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McLaggen, Dariela Amelia

on Thu Jul 30, 2015 3:48 pm



FULL NAME: Dariela Amelia McLaggen

NICKNAMES:  Some people call her Ella, but she doesn't like that nickname, just like she doesn't like her name. She prefers that people call her Mia

AGE: fifteen

ALLEGIANCE: Dark Followers


CLASSES:  Potions

WAND: rosewood,  dragon heartstring, 11' + rigid

PLAY BY: Emma Roberts


HAIR COLOUR: She changes her hairstyle often. Her natural hair color is brown, but currently she is blonde



BODY BUILD: athletic

GENERAL APPEARANCE: Mia is tall girl, among the tallest in her class. She loves that, especially because she was very short when she was younger. Since she entered puberty began to wear high heels. She often experimenting with her hair color, now is blonde but it is likely to change soon. She is still young, and her body is still developing, she is athletic but probably will never have the prominent curves.  She looks like a model, all speak she needs to gain weight but she does not want to because she loves how she look. Her eyes color varies from dark brown to light brown, which is a complete contrast with her light complexion. She loves to wear clothing that helps that she looks older than she really is. That is why most people think that she is at least two years older. First, she has changed the hair color because she thought that her due to the dark hair and eyes complexion looks even brighter. Later she changed hair color because she realized that  bothers her parents. And in the end, she likes her blonde hair, for now.
Because of her blond hair she looks softer and more fragile, which is completely opposite to her personality.
She often dresses provocatively in defiance of her parents, and teachers. On the other hand, boys like her look and she enjoys in their attention.


+ Adventurous
+ Amiable (sometimes)
+ Athletic
+ Balanced
+ Brilliant
+ Capable
+ Challenging
+ Charming
+ Cheerful (most of time)
+ Clean
+ Creative
+ Curious
+ Dignified
+ Earnest
+ Elegant
+ Eloquent
+ Energetic
+ Honest
+ Humorous
+ Imaginative
+ Independent
+ Spontaneous

- Undisciplined
- Unfriendly
- Unstable
- Vindictive
- Willful
- Thoughtless
- Superficial
- Shallow
- Selfish
- Pugnacious
- Presumptuous
- Narcissistic
- Impulsive
- Excitable
- Cynical
- Critical
- Childish

+ Summer
+ Entertainment
+ Alcohol
+ Cigarette
+ Family (although she would never admit)
+ Music
+ Art
+ Fashion
+ Rain
+ Jogging
+ Cars
+ Travels
+ Perfumes
+ Camping
+ Stuffed animals

- Winter
- Coca Cola
- Books
- Learning
- School
- Naive people
- Insects
- Striking jewelry
- Bright lipstick
- Cats

GOALS: Mia is a person that is not overly interested in the future and therefore doesn't have particular goals.For now, her goal is  possibly to escape from the school, or to survive schooling.

HABITS & QUIRKS: Always carries a small mirror and lipstick in pocket.
Spinning a strand of hair around her finger when she's nervous or when lying.
Before learning she always running for 10 minutes because she thinks it will help her better remembered. It is not a successful method, but she still continues to work.
Mia always eats separately. For example,  first eats meat, then the attachments and then salad.

BOGGART: It can be said that her biggest fear of death . She is afraid that she would die young. Her second biggest fear is from insects. In addition, she is afraid of blood. She is quite sure that it is able to kill the doctors who try to take her blood.

PATRONUS: Her childhood was perfect since she is the youngest child who all prefer. She would love to be able to say that her favorite memory is day of her birth, but  she does not remember that. Perhaps her favorite memory is the day when she received the Maltese  who had long wanted to, although it was interesting for her just five days.

DEMENTOR: For many children, the most detested memories is of the death of a pet, some fall or the like. For Mia, the worst memories  is  the day when they told she has to go to school. True, she likes some things about the school, such as friends, parties and the like, but school still considers like imprisonment. Therefore, the day when she found out that she must go to school for her was the day they took away her freedom, at least she thinks.

VERITASERUM: When dad bought a parrot for Mia and her sister , Mia let her escape through the window because the parrot annoyed her. She told her parents that it was an accident, although she deliberately let him go.

MIRROR OF ERISED: She wants to be rich, to have a husband and a bunch of kids one day.


Mia is a classic teenager. She hates school, parents, and every form of authority. On the other hand, loves fun, good weather, flirting and every aspect of the recovery. She is capricious, headstrong and often others say she's rude and maybe even evil. She is often spiteful and sarcastic towards those who annoyed her. As the youngest child in the family was accustomed to get everything she wants, parents fulfilled every  wish which she has and she is of the opinion that she should be a princess and the whole world her kingdom that she obeys. Loves herself, and probably has too much confidence. Enough is irresponsible, noisy and sometimes hyperactive therefore she is not favorite to teachers, but is very smart and a good student.Parents consider she is quite irresponsible, because her whole world revolves around friends, entertainment, gossip, boys and the like. Enough is childish, but a good friend. Although it seems cold and unapproachable, will always help friends when necessary, be willing to listen to others and to give them advice.She likes to challenge parents to see where is their boundaries . She is ready to dye her hair in green, do piercings and wear a sick short dress just to get them upset.Although she is the youngest and has received the most attention, again is sick jealous of her sister and all she has, every gift and token of attentions from the parents.
She often says what she first thing comes to mind without thinking about the consequences. She likes to joke, even though her jokes sometimes cruel and offensive.
She wants to be rich. The imagination that has a large family, a huge mansion, a lot of kids and a nanny who keeps them.
A person who has almost everything she wants, and she is very hard to surprise and keep her attention for more than 5 minutes. All is short interesting for her. She is afraid of insects but do not tell anyone because she considered that is a purely female fear. She does not want to ever prove she is a weak person.
All in all, as I said, a classic teenager.



FATHER: Cormac McLaggen

MOTHER: Elisa Evans - McLaggen

SIBLING/S: one sister

OTHER: Milena Ivanova is like sister to her

BLOOD STATUS:  pureblood



PET/S: white owl Lisa



EARLY YEARS: Dariela Amelia (do not call her never ever Dariela or Amelia, she will kill you) was born on 30 March.
Although hard to believe, as a kid was a very quiet, shy and obedient girl. She enjoyed the most attention of her parents, and soon became rude and spoiled. She had a very happy childhood, a lot of dreams come true, even though later those dreams considered stupid. Nothing is not long interested to her. She tried a lot of sports, she had a lot of pets but none of it is not satisfied. She was traveling a lot, and from an early age she learned to love the cities, as well as to appreciate art.

HOGWARTS YEARS:The first year at Hogwarts was the most difficult for her. She could not get used to fact she is away from home, at night she was crying and refused to make friends with anyone. Her life boiled down to the classes she had to attend, eating, homework and sleep.
At the beginning of the second year was accustomed to the inevitable; here is stuck for a while. She started to hang out, gained a lot of friends and later joined the Dark Followers. She began to enjoy, but was still shy and withdrawn to some extent. The teachers loved her because in the class was quiet, followed the lectures and was active.
At the end of the third and beginning of the fourth year occurred dark time called puberty. Mia has become arrogant, sarcastic and restless. Everything is less paid attention to the teacher lectures, she began to dress in provocative clothes and every day to look for a new way to makes angry parents and teachers. Mia likes to think that in the last three years has built her personality and become the person she will be in the future.
Now, her life revolves around the boring lectures, friends, fun and penalties that always gets.
That's it for now, she is on the fifth year. Others things and memories will  yet to happen.

ADULTHOOD: She is still a student, and this part of her life is yet to come.




HOW YOU FOUND US: Rina told me

MAIN CHARACTER: Beatris Greyback

CHARACTER PURPOSE: To have fun..And I love her. I have long imagined her and now I finally unify all my ideas.


At least one paragraph - skip if you have another character

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Hufflepuff Graduate
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Re: McLaggen, Dariela Amelia

on Thu Jul 30, 2015 9:29 pm
I was bored so I was already finished, and I could not wait to sign Mia.
I hope all is well Smile
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Slytherin Graduate
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Re: McLaggen, Dariela Amelia

on Thu Jul 30, 2015 10:36 pm
I like her a lot. My only little warning is about some of the language on her gifs. A couple are a bit above our site rating. I'd just suggest putting those in a spoiler or removing them.

Other than that, I think she is rather fun! I'll sort her for you, and add her ranks when I get on my laptop <3
Hufflepuff Graduate
Hufflepuff Graduate
Rosalie Blanchard
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Re: McLaggen, Dariela Amelia

on Thu Jul 30, 2015 10:45 pm
I fixed it <3
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Re: McLaggen, Dariela Amelia

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