trip and I was thankful. I had never apparated or travelled by floo powder that great of a distance before. The trip was long and I stopped at many landmarks before actually landing in New York where my sister was staying. I remember being totally overwhelmed by the city. Never had a seen anything so busy Ė even busier than downtown London. Times Square is by far one of the coolest things Iíve ever seen in my life. Kaia said she would meet me where and after some searching we found each other and it was like the past few years had never happened. She took me in after that, my older sister was a married woman with a husband nicer than anyone Iíd ever met before. She had gone and started school to be a doctor and had fallen in love with one of the professors. An archeology professor no less. This is where I discovered my love for treasure hunting. I spent a few years with them in New York Ė up until I was about Twenty-Four.†

With a little help from Reggie at the ministry giving me some pretty damn fine false records from a high school I never went to in the UK I spent those years studying Archeology under the tutelage of Kaiaís husband. We grew quite close over those years and he became an extended part of my family. Spoiler alert but their relationship didnít last. I still keep him on my Christmas card list though and we meet up every once and a while for a drink. I really like the guy but his heart is just too fragile and heís too trusting of other people. I myself am guilty of taking advantage of him for my treasure hunting needs. Every once a while though something rare and strange will appear on his doorstep so thatís me making up for being a dick.

Unfortunately my years with the happy couple came to an end one day when Reggie showed up at our apartment with news. Dad had learned that he was slowly dying and that there wasnít a muggle or magic cure for him. Kaia didnít say a word the whole time that her husband and I packed up to travel to the UK. Now that I think about the situation, it really shouldnít have been as surprising as it was; she wasnít going to leave. She claimed to have far too much riding on her medical degree and couldnít just up and leave now. She saved herself by saying she would come in a few weeks after some crucial exams. Reggie and I left but she never showed up Ė we got word later that her and the professor had gotten into an argument and split. I spent the next three years hanging around my family and helping out with my dad. And at first it really wasnít that bad. He was still the dad I knew before I moved away and the father I loved. But things slowly began to go downhill when he fell in the shower. The healers were able to fix the bones in his body but the head damage was irreversible. He had lost a large portion of his memory and no Leglimens or Occlumacy master cold solve the problem. All they could tell us was had he not hit his head so hard it wouldnít have happened like this.
After two more years of rapidly declining health and a lot of pent up anger my father died of a heart attack when I was 27 years old. There was nothing anyone in my family or any healer could do to help him before that. My mother was heartbroken and Reggie left his job at the ministry to help my mother out. I decided it would be best for me to spend some time at home as well. As a part of the healing process my mother accepted us into her now empty home and weíve never been closer as a family. Aside from Kaia being a general B**** and only calling to see if mom was okay we live an alright life. Her and mom have patched things up since then but Reggie and I still canít deal with her without copious amounts of liquor in our systems. I can count the amount of Christmases that ended in her storming out because I turned her chair into a frog.†

Two years later I moved out into my own apartment for the first time in my life and spend a solid portion of my time drinking and chasing ancient artifacts. I rarely keep anything for myself but I love the rush that comes with finding something bright gold on a pedestal. Reggie has found himself a place as well with a lady landlord and itís always interesting to see them interact Ė God heís so weird. Momís doing fine on her own. Sheís thinking about moving into an old lady apartment building with some of her friends. I mean sheís not that old but itís better than being alone. Last I heard of Kaia sheís a doctor now and living with a new man in her life. Letís see how the rest of this goes shall we?


ALSO KNOWN AS: The voices in my head are saying ďMatt, just write MattĒ

RP EXPERIENCE: I donít understand what this meansÖ


MAIN CHARACTER: The voices keep chanting ďLestrange, Lestrange, LestrangeÖĒ


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Re: PANGEA, peter terrance

on Sat Aug 08, 2015 2:51 am
nice to see you back, matt! its been entirely too long.

and I like him. I like all the detail you have about him too. he should be able to sufficiently stir things up a bit.

accepted and sorted to grads!

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