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Seventh Year Slytherin
Seventh Year Slytherin
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NOTT, Belladonna Penelope

on Mon Jul 27, 2015 7:11 pm






FULL NAME:  Belladonna Penelope Nott

NICKNAMES: Bella, Satan's Spawn, B*tch, 

AGE: 17 - Entering 7th Year 


+ Nott Family
+ Parkinson Family
+ Malfoy Family
+ Rookwood Family
+ Greengrass Family
+ Bullstrode Family
+ Goyle Family
+ Macnair Family
+ Slytherin House
+ Slytherin Prefects
+ Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry 
+ Witch Weekly                        
+ The Daily Prophet  
+ Dark Followers                      
+ Death Eaters


Defence Against the Dark Arts
History Of Magic

Arithmancy - Exceeds Expectations 
Ancient Runes - Exceeds Expectations 
Astronomy - Exceeds Expectations 
Charms - Outstanding
Defence Against the Dark Arts - Outstanding
Herbology - Exceeds Expectations
History Of Magic - Acceptable
Potions - Outstanding 
Transfiguration - Outstanding 

WAND: Cherry, Dragonheart string, 11.5 inches, swishy. 

PLAY BY:  Megan Fox 




HAIR: Bella has sleek dark hair, so dark that one could consider it black and the term 'raven haired' would perfectly describe her. Her hair colour is evidence of her Parkinson heritage. Bella usually keeps her hair long and, on any average day, tends to style her locks into a slick ponytail or down across one shoulder.

EYE: Unlike her Mother, brother and sister Bella didn't inherit the Parkinson dark eyes and instead had taken after her Father's fairer features and adopted his blue eyes along with the pale skin. However there are more to Bella's eyes than the colour. She may have taken her Father's coloration but the expressiveness and her devilishly enchanting stare is something Bella has inherited from Pansy Parkinson. Her eyes are full of excitement, opportunity and reflect her emotions, which sadly restrict her ability to lie unless she really plays up her acting.

COMPARATIVE HEIGHT: Like all teenage girls Belladonna received a growth spurt before the boys in her class and so for the first few years at Hogwarts was one of the tallest in her year. However the boys have caught up and Bella has stopped growing, arriving at an average height. 

BODY BUILD: Apart from the exceeding amounts of sugar Bella consumes the Slytherin keeps a reasonably healthy diet and tends to stay away from fatty foods, choosing lean meats if she were to ever eat meat, which is something of a rarity. As a result Bella is very slim unlike how Pansy was during her Hogwarts years, not that her Mother was large but she wasn't the slimiest in the school. Bella isn't physically very strong though and the only exercise she does is walk around the castle and Nott manor, although one could argue that's a fair amount go exercise owing to the size of the estates.

GENERAL APPEARANCE: Belladonna has sharp, sleek features. From her hair down to her body type. When out of her witches robes she tends to wear clothes that  suit her body shape and highlight her skin figure. In the evenings she'll wear a light, thin material dressing gown and in the summer tends to have a light shawn - sewn by enslaved house elves of course. 
If Bella were to comment on her own flaws she would say she is a little bit toothy and her lips more puffy than she would like, however the Nott girl isn't particular bothered about these for she feels comfortable in her skin and her sense of character and personality is what defines her as opposed to how she looks. 




+ Ambitious
+ Cunning
+ Resourceful  
+ Determined
+ Sociable
+ Hexes & Curses
+ Observant
+ Confident 
+ Self Preserving 
+ Flirtatious 

- Selfish
- Hypocritical
- Judgemental 
- Ignorant
- Narcissistic 
- Flying 
- Vindictive
- Competitive
- Stubborn

+ Healthy foods 
+ Getting her own way 
+ Winning 
+ Revenge 
+ Watching arguments 
+ Drama
+ Pure Blood values 
+ Hexes and curses 
+ Expensive wine
+ Artwork 
+ Diamonds 
+ Socialising
+ Witch Weekly 
+ People with attitude
+ Wizards Chess
+ Strategising
+ Classical music 
+ Darker toned pop music 

- Nice people 
- Being criticised 
- Dungbombs
- Diseases 
- Part humans
- Muggle borns 
- Quidditch
- Rock music 
- People who complain
- Being intoxicated 
- Cigarettes 
- Magical Creatures
- Getting her hands dirty 
- Disloyalty 

01. To graduate from Hogwarts with straight outstandings. 
02. To join the death eaters and become a notable figure in the pure blood circles. 
03. To become famous and for the whole wizarding world to know her name.
04. Ultimately to leave behind some sort of legacy.
05. To discover what the legacy is that she wants to leave. 
06. To stay out of Azkaban. 

01. Easily amused.
02. Left handed. 
03. Looks down when she's trying to hide her emotions. 

BOGGART: (Greatest Fear)
There is nothing more terrifying to Belladonna than seeing an older, disheveled version of herself that has poor dental care, shabby clothes and isn't known by anyone. A stranger. This represents her fear not succeeding nor leaving a legacy and living a life without wealth. 

DEMENTOR: (Worst Memory)
Growing up Bella was raised by pure blood values, that pure magical blood was more superior and than muggle borns and although she accepted that was the case upon starting Hogwarts she didn't let it dictate her relationships. In her third year she became friendly with a muggle born wizard from Ravenclaw and found herself falling into a teenage crush over him only to have her heart broken when she caught him kissing a muggle born Hufflepuff in the girls toilets. Belladonna took this as a negative reflection of herself. That she wasn't as nice and perfect and was insulted that he would choose a muggle born over her, despite being muggle born herself. She never understand what was so wonderful about a perfect, overly-nice goody two does Hufflepuff girl and since then has disliked those sort of people, along with muggle borns, even more. The dementor would bring back the memory of finding him kissing the muggle born girl, along with her knock of confidence and the self questioning that she wasn't a worthy enough human being who could easily be discarded. 

VERITASERUM: (Greatest Secret)
01. She once had a crush on a muggle born. 
02. She borrows and never returns her Mothers jewellery and Pansy is led to believe that she's misplaced it herself. Although one time Belladonna did frame an old house elf for stealing and selling a pair of diamond earrings when she was almost caught and so the house elf was released, resulting in the arrival of a new house elf. 

MIRROR OF ERISED: (Greatest Desire)
Upon looking in the mirror Belladonna would see herself on a podium standing proud in front of a statue of herself, forever immortalised in history with people looking up at her in admiration. 

Belladonna is one of those deliciously nasty people who you either love or you hate. She is both honest yet deceptive at the same time and doesn't have a problem holding back her opinions and even if she does allow an insult to roll from her tongue the delivery will definitely cause something, whether it be anger, fear, sadness or laughter from onlookers. What makes Bella so successful in owning this persona is that she simply doesn't care whether she hurts someone's feelings. After all, nobody gets anywhere walking on eggshells and watching what they say. As you can probably guess Bella is a huge fan of people who are too nice. Those people, to her at least, are weak, characterless and gave no personality. It's fair to say Bella admires people who are determined and will do anything to achieve their means.
Because of the drama she may involve herself in one could assume that she's an attention seeker. She isn't. She's simply an extrovert who voices her opinion and just enjoys a dollop drama whether watching the drama play out or being wrapped up in it. 
Bella, however, doesn't rush into battle with her heart. This is what separates her from her Gryffindor counterparts. She's tactical, strategic and rather street smart for a privileged pure blood. Because of this Bella is one of those people who is, annoyingly, never wrong even when they're wrong. Moreover she's a huge fan of wizards chess as that requires some level of intellectual stimulation unlike Quidditch and flying, the latter of which she isn't particular great at, which is probably why she doesn't like it. Bella tends to focus on her strengths and becoming exceedingly great at them as opposed to trying to be reasonably good at everything.
Ultimately, at her core, she is a Slytherin through and through with exceeding ambition, cunning and determined, believing that if you want things to happen you have to make them happen. 
There are two kinds of people in this world those who observe and those who do. As much as Bella observes, pays attention to her surroundings and analysis situations she is ultimately a doer. 
If Belladonna entered the room in a movie scene her song of arrival would be Murder by Justin Timberlake. 




Albert Billius Parkinson, 79 - Serving life sentence in Azkaban 
Bertha Magnolia Parkinson, 75 - Living in West Cheshire 
Tobias William Nott, 77 - Serving life sentence in Azkaban
Cynthia Belladonna Nott, 69 - Serving life sentence in Azkaban

FATHER: Theodore Tobias Nott
Belladonna has always been a Daddy's girl and upon the arrival of her illegitimate younger sister the love she received only increased. Of course Belladonna always knew that she was favoured over Anastasia but she never thought anything of it she simply embraced the favouritism. 

MOTHER: Pansy Bertha Parkinson-Nott
Like Mother like daughter they are as cunning and devious as each other. Although Belladonna is perhaps closer to her Father she is Pansy's daughter through and through and both have common interests meaning whenever together they always have something, usually someone, to talk about. 

BROTHER: Alexander Theodore Nott
Growing up it was always Alexander and Belladonna that were together. Inseparable. Anastasia would always tag along of course but neither of them particular wanted her to be there she was always the annoying little sister. Now Alexander and Belladonna's relationship is complicated. Both have fell for a muggle born and then felt betrayed, which has only supported the foundations of their blood supremacy. However what makes the pair different is that Belladonna was already aware of her crushes blood status and, trying to ignore her upbringing, followed her heart anyway only to be disappointed unlike Alexander who only later discovered and felt disgusted with himself as opposed to other people. Belladonna is aware of Alexander's muggle born fling but he unaware of hers which puts her at a stead advantage and gives her the upper hand. She doesn't blackmail him over this knowledge she simply looks down upon him as it makes her feel better about her own betrayal. The two aren't as close as they were as children as they have their own lives but Belladonna loves her brother all the same. She may see his weaknesses more than others, especially now he has left Hogwarts and doesn't have the high level of popularity, ease and importance to his life. 

SISTER: Anastasia Priscilla Nott
Throughout their childhood Anastasia would always insist Daddy didn't love her. Belladonna, being a Daddy's girl, certainly didn't agree. Granted Belladonna knew that she was favoured but never saw it from Anastasia's perspective and simply told the Gryffindor that she was over exaggerating. As they've aged the sisters have become closer, particular the past year now Alexander hasn't been at Hogwarts it just feels more natural to make more of an effort with each other. No doubt when Belladonna discovers they share a different Father this will change. 

SISTER IN law: Isadora Malfoy-Nott 
Their relationship is yet to be discussed although now that Isadora is part of the family, naturally, Belladonna will look out for her in the name of the Nott family crest - even if she has hyphenated her name.

BLOOD STATUS: Pureblood 



PET/S: Family Screech Owl - Selwyn 

Apparition License 
Family House Elf - Fungus 




Upon starting their married life Pansy and Theodore Nott aimed to procreate and continue the pure blood legacy they were set out to do. Not even two years after Alexander had arrived Pansy had fallen pregnant again and gave birth to, this time a baby girl. Although many pure bloods would be disappointed to have a girl the Nott family were already in good stead for producing a boy as their first child. Plus, Pansy rather enjoyed the idea of having a girl who could one day go on to marry a Malfoy - Scorpius if Pansy was lucky.
Like her brother Belladonna was raised by pure blood values and was asked to sit in pure blood dinners to embrace the culture and let is seep deeper into her blood. Of course Theodore loved her and spoiled her rotten. Whatever Belladonna wanted Belladonna got. Alexander was obviously well liked for being a male but Belladonna always held a special place in her family's heart. She was a somewhat amusing child and had a little bit of sass to her uncontrolled magic growing up. If somebody sad something she didn't like their trousers would fall down, sometimes if another pure blood child was about to snitch on her wrongdoings their mouth would suddenly seal shut. Moreover she always knew how to amuse the crowd and went along it, mimicking the adults behaviour and phrases to get into their good books. 
She spent most of the time with her siblings although neither Alexander nor Belladonna particularly felt they had much in common with Anastasia. She was always making a fool of herself, sneaking knuts and sickles to homeless wizards in the streets. It appeared to them that Ana was very different and seemed a pushover. Little did they realise their more authoritarian personalities towards her, along with the lack of Fatherly love she received, had shaped her into a caring person. She knew of riches and the finest meals but none of that meant much to her. All she wanted was to be wanted and so she knew how to empathise with strangers on the street that Belladonna cared little about being the more cerebral person that she is.

Before her eleventh birthday Belladonna, as expected, received her Hogwarts letter and arrived at the castle with the most expensive, finest material. Her books were the most recent hardback edition, she had a Siamese cat to illustrate her wealth - although later the cat was to be inherited by Anastasia when Belladonna got bored of it - and her robes were of the finest material woven by blind house elves. 
Unlike her brothers sorting there wasn't any waiting to see what house the Nott would be in. There was only one house for Belladonna and the moment the hat touched her head it yelled Slytherin where Belladonna went to join her brother at the Slytherin table.
During her first year Bella became friends with the other Slytherins in her house and, like when her Mother went to school, a tight clique quickly formed with their house and they soon began to march around the common room as if they were more righteous than the half bloods that had been allowed admission into Slytherin. 
The majority of Belladonna's classes were with her house however they did have charms with the Ravenclaws and it was during this lesson where she was most often paired with a Ravenclaw muggle born (NPC/Yet-to-be-claimed) that she began to form a crush. However it was only until second year when the teenage crush soon began to develop into something more serious.
Although against the pure blood rules Belladonna would sneak out of her dormitory and meet with him in the kitchens, sometimes even in between lessons the two would briefly meet up unknowns to their friends. It wasn't that he didn't want to publicly announce his teenage relationship with Belladonna but she told him they couldn't be public ally out. It was very Romeo and Juliet. However during the start of third year Belladonna walked in on him kissing another girl in the girls bathroom. Furious she hexed him with the jelly legs jinx and told him it was a girls bathroom. This really caused a dent in her armour. Nobody was to know of this humiliation and she warned him never to tell because hell hath no fury than a woman scorned. Belladonna's slightly twisted side began to come out at this time and she once secretly hexed the Hufflepuff in the great hall as a warning sign that if he ever spoke of their secret fling then much worse would happen to his darling Hufflepuff. 
Belladonna, who had developed a natural flair for jinxes and hexes, signed up to the dark followers to discover that her brother was also a member. Because of their affiliation to the dark followers they had established the Nott name amongst their pairs, something Belladonna was eager to do for it would hopefully set the foundations for their pure blood lifestyle and solidify respect they would have during their adulthood. 
There wasn't any subjects Belladonna particular disliked for she never chose to study care of magical creatures, muggle studies or divinations and found all of her subjects useful. The different between her and the Ravenclaws were that they were learning for learning sake and because they enjoyed acquiring knowledge whereas Belladonna would only put effort into those subjects that would prove most resourceful in later life, a trait Salazar Slytherin selected for during his time at Hogwarts. 
During her fifth year Belladonna was selected as a prefect like her Mother  giving her even more status among her peers in Slytherin. Outside of Slytherin it is a different story. Belladonna has a reputation for being a b*tch. She is cast as cold, makes humour at the expense of other people and has a reputation for walking a bit on the rebellious side that the teachers never see. She is skilled in getting away with anything and is yet to be caught crossing the line by a teacher. There were times when Belladonna was almost placed in detention but, somehow, she always managed to worm her way out of it and place blame on somebody else. That isn't to say she doesn't have friends in other houses, she does, but none are as great as her. Useful yes. Good yes. But not great. 
Already Belladonna had made herself known at Hogwarts and enjoys her popularity, especially now she is entering her seventh year, and aims to preserve her popularity as long as possible and leave a legacy behind upon entering the adult world. 
Belladonna is unsure on what she wishes to do as a career. No doubt she'll probably find a role at the Ministry to pass the time until she can do something really worthwhile. Like Alexander there are laws she'd love to enforce to improve wizarding Britain but this isn't something she craves as much as Alexander. Instead she wants to be known for being more than a politician. She strives for greatness in whatever way it comes and until she figures that out Belladonna may as well continue to make more acquaintances and spread her name. Quidditch isn't an option but becoming a professional dueller is something she wouldn't turn her nose to, especially owing her natural skills in the field. 






HOW YOU FOUND US: Harry Potter Wikia RPG list.


CHARACTER PURPOSE: I love my Notts and wanted to create another.
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Re: NOTT, Belladonna Penelope

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Lovely! Accepted and sorting into Slytherin!

Just a point for your next app, honey! Make sure your app is correct in terms of layout. We've updated it a bit since this one you've used. (:
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Re: NOTT, Belladonna Penelope

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Woo thank you! <3

Oooh, okay. Sorry I didn't realise! Would you like me to change the format?

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Re: NOTT, Belladonna Penelope

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You're good, RJ. It's just that we changed one of the topics in the personality section is all. You may have saved an older version or something, which I've definitely done before XD So no worries. Smile Just a heads up.
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